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Happy Birthday Dizzo!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, gather round, we’re here today to celebrate dizzojay’s birthday! A woman of many talents, including the phenomenal ability to get Dean’s clothes off at the drop of a hat. She’s a talented artist, a wonderfully witty writer, and a great person to bug endlessly at Asylum.

So to celebrate this momentous day, I thought a little drabble was in order.  Happy Birthday Dizzo, I hope you like this insane piece of fluff.....

As Dizzo sat drinking her first cup of tea of the day, she opened her birthday cards.  Dizzo smiled as she placed yet another fan girl made birthday card of Dean, on the ever growing pile beside her.

Then the doorbell rang and she went to answer it. Dizzo opened her front door, and her mug of tea and jaw hit the floor at the same time. There stood Dean Winchester, surrounded by a group of very dishevelled fan girls.  As she recovered from the shock of seeing him stood there, it was then Dizzo realized all Dean was wearing, was a lot of red ribbon and his boots.

"Many happy returns Dizzo, we got you a little something for your birthday.  We hope you like it."  Milly said with a smile.

Dizzo nodded speechlessly, wondering if would be rude to unwrap her present on the doorstep with her teeth. She gathered her wits, "Like it, of course I bloody like it. Err how did you mange to..." she waved her hand at the ribbon swathed hunter.

Wings appeared from behind Dean, "Catching Dean was the easy part, all we did was put up a sign for an all you can eat buffet.  With twenty types of pie on offer, he practically ran into our arms. The bugger was getting him wrapped for you." she said with a smirk.

Milly nodded in agreement, "Actually it was getting him unwrapped, and then wrapped that took the time. Somebody had trouble with the buttons and all the layers. Didn't you Sasha?" She glanced over at the very rumpled, but happy fan girl. Standing the other side of Dean, with a broad grin on her face.

"What? Could I help it if he kept wriggling? Besides I love that red shirt, I didn't want to rip it." Sasha said, as she straightened her glasses.

"Yeah, and a certain somebody had a little trouble tying the bow, how many attempts did it take before you were happy?"  Milly said rolling her eyes at her friend.

A deep husky drawl interrupted them, "Six, and thank god you didn't tie it too tight."  All the women went the same shade of red as the ribbon.  Dean winked at Sasha, who suddenly seemed to find his right ear absolutely fascinating.

Dizzo eyes widened as she saw where the bow was positioned, she whistled "Only six?  I'm impressed it would've taken me at least ten attempts. Nicely tied by the way." She stared at the large bow in awe.

Sasha grinned, "It was a struggle but I managed in the end, I don't know why Milly is moaning though. I got her to put her finger on the knot, so I could finish tying it. For some strange reason, I had to keep making the bow bigger."  She said with a giggle.

 Dean smirked and winked at Dizzo, and she fanned herself with one of her birthday cards.  She finally found her voice, “Come in, I’ll get you all a cup of tea, and a coffee for Dean. Then I’ll err unwrap my present if you like, in my bedroom.”  She added under her breath, as she watched Dean hop over the doorstep and shuffled inside.

As the fan girls walked by, Sasha looked up at Dizzo and said, “I suppose a game of pass the parcel is out of the question?”

Also while I’m here, I couldn’t let the occasion pass without a few pictures of our Dean. To start with I love me a man in uniform...


Dean 3 J

Ok it's not really a uniform but he was being an untouchable!  Work with me here  *G*

Then of course he is just sexy....


Every girl loves a sharp dressed man!  But of course he's really at his best when...


SN106-A-0078 shirtless
When he wears nothing at all!

Happy Birthday Dizzo, have a great day!

Tags: birthday wishes, fan girl verse
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