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Hell Is Other People, Chapter 4

Title: Hell Is Other People
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings:  Excessive abuse of Jensen, don’t worry help is on the way.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains, who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*   Now Beta'd by the awesome bigj52.


Chapter 4

  The door bell rang and Donna Ackles approached the door. She was filled with a mixture of emotions – she was anxious, excited, fearful and maybe, for the first time since this nightmare had started, a tiny flicker of hope warmed her heart.

 As she approached the door she heard her daughter coming down the stairs, her hand stilling as it neared the door knob. “Go on mom, I promise you they can help us.” Encouraged by Mackenzie’s belief Donna opened the door.

 Whatever Donna was expecting it wasn’t the three individuals that now graced her door step. In front was a middle-aged man wearing a charcoal-grey suit; his beard neatly trimmed, his light-brown hair thinning and a kindly expression on his face. Behind him to his left was a younger man; compact strong-looking, his long chestnut-brown hair pulled away from his face in a ponytail, with the most startling ice-blue eyes she had ever seen, and they focused on her with an intensity that stole her breath away. Standing next to him was a giant of a man; his broad shoulders filling his well-cut suit, his brown hair falling round his face, his almond-shaped hazel eyes brimming with compassion as he looked at her. 

“Mrs Ackles, I’m so pleased to meet you. I am just so sorry it’s under these trying circumstances.” The older man spoke in measured tones as he reached out and took Donna’s hand in his. By now Mackenzie had joined her mother on the doorstep and gaped at the men she had met last night.    

They looked so different today, last night Jim and Jared had sat in the bar where she worked when she was home from college. They were dressed in worn jeans and shirts, Jim was wearing a cap and the conversation was clear in her mind. They had come to her and offered to help her rescue Jensen. She blushed a little at what she had said....

 “Ok, what are you, the Feds? Have you finally decided to listen to me at last? I was beginning to wonder just what the hell I’d have to do to get you to come here.” The one in the cap had answered.

 “Sorry to disappoint you, Miss Ackles but we’re not federal agents, but let’s say we are people who can help you get your brother away from Preacher Morgan.”

  Mackenzie looked at the two men “What are you then ‘The A Team’? Because I think you are both full of shit and I don’t have any money so go and con someone else.” Mackenzie went to stand up. Jared reached forward and rested his hand on hers.

 “Look, I promise you we aren’t con men, but we really can help your brother, if you’ll just hear us out.” Mackenzie looked down at Jared’s hand, “Look Mister, if you don’t move that paw right now I’ll put this through the back of it.” It was then that Jared spotted the steak knife clutched in Mackenzie’s hand, and he slowly withdrew his hand from hers.

  “Miss Ackles, Jared is right, we are your best hope. The Feds won’t be coming. They don’t investigate kidnappings especially when they’ve spoken to the victim. Morgan put someone on the phone pretending to be your brother. He’s convinced them everything is alright and you know for a fact that the townsfolk here are backing the Preacher. So what are willing to do to get Jensen away from Morgan?”

 From there Jim had outlined his plan. She had called him crazy but in her heart she knew it was Jensen’s only chance of freedom. Morgan had made sure no one was listening to the spoiled little sister who was trying to get attention. So here she stood, willing to help the three men at her door who had promised to free her brother.

 “Mom, this is the Reverenced James Colt and his assistants. They’re the ones I told you about this morning.” Donna stirred on hearing her child’s voice. “Oh do forgive me, gentlemen. Please do come in. Can I offer you a drink?” Donna stepped back , allowing the three of them into her home.

 Reverend Colt was still to release her hand, “My dear lady, I must thank you for your hospitality, and I have to stress that time is of the essence if we are to help Jensen.” With that, Jim finally released   Donna’s hand, and she led them into the lounge and offered them a seat.

 Reverend Colt and the taller of the two men sat on the couch, the dark-haired man remained standing. “Mrs Ackles, I’m sure your daughter Mackenzie has told you who I am but I feel I should explain myself to you. I’m an exorcist, and I have travelled this great land battling with the forces of Satan. A friend of mine contacted me recently to inform me of your son’s sad predicament. I came as quickly as I could. I even sent Jared here ahead of me to inform me of the progress you have been making. Mrs Ackles, there is no easy way to say this but you son is beset with a demon I have battled before but it escaped me. I feel nothing but remorse that my failure has led to Jensen’s suffering. I beg of you to forgive me.” 

Jim was speaking with a quiet conviction and passion. Chris was watching from his position behind the couch. At the meeting with Mackenzie it had been decided that they would approach Donna Ackles first, using a mother’s distress with what was happening to Jensen. After his appearance in church on Sunday it was hoped she would be more receptive to the Reverend James Colt - a well-respected exorcist who had come especially to help them. Once Donna was swayed then Alan would be fetched from work. 

As Chris watched Jim and Jared weave their magic over Jensen’s mother he took the opportunity to let his eyes sweep round the room. The house was pleasant, spacious and well-looked after. Alan Ackles was a businessman; his oldest son, Josh was a lawyer; Jensen a nurse studying to become a doctor and Mackenzie was at college.   Chris’s eyes were drawn to a collection of photographs on the mantelpiece. It was a history of the Ackles family, glimpses of them from toddlers to teens and into adulthood.  

 Also hanging over the fireplace was a large family portrait. This picture afforded Chris his first clear glimpse of Jensen. Jensen was smiling, the corners of his green eyes were crinkled. Chris noticed the full lips and freckles and even he had to admit the guy was good looking with a face so full of life Chris understood the attraction of the guy. Out the corner of his eye he saw when Jared spotted the picture for the first time. Jared’s eyes widened slightly and a faint blush stole over cheeks. Although Jared had seen Jensen in the church, it was obvious this was his first proper look at the man he’d pledged to rescue, no matter what. Chris smiled to himself as he watched his friend drink in Jensen’s face and Chris thought ‘welcome back to the land of the living, Sasquatch’. 

Chris was drawn back to the conversation, “But Reverend Colt, Preacher Morgan says that we are weakening this demon and it’s only a matter of time before we defeat it.” Donna was looking nervous at the prospect of defying the mighty Jeff Morgan. Jim leaned forward and once more reached for Donna’s hand. 

“I truly understand your concerns Mrs Ackles, but you have to understand what you are facing. This is one of the worst kinds of demon.  It is apprenticed to Ashmadia, a demon of lust.  This particular demon delights in tempting young men away from the path of righteousness, leading them to depraved actions and unholy unions. It is powerful beyond belief, the only way to deal with it is an exorcism and better yet an exorcism witnessed by the righteous in the town, maybe at a prayer meeting....”

  “Wait. There is a prayer meeting tonight. We meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to pray for Jensen at our church. Do you really think you can defeat it?” Donna gripped Jim’s hand tightly as if he was the only thing anchoring her in place.

 Jim gave her a smile, “I truly believe that we can. It only escaped me the last time because I was foolish enough to let it. I made the mistake of leaving it alone and it fled, dragging the poor host with it.   As I said, time is of the essence. We must be careful though, the agents of Satan are all around us.  If it realizes I’m here it will try to flee again and take your son with it. This particular demon favours the fair of face. Which one is Jensen, Mrs Ackles?” With that Jim gestured to the portrait. Donna gazed up at, it tears filling her eyes. “Jensen is standing by Mackenzie, Reverend.” Jim studied the picture and nodded solemnly.

 “As I feared, it has found the perfect host. Your son is just what the demon favours. We have been fortunate you have managed to contain it for so long. But we must act and today is the perfect opportunity. I must speak with your husband and Preacher Morgan; after all I am a guest in this town.” 

Chris lowered his eyes and tried not to smile. He knew Jim had got Donna; it just needed a slight nudge. “Mrs Ackles, please let us help your son. Reverend Colt is a great man, and he saved my life.  I’ve also been victim to a demon but he saved me, and now I have the honour of helping him help others.” Jared had spoken softly but in the tense silence of the room it might as well have been a shout. As Jared spoke, that wonderful earnest expression of his appeared, the one that usually had people offering help and money and women a place and bed to spend the night. 

Donna’s face came alive with sympathy as she reached out “Oh, you poor boy, you must have been so frightened. Reverend Colt helped you? So you really think he can help Jensen?” The hope that appeared on her face made Chris dizzy with the desire to leap in the truck and just hunt Morgan down, but there were other things at stake.

 Jared nodded, his eyes downcast, and before anyone knew what was happening Donna had stood up, walked over to where Jared sat and hugged him. Jared shot a startled look at Jim and Chris who both grinned in victory.

 “I must ring Alan and get him to come home. Will you have that drink now?” Donna was excited, and Jim was only too keen to move things along. Chris took that as his cue. “Mrs Ackles, I’ll help Mackenzie with the coffee if that’s alright by you.” Chris offered a dazzling smile. Donna blushed and nodded. 

Mackenzie and Chris walked into the kitchen, “Well, how do you think it’s going?” asked Mackenzie nervously. Chris shot a look back to see Donna speaking on the phone, “So far so good. If we can get your dad on board that will help. By the way did you manage to sort the other stuff out?” 

Mackenzie nodded, “After I left Jim and Jared I contacted my friends, and they will make sure they get their parents to attend tonight’s meeting.  Plus I got the other things you asked for there in the garage.” Chris smiled, so far so good.  Now it was a matter of waiting for Alan Ackles.

 As it turned out the wait was all of ten minutes. He left his office straight away and was now standing in his lounge confronting the ‘exorcist.’

 “Now see here, Reverend Colt. My family has been through enough without the likes of you coming here to con money from us. People like you are vultures preying on our distress.” Chris watched Jim weather the storm and waited for the dance to begin. 

While Jim talked Alan Ackles into having his son exorcised, Chris gave a wry chuckle. The guy had lost the minute he’d picked up his phone to his wife; he hadn’t bowed to the inevitable just yet. Soon Alan Ackles looked like a man on the verge of surrender. He’d been outflanked by his wife and daughter and Jim was leading the frontal assault with Jared cutting off his retreat. 

Alan had one last throw of the dice, “I understand where you’re coming from but I feel we must discuss this with Preacher Morgan. After all the hard work you just can’t walk in and take over.” Alan held his phone in front of him like a talisman. 

 Jim smiled at the harassed man “But of course, Mr Ackles. Just as I would never take advantage of you or your family’s pain, I would never overstep my bounds with your preacher. Please, by all means, call him. All I ask is that while he makes his final decision, Jared here may be allowed to hold a prayer vigil over your son where he is confined. As I have explained, once the demon knows I am here I fear what it may do.” 

Alan stood contemplating what to do. He wanted to end his son’s suffering but Preacher Morgan had promised to be the one to do that.  He looked over at Donna and saw hope in her eyes for the first time since this began.   Alan had been the one to convince Jensen to go to the Preacher and talk. It made Alan hesitate but he had to talk to the preacher, he needed his guidance at this time. As Alan dialled the number Chris smiled. He knew what was about to happen, after all he’d set it up the night before....


Chris had been in contact with an old friend of his, Aldis Hodge, geek and hacker extraordinaire. While Jim and Jared were making plans with Mackenzie they had sent Chris Morgan’s mobile number and email address. Then Chris had set Aldis loose. Even before the other two hunters had gotten back Aldis had given Chris everything he needed in his customary style. 

“Kane, my man, just what the fuck have you gotten into this time? I mean, I have hacked into some kinky shit in my time, including Heff’s personal web cam, but damn it, this is beyond freaky.” Chris had grinned at that, “Look, Aldis dude, can you do what we need and block Morgan’s mobile for calls and if needs be slow the bastard down?” 

“Ah, please Kane, you’re insulting me. I could tie up that entire town without breaking a sweat. I can block the Preacher’s calls no problem, but from what I’m seeing here you ain’t gotta worry too much about him coming home early... if you catch my drift.” As Aldis was speaking Chris received a download explaining just what he meant. Chris sat and stared at the screen feeling sickened by what he saw. He made a promise to himself that whatever happened one way or another he’d help bring Morgan down. 

When the two men had returned Chris solemnly handed the list over and stood back while the contents sunk in.  “Ok fellas, this is a breakdown of Morgan’s credit card purchases in the last six months. Now as you will notice one name keeps on repeating itself.  The Dallas Holistic Pain Management Centre. For the innocent among us this is a polite name for ‘Dungeons R Us’. Aldis told me that some companies who provide special services use this kind of thing to stop the wife noticing you are paying for hookers on the old American Express. Once a pattern emerged Aldis went into the background and discovered the kind of place that would make your average Dom weep with joy, before hanging up their whips and chains. So this is where Morgan has decorated Jensen’s new home from, and I have to say, Jim, if plan A don’t work please tell me there is a Plan B?” 

Jim stared at the paper for a few moments, his face a picture of resolve “Oh Hell yeah, we got a plan B. It involves a shitload of guns, kicking down doors and takin’ names. But for now plan A stands. “

 Jared had been quiet during this but now he spoke, “Jim, are you sure this is the best way forward? I mean....some of the shit on this list, for Christ sake there’s a cross and a rack here.  I’m pretty sure some of this stuff is illegal. Why don’t we just grab Jensen and get out of here?” Jared looked like Hell. He was still in shock after what he witnessed that afternoon and leaving Jensen there even for one more day was preying on his mind.

 Jim moved towards the younger man, and placed his hand on his arm, “Jared, you know the plan is for the best. We convince the town Jensen is clean and then we deal with Morgan. We can change it if you like, but tell me how you propose to get Jensen clear of here, considering the state he’s in. You know as well as I do if the alarm’s raised, Morgan will have the town after us.  So we either kill Morgan or put the bastard in hospital, both attractive I grant ya, but like you said there’s a man’s life at stake here and his freedom. Don’t forget, Jared that Jensen is training to be a doctor. How’s he gonna do that if he’s wanted for murder. And there is Mackenzie to consider. If Morgan survives he’ll just go back to his original choice. Trust me Jared, this is for the best.” Jim’s quiet but forceful words had the desired effect. Jared sagged and nodded.

 Jared looked at the list again, “By the way, the DVDs on this list. I don’t get what they are all about, they seem out of place. The Die Hard Films, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean? Dude, just what the fuck?” 

Jim took the list back, “Jared, call Mackenzie. I’ve got an idea what they are, but can you confirm it for me, please?” Jared took his phone out and made the call.

 While he spoke to Mackenzie Chris pulled Jim to one side “Aldis offered to get the Feds here for us, I managed to put him off.   How long do ya think you can put Jared off the scent?”

  Jim watched the younger hunter as he spoke on the phone. “Kane, I need to be able to deal with Morgan myself. If I think for one second Jensen is in real danger then I’ll pull the plug, and we get Aldis to bring ‘em in. Besides I want that bastard to squirm before I finish him and I’m sure after what Jared saw today and what’s on that list, Jared might be easier to convince than you think.” 

Kane frowned, “Whatever you say old man, and by the way I brought what you wanted and it’s stashed away like you said. But if it comes down to it I’ll put a bullet in Morgan myself.” The two men locked eyes and smiled grimly at one another. They heard Jared say goodbye and they turned expectantly. 

“It seems those films are Jensen’s favourite films, he loves action and he had a thing for Orlando Bloom and he thinks Johnny Depp is one hot pirate, but I don’t get why they are there.” 

“Jared, its part of Jensen’s training. He does something the Preacher likes, and then he’ll get a reward, say like seeing a favourite film or food he likes, kind of like Pavlov’s dog.  I just needed to be sure, I’m sorry.” Jim spoke with sorrow as he sure Jared’s face crumple with grief. Jared stared at the list screwed up in his hand.                                                                                                                                       

Jared appeared to gather his composure and spoke, “Jim, I should imagine most of this stuff is already in place. It’s pretty big so I think Morgan had help.  My money would be on Eddie. He really seemed to be enjoying what was happening today, so we will need to watch out for him as well.” Jared seemed to be considering something but before he had chance to speak Chris got there first.

 “Hey Sasquatch, if we can’t talk to Morgan, how’s about you and me have a really nice long chat with Eddie?” The look in Chris’ eyes would have frozen blood, but it gave Jared a warm glow.

 “One more thing Kane, how we gonna keep track of Morgan tomorrow?” Jim looked at Chris.

 “Well, that’s the easy part. For a start, Aldis hacked his GPS so we should know exactly where he is and Aldis can use it to disable the car if needs be. But we know where he is gonna be, one of the items on that list is body piercing equipment. You probably missed it with all the other happy shit on there. Our friendly Holistic Pain Centre is running a little seminar tomorrow, and it teaches you how to perform body piercing and other forms of body modification for you and your sub to enjoy. Morgan will be there until five o’clock, at least. If I had my way I could think of a few places I’d like to pierce on Morgan.” The other men flinched in sympathy.


 Alan tried several times to raise the Preacher but it went straight to voice mail. He bit his lip, looking at the three men in his lounge, his indecision showed on his face. Mackenzie walked over to her father, “Dad, what can it hurt to have Jared sit and pray with Jensen? He’s only doing what we’ve been doing all along, and if Preacher Morgan disagrees with the exorcism then I’m sure the Reverend will leave.   Dad, we could get Jensen home today. You and mom would like that, wouldn’t you?” Alan looked over at his wife; she was imploring him with her eyes, the same eyes as Jensen.

 Alan looked at Jim “You’re really sure you can do this? What do you want me to do?” While he looked at Jim, Jared and Chris shared a triumphant look.

 “Mr Ackles, we have no time to lose. Can you drive Jared over to the church and ensure he is allowed a private vigil with Jensen.  Then I think we should prepare for tonight, maybe contact your friends and ensure those who wish Jensen well will be there for him in his hour of need. Also we will have to go to the church later and make it ready for the exorcism. I know that it seems forward but if your Preacher agrees then it must be performed immediately as the demon will surely know I’m here.” 

 Jim had stood up and was speaking like a general marshalling his troops, Alan even stood to attention. “Jared, go with God and offer whatever comfort you can to that poor boy. We will be with you soon, my son.” Jim pulled Jared into an embrace, and Jared strode to the door with purpose. Chris ducked into the kitchen so no one would see the smile on his face, now all they had to do was railroad Morgan.

 They pulled up at the church, Alan climbed out of his car and Jared followed suit. He retrieved a bag from the back seat of the vehicle. While they had been driving Alan had asked what was inside “It’s just some things I need for the vigil, Mr Ackles.” What Jared hadn’t said was most of the items in there were for Jensen to try and make him comfortable while they waited for the big showdown that evening.

 Eddie was walking towards them; he had a face like thunder. Tweedle Dumb had called him to come, and he’d been down in Jensen’s new room working on finishing touches. Eddie shared Morgan’s need for it to be perfect. After all, Morgan had promised that Eddie could spend some time with Jensen so it was for his benefit as well.

 Eddie stiffened when he saw Alan Ackles. Shit! That was the last thing he needed - for the man to see what he’d done to his son, and who the fuck was the giant with him?

 “Ahh Eddie, this is Jared. He is here to hold a prayer vigil over Jensen.” Before Alan could continue Eddie spoke.

  “Has the Preacher agreed to this? You know that we are a very delicate stage of the process and the wrong move could set us back.” 

 Jared gave a humourless smile; he could see Eddie panicking. He was going to enjoy making the bastard squirm but he had to make sure he got into the basement. “Eddie, may I call you that? I fully understand your concern; Reverend Colt who I represent has assured me that this vigil will not undo any of your good work. I understand there are times when measures have to be taken to stop the possessed person from hurting themselves, so it may be distressing for Mr Ackles. “Jared looked at Eddie.

  Alan Ackles looked puzzled “What kind of measures? Eddie, is Jensen alright? Do I need to go down there to see him?” 

Jared rested his hand on Alan’s arm “Mr Ackles, don’t be concerned. I know that Eddie will have been taking the best of care of Jensen, but it might be for the best you return home to help your wife.” Jared gave a sympathetic smile.

  Alan nodded “Eddie, I have tried to contact the Preacher but his phone must be switched off. Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him tonight.” Alan said his goodbyes and returned to his car.

  Jared turned back to Eddie, his smile never wavering as his studied the now sweating man. Jared knew that Eddie would attempt to contact Morgan as soon as possible, but Aldis was deflecting all the calls. Even if Morgan checked his voice mail there would be no missed calls so Eddie was on his own.

 “Eddie, now Mr Ackles is gone, I can understand your reticence in allowing him to see his son. Demons can be very violent and not everyone understands what you have to do to restrain them. I promise I won’t be shocked with whatever lies within your church.” Jared could almost see the cogs whirling in Eddie’s head. Eddie was thinking that Jared would believe whatever he was told and he could buy himself some time.

 “So you’ve seen this kind of thing before? I must warn you that he’s got one hell of a mouth on him, and he’ll swear he’s not possessed.” Eddie was speaking fast, almost as if he was trying the lies out for himself. 

 Jared walked towards the nervous man and loomed over him, “Eddie, I admire you, and I have been told you have been tireless in your support of the Preacher.   Please allow me to help you carry that burden for a little while.  I understand Demons and I know they lie. Come. Reverend Colt was insistent I reached Jensen as soon as possible. Please take me to him now and I promise to keep up your good work.”

 Eddie’s chest puffed out at the praise, plus Jared could see the relief at his having conned the other man. Eddie led them towards the church, Jared’s heart began to race, and he knew whatever happened he had to remain calm; after all Eddie was nervous for a reason.

 Jensen heard the outer door open and footsteps coming towards him. He knew the sound of every set of footsteps and who they belonged to. It helped him to be prepared and have his game face for whoever came to visit. Today it was Eddie, but there were other footsteps, and Jensen didn’t know who they belonged to. Jensen drew in a shaky breath; after last night he didn’t know if he could cope with a stranger seeing him like this.

 As Eddie led Jared towards Jensen, he was speaking but Jared was no longer paying attention. His height gave him a clear view over Eddie’s head. What he saw made him want to slam Eddie into the wall a few times and then hand him over to Kane, and let Kane have some fun.

 At the end of the hall was a cell and from what Jared could see it was bare, apart from a metal post in the centre, and tied to that post was Jensen. A thick leather strap was looped round his chest just under his armpits. There was another leather strap round his waist, one round his thighs and his feet were pinioned with shackles, his arms cuffed behind him.  

  As they got closer Jared could see Jensen was shivering, his limbs trembled with the strain of being tied in that position. There was a fine sheen of sweat covering him and belatedly that’s when Jared realized Jensen was naked. Jared was appalled at the bruises decorating Jensen’s pale skin and Jared noted his ribs were defined, confirming the weight loss he suspected. Jared eyes swept over Jensen’s body, cataloguing each injury. Finally Jared looked down at Jensen’s feet. In the church Jensen had been in agony just walking, but to be forced to stand on them and who knew for how many hours must have been excruciating. Even from this distance Jared could see they were swollen, inflamed and Jensen was trying to shuffle from one to the other to ease the pressure.

  Jared’s eyes snapped back up to Jensen’s face or at least he tried to see his face. His head was bowed and Jared saw the collar he wore was attached to a short length of chain, another encouragement to ensure Jensen remained standing. If Jensen gave in to his pain and exhaustion and collapsed he would be strangled by the collar.

 Jared fought the desire to just hurl Eddie against the wall and run. He took slow and measured breaths and continued walking ever closer to Jensen.

 Once they reached the cell Jared was almost certain Jensen had to be unconscious and the broad leather straps which cut cruelly into his skin were the only things holding him up. So Jared had the shock of his life when a voice weakly rasped out, “Morning Eddie, lovely to see you and you’ve brought a date, I hope he’s prettier than Tweedle Dumb and Dumber.” With that Jensen slowly raised his head. 

 Jared was struggling to keep his composure when he heard how wrecked Jensen’s voice was, and then Jensen had looked up; his face was even paler than before, his lips cracked, purple shadows bordering on black under bloodshot eyes. Yet those eyes spoke clearly, he recognized Jared. Jared had to act quickly before Jensen accidentally gave himself away.

 “So Eddie, this is the poor unfortunate soul I have come to stand vigil over. You’ve done a good job of restraining the demon.” Jared’s face was impassive, the faint light of hope died in Jensen’s green eyes.

 Jensen was heartbroken. When he’d seen this man in church yesterday he really thought that help was coming. He sucked in as deep a breath as he could manage, “So, you one of Morgan’s little friends? Come to see his new toy? Well, I’m sorry. I don’t play nicely with others.  Maybe if we’d met in a bar things would have been different, after all you’re just my type.” Jensen gave a flirtatious grin. 

 Jared put his hand out and grabbed Jensen by the chin forcing his head back towards the post. “I understand this is the demon talking, but I will not be turned from the path of righteousness by your lewd suggestions.”

 “So Eddie, is this the new plan? You gonna have him bore me to death? Well gorgeous, I’d offer you a seat but I’m a little tied up here.”

 Eddie stepped up close to Jensen, while Jared still held his chin. “Now come on, pretty. I thought you might like a visitor. I’ll leave you two boys alone, you play nicely now.” Eddie stepped back and Jared released Jensen.

 “Eddie, we must untie Jensen. He must kneel to receive the word of the Lord.” Eddie looked worried.

  “Ahh, come on. Really? And just when I’d gotten comfortable.” Jensen smirked as he croaked out the words.

 Jared stepped to the post and loosened the chain, giving Jensen some slack then he pulled the chain, hauling Jensen’s head back, staring into pained green eyes. He said “You will not mock the Lord’s work, demon.” Jared let go of the chain and Jensen’s head fell forward.

 “Well, well pretty, looks like you’ve meet ya match. Don’t worry, Brother Jared, I’ll unhitch him for ya.” Eddie was smirking as he knelt down to unfasten the shackles round Jensen’s feet. As Eddie knelt Jensen’s eyes tilted upwards to Jared’s face, he was watching Eddie and the look on.... could it be possible? Jensen bit his lip. He needed to know if he’d been imagining the look of loathing Jared had shot at the back of Eddie’s head.

 Eddie had reached his thighs and was undoing the strap, Jensen let out a ragged gasp as feeling began to creep back into his feet and legs. Jensen sagged in his bonds, his full weight hanging from the strap round his chest. As he let his knees buckle Jensen tilted his head backwards and there was no mistaking Jared’s reaction. He took the slightest step forward, his hands reaching out as if to help him back up; their eyes met for a second and Jared gave him a pleading little smile.

  Eddie moved higher to Jensen’s waist, “Now, now Eddie, I’ve told you before, not before the third date, or at least buy me flowers.” Jared couldn’t help the grin that appeared but that quickly died away when Jensen’s face drained what little bit of colour it had.

 Eddie had stood up and Jared realized he was standing on Jensen’s feet; he pulled the strap from round Jensen’s narrow waist, giving a choked cry as it dragged along the skin, bruising as it went. Before Jensen could adjust to that sensation Eddie stepped behind to undo the belt at chest height which had been looped round the post to prevent it slipping down too far. Once again Eddie dragged the strap across the bruising skin at speed causing Jensen to cry out. Jensen crashed to his knees, the world swimming in and out of focus. Eddie hadn’t removed the cuffs and Jensen was hanging forward by his wrists.

 Eddie stood smiling as Jensen desperately struggled to ease the burning torment across his shoulders and back, knowing he’d be too weak to pull himself back up. That was when Jared moved.

 Shit! He’d forgotten about that moron while he was enjoying watching Jensen arch against his restraints.  Eddie’s mouth was all but watering at the thought of being allowed a night with Jensen.  Morgan had promised Eddie that he could have free range of all the toys in the rooms, and Eddie really wanted to hear ‘pretty’ scream. As he’d tied Jensen to the post the night before he’d pressed himself against the naked man and whispered “You’re gonna like ya new home, pretty, I’ve helped the Preacher to set it up.  He’s offered me a reward. I get to spend a night with you, and I might just make good on my promise to put that smart mouth o’ yours to good use.” Eddie weren’t no queer but damn, the mouth on that boy would make a saint a sinner.

 Eddie’s attention snapped back to the present. Jared was looming, holding his hand out, “Keys, Brother Eddie. Jensen must be free when he receives the Lord’s words, I promise to leave the collar in place. The Lord will protect me but a little insurance never hurts.” Jared was smiling as he spoke but if Eddie had been paying attention he would’ve noticed that smile didn’t reach his eyes. Jared nodded his thanks to Eddie, and he considered how to release Jensen.  If he’d been Eddie he would’ve used the chain and collar to haul Jensen back upright, but Jared couldn’t bring himself to do that.

 Instead Jared bent down and placed his hand in the centre of Jensen’s chest, he felt the heart racing under his fingers and the fine tremors that racked Jensen’s frame. Jared pushed Jensen back upright, taking the pressure off his shoulders. When he was sure Jensen was capable of staying in that position he moved back round the post and undid the cuffs. Jensen’s arms fell limply to his sides, his chest heaving as he drew air into his lungs.

 Jared was on the move again; he approached his bag and opened it. Eddie was trying to see the contents; Jared produced a blanket, prayer book, and several bottles of water, power bars and a silver hip flask.

“The blanket is for me to kneel upon, the water and power bars are sustenance and the flask holds Holy Water.” Jared stood and removed his suit jacket and placed it on top of the bag so Eddie wouldn’t see what else the bag held.

 Eddie was hovering as Jared knelt on the blanket, “Thank you Eddie.  Can you please close the door as you leave? I fear the demon will become enraged while I pray. It is for your own safety.” Jared watched as Eddie was torn between doing as he was told and staying, “Oh, by the way, my friends will be arriving shortly to help make the church ready for the prayer meeting tonight. Your help would be very much appreciated.” Jared smiled brightly as Eddie went white and fled the room, pausing only to shut the door.

  Jared began to recite the Lord’s Prayer in Latin. He listened, carefully moving as he finished the prayer. He reached into his bag and produced an IPod. Jared switched it on and his voice could be heard praying in Latin.

 Jensen lifted his head, watching the other man as he stood, walked to the door and stuck the IPod to it. Jared turned round, hovering as if uncertain what to do next. Jensen suddenly understood what he was waiting for. “Eddie is still there, he’ll get bored in a minute; he always does.” The voice was weak and as cracked as the full lips which uttered the words.  Jared heard the sound of footsteps departing. He looked down at Jensen, deciding his next move.

 “You know, you are really hot when you speak Latin, but why exactly are you praying for my sister’s triplets to be delivered safely, and the town’s pumpkin crop to be bountiful?” Jensen raised those hypnotic green eyes to look at Jared.

  Jared stopped at a loss for words, “You speak Latin? Wow, err. I think we have to talk... who taught you Latin?” Jared’s bemused face was just too adorable as far as Jensen was concerned.

  “Before Father Kripke there was Father Manners. Kim was a great guy and he realized I had an ear for languages. He taught me...” The voice faded away as Jensen coughed weakly, his throat drying.

 Jared knelt down in front of Jensen, “Mr Ackles, I wonder if I could...” Jared looked lost; Jensen decided to help him a little. Anyone who was that gorgeous deserved a break.

 “Ok, for a start my dad’s Mr Ackles and besides, you seeing me naked kinda makes formalities a little redundant.” Jensen started to sag forward again, the little strength he had was ebbing away.

 Jared slowly reached out, pausing as his hands neared the pale, freckled skin hewed by purples and blacks; he picked the blanket up from where it lay and moved to wrap it round the broad shoulders. “Can I please? You don’t mind me touching you?” 

 Jensen lowered his head in shame. “It’s alright. I understand if you don’t want to touch me after what you saw.” Jensen couldn’t help the tears that brimmed in his eyes. Morgan had stripped so much from him, he’d even tainted this.

 Jared’s eyes grew wide, and he flailed slightly, “God no, Jensen. I just figured the last thing you’d want was to be manhandled by me after Morgan and Eddie. I didn’t want to make you feel... I’m so sorry; I’d love to touch you.” Jensen raised his head in time to catch the end of the speech to see Jared’s eyes widen to cartoon levels as he realized what he’d said.

 Jensen smiled and Jared’s heart stuttered. Even in these surroundings, after all that happened, Jensen appeared to be capable of real joy and even if it was at his expense, Jared was more than happy to let that happen.

 Jared leaned forward and wrapped the blanket round Jensen. Jared then eased Jensen from his kneeling position. As Jared helped Jensen to sit down, Jensen grimaced with pain. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Jared was panic-stricken at Jensen’s expression.

  “Cccrramp, shit, that hurts.” Jensen’s face tightened with the pain of his muscles cramping. 

 Without thinking Jared pulled the other man close to his chest, “Tell me where it hurts, Jensen.” 

 “My legs and it’s only going to get worse. Ahh fuck it.” Jensen was breathing hard. Jared ran his hands down Jensen’s body and began to massage the thigh muscles, first the one and then the other, smoothing the pain away as much as possible. Jensen was making little breathy moaning sounds, part pleasure, part pain. Jared moved higher to work on Jensen’s arms and shoulders, to try to ease the tension there. Jensen melted against Jared, relishing the warmth of his body and the feel of those giant hands on him.

 Jared, for his part, was enjoying the sensation of holding someone again. Jensen lifted his face, his eyes half open, the forest green of his eyes focusing on Jared as if he was Jensen’s only hope. Jared felt a jolt of pain as he recalled Chad’s blue eyes holding a similar look as he died and his hands slowed, and then stopped. “Would you like a drink and something to eat? After all, I brought enough for two.” Jared turned and picked up a bottle of water, opening it before handing it to Jensen.

 Jensen managed to lift the bottle to his lips. As he began to drink Jared could see even this was causing him to strain so Jared placed his hand under Jensen’s and supported the bottle.

 When Jensen had all but drained it he lowered the bottle, “I’m a big boy now. I can feed myself.” Jensen was pouting as he spoke, his voice a little stronger.

  “I’m sure you can but I like these pants and didn’t want them covered in water.” Jared smiled at Jensen, who studied him intently.

 “I don’t suppose you cook, do you?” Jared was puzzled by the sudden question.

 “Err, no. According to Chad I could burn water.” 

 Jensen tilted his head to one side, “Ahh well, no one’s perfect, and by the way is Chad your partner?” 

 Jared looked down, trying to think of a way to answer Jensen without causing the usual sympathetic response.

  “Chad was my partner, he died.” 

 Jensen gave a little smile “I know everyone says they’re sorry when they hear that, but by the look on your face, you two had something very special and I am sorry you lost that.”

 Jared was stunned by Jensen’s understanding and the way he held Jared’s gaze as he spoke. Most people found the wall behind him very interesting when they said that.

 Just then Jared’s phone rang. Jared reached into his bag. “Hi Chris, you’re here, that’s brilliant. What are you guys up to?” Jared took the risk, his loud praying was still playing on a loop, and he put the phone on speaker.

 “Well, put it like this. The church is looking mighty fine and Mac and her friends are having a great time helping us. Jim has everybody eating out of his hand; it just looks like we have to get past Morgan now. Jay, how’s Jensen? Will he be ok for tonight?” 

 “Why don’t you ask him yourself? Oh, just don’t call him ‘Mr Ackles’.  He gets kinda touchy.” Jared laughed and Jensen decided that was a sound he could get used to, along with those damn dimples.

 “Hi Chris, nice to talk to you and just what are doing to Morgan’s little kingdom? I do hope you’re treating it with the respect it deserves, and please be nice to Eddie. He’s taken such good care of me.”

 There was a growl, followed by a chuckle “Would Eddie be the ugly dude with no neck and looks like he’s about to have a stroke cause we’ve painted a ‘Key Of Solomon’ right in the middle of the church?”

 Jensen let a laugh, his body shaking with mirth, “Ahhh, damnit! I wanted to be the one to give him heart failure, but you carry on, dude. It sounds like you’re having fun, and what do I need to be ready for tonight? Look, if I have to I’ll dress up as ‘Big Bird’ and sing the theme to ‘Sesame Street’ if it gets me out of here.” There was a silence and Chris and Jared both burst out laughing.

 “Jay, it looks like ya got your hands full. I’ll let you fill him in with the details. Big Bird! Damn! I like this guy. I’ll call you back if we need to go to plan B, ok?”

  “No problem, Kane. Watch yourself and that conversation with Eddie... I think we should make it a nice long dialogue. Maybe even a lecture.”

 As Jared spoke Jensen was trying to push himself higher, so he could talk to Jared properly. Jared sighed regretfully and was about to move away when Jensen pressed closer. “Dude, this is the warmest I’ve been in a month, so until I hear footsteps you are staying put.” Jensen turned slightly to face Jared.

 “So it’s always this damn cold. I thought this was just a special occasion.” Jared enquired. Jensen shook his head.

  “No, Morgan likes it to be cold. What I wouldn’t give for a hot shower right about now. I’d even let you scrub my back.” Jared looked startled, Jensen blushed a little himself. He gave a brittle little laugh, “God, I’m sorry. I swear I’m not normally like this, my defence mechanisms have gone into overdrive. It’s helped keep me sane. It’s got the crap kicked out of me, but it’s kept me sane.”

 Jared was just dying to pull the smaller man tighter to his chest and just hold him until Jim was ready, but Jensen had to be prepared for what was going to happen and for that he needed his strength.  Jared picked up a power bar, unwrapped it and handed it to Jensen, “What, you’re not going to feed me?”   A smirk played across Jensen’s lips as he started to eat the bar. Jensen fought the urge to wolf it down too quickly; he didn’t want to be sick. As he ate the bar he studied Jared. He hadn’t been lying when he said Jared was his type physically, but there was an attraction there on a whole different level as well.

 “So, I’m guessing you’re not a cop or a Fed come to bust me out. Just what exactly are you? And what is plan B?” Jensen levelled another intense stare at Jared.

 “Look, how about I promise to explain what I do when you’re free and clear? I need you to trust me; we will get you out of here, as for plan B well...” Jared pulled back his jacket and Jensen saw the gun in the bottom of his bag, “That’s plan B, Plan A is... Well, Jensen, how do you feel about being exorcised?”

Kane stood in the church surveying the chaos he, Mackenzie and her friends were causing, it was to make sure Eddie and his two friends stayed exactly where he could see them. When they’d arrived Jim had breezed into the church like he owned the place and set to work clearing the nice orderly rows of chairs. Then Eddie had come running in and Jim had walked over, “You must be Brother Eddie, I’m Reverend James Colt. I’m here on behalf of the Ackles family, you’ve already met Jared. We must make the church ready for the battle to come with the demon. Don’t worry, ‘The Key Of Solomon’ we’re painting will protect your church. Would you like to help?” Jim gave Eddie a guileless smile.

 Eddie looked on in horror as the church was being enthusiastically attacked by a group of helpers. Ever since then Eddie had run from one group to another, trying to limit the damage but Kane was always one step ahead, putting his own touches in place to ensure the night went with a bang.

 Jeffrey Dean Morgan pulled up outside his home and church. He was smiling as he turned off the engine. It had been a very good day. He had been able to collect the last few items, and he especially liked the whip he’d purchased.  It had felt good in his hand and with skilful application he would adorn Jensen’s body with reminders of who he belonged to. Morgan had also enjoyed his lessons with the piercing equipment; he’d even purchased the perfect jewellery. Titanium bars for the nipples, a stud for Jensen’s tongue and there were other rings Morgan would add as Jensen came to enjoy his touch.

 It was then Morgan noticed how many cars were at the church; he was elated by this. It meant he could move forward with his plans. At tonight’s meeting he would suggest that he might attempt to rid Jensen of the demon forever. Then after his heroic but doomed attempt Jensen would be his forever.

 Morgan climbed out of his car, and reached for his cane, he walked towards the church twirling the cane as he went. Suddenly the church doors banged open and Eddie was tumbling out.

 “Morgan, thank fuck you’re back. I’ve been trying to reach ya all day! We got trouble in there. The Ackles family have gotten hold of a real exorcist and he’s fixing on performing a public exorcism tonight. In case ya thinkin of grabbing ‘pretty’ and runnin’ they got someone in with ‘im prayin’ in Latin”

 Morgan felt the ground shift under his feet. He couldn’t lose Jensen, he was perfect, “Eddie, calm down. You’ll still get your chance to have your night with Jensen, why the hell didn’t you call me?” As he said that he checked his phone, there were many missed calls; he could’ve sworn there had been no missed calls when he’d checked after he switched his phone back on.

 Morgan walked towards the church, anger plain on his handsome features. He stopped at the door, took a deep breath, leaned on his cane and stepped into the church. The sight that met him shocked him. Most of the town was there, but Morgan’s brown eyes were fixed on the Ackles family.

 A man was standing with them he didn’t recognize. He was older than Morgan, and had an air of authority about him.  Morgan knew he had to challenge the man but how? He couldn’t attack him for wanting to exorcise Jensen. What could he say? You can’t do this because Jensen isn’t possessed? There had to be a way. 

 As Morgan walked amongst his congregation he felt an undercurrent to the voices there. Some were with the Ackles and the exorcist, others were angered that there was a stranger amongst them, endangering the Preacher’s work. Morgan realized he had his leverage.

 “Good Evening, Preacher Morgan. I’m the Reverend James Colt. I’m very sorry to have taken over your church like this but I’m sure Brother Eddie has explained who I am.” Jim stepped forward and shook Morgan’s hand, a warm smile on his face. Morgan returned the smile.

 “Reverend Colt, I’m delighted to meet you. I’m fascinated by what you have done to the church.” Morgan was looking around; on the floor was a large circle with intricate symbols and candles were flickering all round the church.  

 “Once again I must apologize, but I have hunted this demon for a long time and with yours and the Ackles’ permission I must perform the exorcism immediately. It knows I’m here and will try and escape. We don’t have a moment to lose.” Colt spoke with intensity, a man on a mission and the people responded to his words, calling for Jensen to be brought into the church.

 Kane stood in the background watching events. He was worried Morgan looked confident, too confident. Kane was getting ready to call Jared to kickstart Plan B.

 “Reverend Colt, I appreciate what you are saying and I’m sure that these good people’s faith is very comforting for you and your colleagues, but can you prove to me who you are? For all we know you could be agents of Lucifer, here to steal Jensen away from us.  How do we know you are not demons yourself?” Eddie started the swell of calls for proof from the Reverend, and other voices took up the call.

 “I promise you that I am not a demon. Could I stand here in the sacred place and be unaffected? No, I assure you, I’m human, Preacher; I will undertake any test you wish to put me to.” Jim stood, his arms outstretched.

 “My apologies, Reverend. I can see you are a man of Faith, but again I ask is that Faith in our Lord or the Prince of Lies. Who here can vouch for you? You may be a heartless con man, here to prey upon these poor souls. I cannot allow that. You must have someone to vouch for you before we allow you to help Jensen. Well, is there anyone who can vouch for these men?” Morgan limped towards Donna and Alan with a sympathetic expression, ready to offer condolences at the heartless deception being perpetrated by these outsiders. 

 The discontent from the congregation grew louder, Mackenzie threw a wild look in the direction of Kane, and he nodded and began to dial Jared, his body tensing, ready to fight his way out to help his friend pull Jensen out of there. Kane’s eyes flickered to Jim, waiting for the signal to pull out. What the hell was he waiting for?

 A voice rang out across the church, “I will vouch for these men.......”

Chapter 5

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