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15 July 2014 @ 12:26 am
Laptop update!  
Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I really should've posted this earlier, but I was distracted with catching up with Agents Of Shield (1 more episode to go!!!!) and episode 4 of Penny Dreadful.... it has a slash pairing, and I'm talking cannon, Dorian and Chandler!!!!! Ok it's a one night stand, but I ain't complainin'

Right then, why am I here bothering you good folk?  Well after Saturday's fiasco in PC World, I decided to try the branch closest to where I live. If only to cement my decision to buy that Acer I'm lusting after.

I walked into the shop and instantly found a rather sweet assistant, one who walked up and addressed me rather than Steve.  So I went through the spiel, alas poor laptop, I knew her well and all that, and he said "How long have you had it?"

I replied since 2009, he frowned and said, "Really? My Windows 7 laptop is ten years old and is still going."

I looked at him and explained the problem with the on/off button. He nodded and went "Ahh cosmetic!"  I said "No our I.T.  bod said she's knackered!"

He shrugged and said, "We have the best service, repair center in Europe. Why not bring it in and have it serviced? Ok it will cost £50.00, but if we can repair the problem we will."

I then told him I've been paying a service insurance since I brought it, he grinned at me and said "Even better, we'll look at it for free, and if it is wear and tear we'll tell you how much it will cost to put right. But if I were you I'd go for it, the worst that can happen is you'll still end up buying a new laptop, with windows 8." His lip curled as he said that.

I was overjoyed, if there is even the slightest chance I can save my dear, sweet, much abused laptop I'm going for it!  The only downside is a seven to fourteen day turn around.   I told the assistant all about the prat on Saturday, he shook his head and said "It's a Superstore, all they care about is a quick turn around and sale. They don't want banter like this, and they should find out exactly what you want." I should mention before he said this, he went over to the geek squad to see if they could possibly fix my lap top!

So if they can't repair my beloved laptop, that guy has got a sale! I'll go looking for him, just proves what a little bit of customer service will get you.

Now if I go dark don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can, so do you think it's worth me taking her in for a check up? They might be able to raise the dead, if not I see a nice shiny new laptop in my future!

So come along, let me know what you think *G*

Current Mood: determineddetermined
milly_galmilly_gal on July 14th, 2014 11:29 pm (UTC)
I hope that she can be fixed honey, I know how painful it is saying goodbye to an old friend, and your laptop's done a fair few miles and kept you company at the worst of times *fingers crossed*
slash_whump_addict: Laptopj_r_hartley on September 16th, 2014 12:56 pm (UTC)
I know as I make my way through my feed there'll be an update on the lappy so until I get there...


Ahem, yes, there was a need for the shouting! lol