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Late Again Padalecki.


Title: Late Again Padalecki
Wordcount: 1400
Summary: Jared keeps coming to set late, everyone thinks it’s because of his new marriage.  Things are a little more complicated than that.
Pairing: J2
Rating: R
Warnings:  This was written at speed and has not benefitted from having a beta so all mistakes are mine.  It was inspired by hearing Jared has had a warning for being late.
Disclaimer:  These gorgeous men are not mine sad to say, and is a complete work of fiction.  I’m sure Jared is very happily married and not stalking Jensen at all. 

“Late again Padalecki?”  Jensen shouted across the set at his sheepish co-star, “Some of us have been working their asses off while you were cuddling the wife.  Come on Sasquatch Dean needs his Sammy to angst at while Cas is otherwise engaged.”  Jensen grinned as Jared ran to the makeup trailer. 

As the girls quickly put on Sam’s face Jared could literally feel the weight of the envelope in his shirt pocket crushing him.  After numerous friendly warnings, it was felt enough was enough and Jared had been handed a written warning for his constant lateness. 

He’d sat in the office feeling like a teenager back in high school called to the Principal’s office, listening to the lecture about letting the crew down and how much money it was costing production.   

After he left the office his face burning with shame he’d swung by Kraft Services and gotten a coffee, this had meant he’d past the set causing Jensen’s greeting. 

Jared now sat alone trying to gather his thoughts together, he’d been asked why, he’d responded with “Sorry just keep on hitting the snooze button, and well you know with Genevieve an all.”  There had been sympathy well Jared was newly married and the long hours, but they felt he’d been cut enough slack and could he please get his head back in the game.

 Jared ran his fingers through his hair wincing knowing he would catch hell for disturbing the girls work, he sighed to the empty room and he looked at the pictures that surrounded the make-up mirror.

It was surrounded by images of him and Jensen goofing around. As he starred at one particular picture of Jensen, Jared sat back in his chair and his mind whirled with the real reason he was being late.

The fan girls had actually gotten it right, there was something more between himself and Jensen.  A love that ran deeper than just friendship or even brotherly love, and then Jensen had broken up with Danni and started talking about them as a couple.  Jensen had said that if they were careful they could continue with their clandestine relationship after all they had the perfect cover J2! It was out there and they just had to play on it. 

Jared though had panicked; he was being lined up for big action roles once the show came to an end.  Even now it would be impossible to be an action hero and gay so Jared had run hard and fast straight into Genevieve’s waiting arms. 

He remembered the look on Jensen’s face when he had announced his engagement, Genevieve stood by his side beaming and proudly showing off her ring, to an excitedly happy crew.  Jensen had smiled and congratulated like everyone else but Jared saw when his heart broke, the jagged shards of his heart reflecting in Jensen’s green eyes.

 After that it had been a whirlwind, wedding preparation, filming and Jensen moving out, all he’d had to say was, “Jay, I wish you all the best and you better invite me to the wedding you never know I could catch the bouquet.”  With that he hugged Jared, placed a last kiss on his cheek and had gone. 

At the wedding Jensen had been the life and soul of the party, dancing with bridesmaids and Genevieve joking he’d have to steal her from Jared, and then he’d quietly slipped away.  It was then Jared had come to understand just what he’d lost, they were still the best of friends they had at least held onto that and a great working relationship, but Jared missed Jensen.

 When Jared slept with Genevieve, his arms wrapped round her it felt wrong, where she was diminutive and soft curled up in his arms.   Jensen’s muscular body had fitted perfectly against him.  Jared often woke entwined in Jensen, whereas he found himself almost alone as Genieve had moved away laughing and complaining about sleeping with an octopus. 

So now instead of feeling complete with his new wife Jared had never felt so alone, as if half of his soul was missing, and that missing half was living in an apartment in Vancouver. 

Now every morning Jared was getting up early leaving Genevieve asleep, going through his routine and then driving over to Jensen’s.  Cliff still picked Jensen up but Jared now made his own way to set.  Jared would sit and watch as Cliff picked Jensen, knowing that he was barely awake clutching at his coffee as he staggered round getting ready, Jared missed the drives to set when Jensen used to sleep with his head on Jared’s shoulder, a mutter of “Just another five minutes.”  When Jared shook him gently awake. 

Jared would watch with longing and Jensen laughed with Clff as he hurried the half asleep man into the car he could almost hear Cliff, “Come on Jensen stay awake until you get in the car Jared isn’t here to put you in the seat anymore, so  you’re gonna have to buckle up yourself.” 

Then Jared would watch as the car vanished into the distance, and every morning since this had started Jared would sit there until he managed to gather himself together and drive to the set. 

So now he sat in the makeup trailer with a written warning and an ever growing empty feeling in his heart.  It wasn’t Genevieve’s fault it was Jared’s.  If he’d only had the courage to hold onto to what had really mattered to him, he wouldn’t be stalking his best friend and soul mate, god he’d fucked up. 

Jared put his head in his hands, he never heard the door open, and suddenly he felt a warm hand caress the back of his neck.  “Look dude it’s only a warning, they had to do it or else the suits would’ve had a fit.”  Jensen knelt down by Jared.

 Jared lifted his head out of his hands, Jensen was probably the last person he wanted to see right about now, he managed a half hearted smile. “Yeah you’re right man I needn’t worry about being homeless and begging with Harley and Sadie just yet.” 

“What about Genieve, you forgot to add her to your picture of homeless domestic bless.”  Jensen had still to remove his hand from Jared’s neck, he ran his tongue along his bottom lip and grabbed onto his courage with both hands, he had to know....

 “By the way, when you stalk somebody you really need to park further back.  I nearly brought you some coffee out this morning because it was damn cold.”  Jared swallowed hard; Jensen gave him a comforting smile. 

“Jay, I love you man, I never stopped but I won’t be the other man, if you really want me I’ll be there for you.  However long it takes I will be waiting for you.  But be very sure who you want Jared, I know you, you hate to hurt people.  Well somebody is gonna get hurt, there is nothing you can do about it.  So we are gonna get through the rest of the season with you coming in on time and then you need to go away and do some very hard thinking, You need to clear your head and when you’re ready you come and tell me what you really want.” 

With that Jensen moved his hand round and brushed Jared’s cheek with his thumb, and then patted his leg, “Come on like I said I need Sammy to angst at so I can go for the perfect single tear, Misha’s tried but he’s just too short.”  Jensen held out his hands and pulled Jared to his feet, they lingered like that for what seemed an aged before Jensen let go and turned and walked out of the trailer.

 Jared drew a deep breath, he looked at himself in the mirror to check his make-up, and he hadn’t done it too much damage.  The crushing weight had lifted, he knew that the next few months were going to be tough, and there would be a lot of pain but perhaps he hadn’t been too late after all.


Tags: fic, j2
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