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03 February 2017 @ 01:28 pm

Here is a list of my fics as they stand, this is a work in progress and will alter as I get to grips with this.
One standard disclamer honestly this is all fiction no matter how much I cling to the Crossroads Demon's ankles, anybody got Crowley's number?

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15 February 2019 @ 06:40 am
Title: These Bruises
Word Count: 1057
Summary: After sending John back to 2003 Dean wants something to remember his dad’s return by. It’s too bad all he’s got are bruises.
Disclaimer: Are we still doing these? Look, I don’t em, never have and I don’t make a penny piece out of these little scribbles so please don’t sue.
Notes: After watching the glory that was Lebanon, my darling muse stirred from hibernation, he yawned, ran his fingers through his long blonde hair smiled seductively and I was off! Who knows this might be the start of me scribbling again, before you all run screaming for the hills I have a couple of people to say thank you to. First, bigj52 a beta without compare and a woman with the patience of a saint, who turns my scribbles into English. And chellexxx who in the words of milly-gal has become my Obi and constantly encourages me write. So now you know where to send all your complaints to!

This story contains spilers for season 14, so if you don't want to be spoiled turn back now!

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30 December 2018 @ 07:06 pm
I never relaised Imanage to post so much! I'll have to see if I can post some more in 2019

You can get card with your statistics here!


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09 November 2018 @ 08:52 pm
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09 November 2018 @ 08:09 pm
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09 November 2018 @ 08:07 pm
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09 November 2018 @ 06:38 pm

Fic Title: Wings Of Desire
Author: sasha-dragon
Fandom/Genre: RPS, Romance, Humor
Pairing(s): Jeff/Jensen
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 17200
Warnings: None
Summary: Jared, the Commander of the Guardian Angels, is having a tough time; he’s got Jensen, a man so accident prone that three Guardian Angels have quit already, and there’s Jeff a hapless Guardian Angel who is on his last chance. Jared decides to bring the two of them together, what could possibly go wrong!
Notes: After a long period of writer's block my darling muse sat up sniffed the air and decided to get his backside into gear and I've actually finished a story! I have alist of people I want to thank for their help, to start with there is my wonderful artist beelikej who's orginal piece was so inspiring. I also want to thank chellexxx for her endless sjupport and encouragement in the face of my constant wibbling. I owe a huge thank you tojj1564 who perfomred a sterling service as emerngency beta as I knew I'd left it too late for my poor long suffering beta bigj52 to turn around for today's deadline. Thank you all for your help and support as I gibbered in a corner and sat up late and night scribbling frantically to get this done.

Please go and check outbeelikej's amazing art here

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