sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

Asylum 4, A Question & An Epilogue To The Rant!

Good morning everyone, I have a question concerning Asylum 4.  Have you had your confirmation emails yet, Barbara who is coming with me has received hers but mine is still MIA should I be worried?

Secondly, I once again seek the research fu of those wiser than me, it's easy honest! I need a site that can give me names of demons and what they represent! Oh alright I'm looking for a sex demon (make you own punch lines up here!) and an exorcism in Latin to cull a few choice phrases from.

Finally the epilogue to this week's misadventure, Lo and behold on Thursday head office had an email from IT telling us we were being monitored and they had no intention of spying on us at dinner time.  But get this certain web sites would trigger the recording software and be passed on the appropriate people! now I'm sorry, but that still screams invasion to me, and as I get the feeling I even turn the net on and the boss will b e pinged so fast it will make my head spin.   I refuse to go near the bloody thing at all now.  Well at least I'll catch up on my reading.
Tags: ramblings

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