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25 August 2014 @ 08:13 pm
Musings of a musical nature.  
Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, please excuse me while I ramble and witter in your direction.  On Friday night I watched a brilliant documentary about Kate Bush, one of the most amazing artists you will ever hear.  I'm a little bit of a fan, and after watching the show I dug out a couple of my CDs, and I came across a little gem called Deeper Understanding.  A wonderful song that explores the way we are 'turning to our computers like a friend'.  it's even more amazing when you consider it was written in 1989, when the internet was in it's infancy.

In a strange way I think it captures the way I have turned to my computer like a friend (I do promise there was no bodily neglect), I find it easier to express myself through my 'little black box' rather than face to face. It has allowed me to find friends all over the world, hell it gave me fandom and my Supernatural family.  It might not be what Kate intended when she was writing the song, but through this little pile of plastic and wires I hope I've found a little deeper understanding.

Right I promise that's it with the serious stuff!  Back to wibbling inanely next post, but for now I'll leave you with the song Deeper Understanding (the original version, the new cut is great but I still prefer the original)

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Kate Bush Deeper Understanding
milly_galmilly_gal on August 26th, 2014 12:07 am (UTC)
Yes but sweety we all turn to our computers like a friend, because the friends in the little box on the desk are actually WAY nicer than the folks we have to put up with on a day to day basis!

I love that song btw :)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on August 28th, 2014 07:28 pm (UTC)
So very true! the folks I've met here and way nicer than the people we meet in the 'real world'.

It is a beautiful song isn't it.
bigj52: AdamSmilebigj52 on August 27th, 2014 09:37 am (UTC)
I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few of my friends from that little black box and they're just as amazing in person as they are online. So I couldn't survive without my little black box and it keeps me in touch with authors like you.

Edited at 2014-08-27 09:40 am (UTC)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on August 28th, 2014 07:25 pm (UTC)
Our little black boxes really do bring us comfort, and they bring us new friends and keep us in touch with old friends. So yes I can fully understand why we can't live without them.