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Hell Is Other People Chapter 5

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word count: 11900.
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings: Excessive abuse of Jensen, at last rescue is at hand.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains, who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*   Please note this has been split into two due too posting constraints.





“I will vouch for these men.......”

 At the sound of the voice, all heads turned to the door.  Chris wondered who the fuck had just spoken, and he heard gasps as people realized who stood there. 

“Father Kripke, what are you doing here?”  Morgan managed to find his voice; he was staring at the new arrival in undisguised horror. 

“Preacher Morgan, I must apologize for my late arrival but I was waiting for my congregation to join me.”  As he spoke Father Kripke walked into the church, and behind him was a small group of people.  Father Kripke approached Jim with a delighted smile and warmly shook his hand, putting his hand on Jim’s shoulder. 

“Donna, Alan, I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me.  I wanted to help Jensen but my Bishop refused my request to perform an exorcism, my only hope lay with my old friend Reverend Colt here.  I contacted him right away, but he is a busy man, and he came as soon as he was able.  Jim, I’m here to offer my support tonight, to help you rid Jensen of this curse.”  As Father Kripke spoke the last words his eyes drifted over to Morgan. 

Donna’s eyes welled with tears and Father Kripke walked over to her, “Please Donna, we must be strong for Jensen, he will need all of us tonight. I trust that we are in time.  I’m ready to do whatever is required of me; I have been weak and abandoned a man beset with demons.  I just hope that he will forgive me as I know God will forgive me.  Reverend Colt, do you want me to lead these good people in prayers while you finish your preparations?” 

Father Kripke walked towards Morgan and held his hand out to the stunned man, “Preacher Morgan, let us put aside our differences tonight, and join together to defeat this darkness.   Will you lead the prayers, while Brother Christian helps Brother Jared bring Jensen into God’s house?” 

On hearing those words Morgan managed to rouse himself slightly; he looked at the faces watching him with expectation; he knew that he couldn’t attack Colt’s credentials now Kripke had appeared.  Shit, if this guy really was an exorcist he could be in trouble.  Hopefully, when there was no miraculous change in Jensen he would be able to convince the congregation that Colt had failed.   

That he was the only one who could defeat the demon and that would mean he could keep Jensen here with him.  Morgan knew it was a gamble but it was one he would have to take, it would buy him time and give him a chance to consider what other options he had. So for now he had to let this play out.

 “Of course, Father Kripke. Brothers and Sisters, please bow your heads and repeat after me.”  As Morgan began to pray, watched closely by Kripke, Jim made his way to Chris.

“Something you forgot to tell me?” Chris asked quietly, “I damn near had a heart attack when Morgan started spouting about demons and shit, and where the hell did Kripke come from?”  Chris was shooting daggers at Jim; Jim tried to suppress a grin.

 “Look Kane, I’m sorry. I got to thinking last night and after our little planning session. I thought we could use some extra insurance so I paid Father Kripke a visit.  It’s surprising how receptive the good Padre was to my suggestion. It’s like the man said, his hands were tied by red tape and the church.   Father Kripke has had to stand and watch a town torture a man because they fell for what Morgan says.  He sees tonight as his chance to break the town away from Morgan and help us spring Jensen. Hell, the guy’s even promised to help us get a head start if things turn to shit.”

  Chris looked round at the congregation, “So this is gonna free the town of Morgan? And give Kripke a bigger congregation?” Chris’ features were hard.

 Jim shook his head, “No Kane, believe me when I say that man is torn up about all this shit. He knew Jensen was gay and he’s disgusted that Morgan has used it for his own ends.  The poor bastard just thought Morgan was using Jensen’s sexuality to sway people to his preaching; he had no idea what was really happening until I told him.  He has been a lone voice of reason here, and tonight that voice is going to help us.”  Chris nodded, just then he heard a tiny voice.

 “Ah crap, I dialled Sasquatch; he’s probably set up for World War Three down there.”  Kane put his phone to his ear.  “Jay, dude, put the tactical nukes away, panic over for now.”

 “Goddamnit Kane. What the Fuck is happening? Am I busting Jensen clear or what.”  Kane was nearly deafened by Jared’s shout.

 “Jay, calm down, man. Things are back on track. I’m comin’ to git the two of ya.”

 “Kane, do me a favour and ask that bastard Eddie where Jensen’s clothes are? Somehow I don’t think a naked exorcism is the best way to go.”  Kane drew in a sharp breath. 

“Shit, that could be a problem. Don’t worry, I’ll convince Eddie to tell me, but Jay, just to be safe, get Jensen ready in case I can’t shake him.”  Chris snapped his phone shut. Looking at Jim he gave a malicious smile.  “I just need to politely ask Brother Eddie where he left Jensen’s pants; will you be alright to keep the show running until the star gets here?” 

 Jim returned the smile and patted Kane on the shoulder, “Now just remember, when this is done it will be open season on Eddie. All I ask is you two boys share nicely and you leave Eddie’s remains where they can be found.”  In a louder voice Jim said “Brother Christian, please will you go to Brother Jared and bring Jensen here, thank you.” 

 Chris stalked over to where Eddie stood; he took a calming breath, “Brother Eddie, I have just spoken to Brother Jared and informed him it is time to end the vigil.  He has asked that Jensen’s clothes are returned to him as we do not want to distress his parents by having him shamefully exposed here.”  Eddie looked blankly at Chris who was fighting the urge to throttle him where he stood.

 “Huh? What do ya mean?”  Eddie looked puzzled. Chris leaned closer, and decided to speak to Eddie in terms he would understand and make the moron trust him. 

“Look, I don’t really care if we drag him in here buck naked, but his momma may get a little upset, so can we go  and git his pants please or better yet just tell me where they are.”  The light of understanding dawned on Eddie’s face. 

“No, I better come with ya to get them. I want to make sure that pretty...err Jensen is still alright.” 

Chris’ fists itched with the desire to punch Eddie straight in the face, but he gave a serene smile as he thought of all the interesting bones he could break on the guy when he had the time.                              


Down in the basement Jared sprung into action.  After the phone had rung, Jared had been expecting to have to fight his way clear.  Jared had been talking to Jensen, explaining what he needed to do for his ‘exorcism.’ Jensen had listened, asked questions and generally surprised Jared with the ease he accepted what was happening.   

“Jared, I work in a hospital, the E.R. and any nurse or doctor, if they are completely honest, will tell the lines between the living and the dead get kind of blurred.  I have heard doors open and there is no one there. People who should’ve died making miraculous recovery heard voices in empty rooms, but we always pretend there is a rational explanation when sometimes there isn’t. So if I seem to be able to accept this, maybe I have seen enough to understand there is more out there than most people care to admit to.   So then, just how much attitude does you normal demon have and what can I get away with?”

 Before Jared could respond to what Jensen had said his phone rang.  Jared hit the ‘answer’ button to hear the sound of all hell breaking loose in the church.  “Jensen, I need to get you behind the cabinet. It’s not much but it will offer you some protection, it looks like plan B just came into effect.”  With that Jared stood up, he bent over and wrapped his arm round Jensen’s waist.  “Ok, put your arms round my neck, and on three... one two and three.” 

With that Jared straightened up, pulling Jensen up with him. Jensen clung to Jared, his head resting against Jared’s chest, breathing hard to try and control the pain ricocheting up and down his body.  

“Jensen, are you with me?”  Jensen nodded weakly; Jared adjusted his hold on the smaller man.   Jensen leant against Jared as they made halting progress towards the cabinet.  Jensen gritted his teeth as he limped over to the cabinet. By the time they had taken the few steps needed to reach its’ dubious cover Jensen was sweating once again, his hand fisted in Jared’s shirt in an attempt to ground himself against the pain.

 When they reached the cabinet Jared manoeuvred Jensen up against its side and gently lowered him to the ground, “I want you to stay there, Jensen. Chris will be here to back me up and we will get you out of here.  But I need to know you’re out of harm’s way for now.”  Jared shot Jensen a reassuring smile.  He walked to his bag, fetched out the gun and stood listening to the commotion in the church.   

Jared’s world narrowed to the closed door and the sounds coming from the phone. He had done what he could to ensure Jensen’s safety, now it was a matter of waiting for who came through the door.  Jared raised his gun and relaxed.

 That had been five minutes ago, and once Kane had reassured Jared that plan A was still intact, it had meant Jared had very little time to prepare for Kane’s arrival.  Jared quickly stripped the now silent I-pod from the door and placed it and his gun back into the bottom of the bag.  He cleared away the wrappers and bottles of water as well.

  Jared stood up, he felt guilty. He was going to have to move Jensen back to his original position, kneeling by the post.  Jared sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He hated having to see Jensen like that, vulnerable and humiliated.  Jared heard a sound and spun round. 

While Jared had been stripping the room of any evidence of the way they had really spent the afternoon,  Jensen had watched as Jared stilled and he could see the other man gathering his courage for what he was about to ask of him.  Jensen hauled himself painfully to his feet, using the cabinet as support; he slipped the blanket from his shoulders and took a painful step forward, the chain scraped along the floor as he moved.  Jared spun round at that sound, his eyes widened in shock.

 “Jared, I think you need this back to kneel on, just in case Eddie comes in with Chris.”  Jensen was swaying as he spoke; Jared quickly moved and supported Jensen the few steps back to the post. Jared slowly lowered himself and Jensen down to their knees.  Jared looked into Jensen’s eyes, and once again his face wore the comforting expression Jared had first seen in the church.  Jensen handed the blanket back to Jared, their hands touching. 

 Jared drew in a breath; he felt like he was drowning, Jensen was overwhelming him.  He couldn’t do this, he had to avenge Chad.  Jared couldn’t afford to be distracted from that even by someone as amazing as Jensen. Besides, even now it felt as if he was being unfaithful to Chad.  Jared gently pulled his hand away, “Thanks, are you sure you’re ready to do this?”  Jared was unable to meet Jensen’s eyes as he spoke, frightened of what the other man would see.

 Jensen watched as Jared withdrew from him. He was puzzled; what had he done? All he knew was he wanted to get to know the other man more, not just because he was being the white knight who had ridden on his steed and was ready to kill the dragon for him, and really, Jensen couldn’t see himself as the swooning damsel in distress.  He wanted to get to know Jared, maybe later if there was a later he could ask him what had suddenly changed.

 Jared finally raised his eyes to Jensen’s face. The expression was one of puzzlement, even slightly hurt at what had just happened. Jared felt guilty; the problem was him not Jensen.  Jared gently rested his hand on Jensen’s shoulder, “Ok, we’re as ready as we’re ever gonna be. Are you ready to give an Oscar-winning performance?”  Jared smiled in encouragement at Jensen. 

Jensen looked at that smile, and then he heard the sound of footsteps approaching, “Eddie’s coming, does your friend wear boots?”  Jared looked surprised and nodded.  “Ok, get back on your prayer mat and pray your little heart out.” 

 Jared stood quickly, folded the blanket roughly and dropped onto his knees, praying as he went.  Jensen smirked at him, “Nice one praying for Preacher Morgan to get boils. I like that.  By the way your dimples are cute.”  Jared stuttered and the door was flung open. 

Eddie was in the lead and was holding Jensen’s clothes. On their way over here Chris had been treated to the wit and wisdom of Eddie and that short walk had exhausted both of them.  From what Chris understood, Jensen deserved everything he was going through simply because he was gay.  Then Chris had tried something, “Surely Brother Eddie, it’d be the demon that is at the heart of this and once it is gone Jensen can leave those ways behind him.”

 Eddie shrugged and smirked, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, we’ll see how the Reverend copes with ‘im. I just hope I get to spend some time alone with him after, tell him how sorry I am about things.”  The look in Eddie’s eye said he was anything but sorry; he looked back at the house, disappointment clear on his face.  Chris realized what Eddie had meant. Jared was right; he was helping Morgan set up Jensen’s room. All Eddie was upset over was Jensen would never see the inside of that room with him. 

Before Chris could relinquish his now dubious control, they reached where Jensen’s clothes were stored.  Both men could hear Jared’s voice raised in prayer. Chris tried not to laugh when he heard the heartfelt plea for Morgan to suffer a plague of boils.

 Eddie opened the door and at first blocked Chris’ view of Jensen; he slid his eyes over to Jared who nodded at him.  Then Eddie moved and Chris caught sight of Jensen. He zeroed in on the abuse the man hunched forward on his knees had suffered at the hands of Eddie, and Chris desperately tried to rein his temper in.

 Jensen was watching Eddie under his eyelashes; he’d kept his head bowed when the men had entered the cell but he thought it was time to give Eddie one of his usual greetings. Lifting his head, he spotted Chris and grinned at the other man.

 “Well damn, Eddie, where the fuck have you been hiding these two hotties? I have to say they’re much prettier than Tweedle Dumb and Dumber, but they’re not as much fun, if you know what I mean.”  With that, he winked at Eddie.

 Eddie dropped Jensen’s clothes and lunged forward, grabbing the kneeling man by the throat.  Tears sprang into Jensen’s eyes as Eddie squeezed. He caught Eddie’s wrist in an attempt to decrease the pressure.  It was then Chris intervened he placed a hand on Eddie’s shoulder. 

“Now brother Eddie, it’s time for the demon to face righteous justice. Reverend Colt is here and he is so looking forward to seeing it again.  Besides Eddie, if Reverend Colt can’t do anything for this poor soul, then he will have to remain with you and the Preacher, so let us pray for success.” 

Jensen’s eyes filled with horror at the thought of that; he looked at Eddie who licked his lips in anticipation.  Then he looked towards Chris.  If Eddie had been able to see the man behind him he would’ve started running, and probably wouldn’t have stopped until he reached New York.  Chris’ blue eyes were pure ice and almost opaque with hatred, his lips were pressed together hard as if trying to stop himself from breaking the shoulder he had a grip on. 

Jared coughed slightly and Chris suddenly relaxed, clapping Eddie on the shoulder and he pulled him away from Jensen with a practiced ease, as if he weighed nothing.  “Brother Eddie, please return to the church and tell them we will be with them soon. I’ll help Brother Jared bring the demon.”  Chris placed himself between Jensen and Eddie, waiting for the other man to turn and walk away. Chris watched until he was sure the man was gone; he spun round, looking at Jensen. 

 Jensen closed his eyes for a second, not wishing to see pity there but when he opened them he found Chris giving him an appraising look, “Damn kid, when you piss someone off you really mean it, don’t ya? Have they broken anything? Only when I get to have my little chat with Eddie I like to get a little biblical, you know an eye for an eye, or busted rib for busted rib.”  Chris then knelt down and reached for the collar and unfastened the chain. 

“I hate leaving that fucking thing on ya but if people are used to seeing it, they’ll wonder where it is.  Do you need help getting dressed?  Chris’ tone had changed, it was softer. Jared often forgot that Chris could be very sensitive to what others needed when it was required, and his hand was resting gently on Jensen’s arm. 

 Jensen shook his head, “Well, in answer to your question, no bones broken, it’s just dehydration, malnourishment, exhaustion, and just a few bruises and torn muscles, and how’s your day going?” 

Chris grinned and laughed softly, “Look, if this goes well we should get you home real soon, and we have got some great surprises lined up for Morgan. I think you’re gonna like ‘em.” 

With that Chris passed Jensen his shirt and he helped Jensen slip the shirt on. Jensen was going to argue but one look from Chris caused him to remain quiet.  “Does he bully you like this? “  Jensen looked up at Jared in askance as Chris smacked at the hands trying to do the buttons up. 

“Hell, if Sasquatch doesn’t behave I confiscate his Lap top. He cries like a baby if you do that.” 

“Sasquatch?  Oh man, that’s just great. Have you considered Gigantor as well?”  Jensen grinned in delight as Jared huffed.

 “Just because you two are midgets, I can’t help being a fine figure of a man.”  Jared was attempting to recover his dignity with that response, unfortunately Jensen and Chris’ laughter put paid to that.

 Chris picked up Jensen’s jeans, “Ok, we gotta get these on ya. What’s the best way to go?” 

Jensen shuffled round so he was in a sitting position, Chris quickly understood what Jensen was about to do, “Hey Jay, get behind Jensen, will ya? The idiot’s gonna go and put his feet down and pull ‘em on quick. You help me lift him and he don’t have to put ‘em down. Is that alright with you, hero?”  Jensen blushed at the suggestion but he was relieved he wouldn’t have to go through the Hell he’d been through the day before. 

Jensen gave a dramatic sigh, “Damn, I must be losing my touch, usually I have men fighting to get my jeans off.”  He heard Jared laugh at the look on Chris’ face; Jensen gave Chris a slow wink and watched as very slowly a deep, red flush crept up Chris’ face. 

Between the three of them, they managed to put Jensen’s jeans on with very little discomfort for Jensen, but the effort still caused him to slump back against Jared, panting from the exertion.  The two hunters shared a look, they were worried that Jensen wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands of what was about to happen.

 “Hey guys, when you’ve finished with the longing looks at one another how about we go and get this party started? After all, I’m all dressed up and ready to dance.”  Jensen sat up and held his arms out to be helped to his feet.

 Chris stood up, “Right then Travolta, you’re gonna do as you’re told. We are gonna carry you as far as the church. We will keep the pressure off your feet for as long as possible, and then the floor is yours.”

 Jared moved round to his bag and slung across his back, “I’ll drop this in the truck. The last thing we want is for them to find the gun in it. Don’t worry, Chris, I’ve still got the ankle holster. I’m not completely naked.”

  Jared bent down with Chris as they lifted Jensen; he looked at Jared “shame that.”  With that they moved towards the church. 

Jim was watching the congregation with interest. They dutifully followed the prayers, many of the people shooting glances at the door.  Jim could sense the anticipation and excitement that crackled through the room like electricity.  He sighed to himself. They weren’t here to help Jensen, just here to witness an entertaining evening. Well, with what Chris had set up, he was pretty sure there would be plenty to keep them amused.

 Jim shifted his gaze to the two men leading the prayers, Father Kripke was standing slightly behind Morgan and although his head was bowed in prayer, Jim could see the watchful eye the man kept on the broad back.  Morgan was in his element, leading his flock to pleas for Jensen’s soul, but Jim could see the tension in the man’s demeanour, and slight shake to the rich baritone as he spoke.  Jim was under no illusion, he knew Morgan was weighing up his options, dealing for now with what he couldn’t change, and then Morgan spoke. 

“My Brothers and Sisters, tonight we are gathered here to witness an age-old battle of good against evil. We can only offer our poor prayers that right will prevail.  But if that should fail I promise that Jensen will always receive the best of care here with me.”  Morgan smiled a warm compassionate smile, his eyes, though, were calculating and those cold brown eyes met Jim’s.  Jim nodded in acknowledgement before stepping up. 

“I would like to thank the Preacher for his words and I pray that tonight the Lord will be with us in Jensen’s hour of need.”  Out of the corner of his eye Jim saw Eddie slink in, looking frustrated. Yup, Kane had struck. 

“Good people, let us bow our heads in silent reflection for these last moments. I must warn you tonight will be difficult, the demon will use all its powers here.  It will speak in vile and lewd terms so we must be ready.”  Jim then bowed his head and the congregation followed suit.   

The door swung open. Jim took a deep breath and sent one short plea heavenwards “please let Jensen get through this.”  Jim lifted his head to greet the newcomers. 

After carrying Jensen first to the truck where the bag was disposed of, Chris and Jared moved to the church doors, setting Jensen down. Once more he leant against Jared, “Chris, how are we gonna do this?”  Jared asked. 

Chris placed his hand on the door, looking at Jensen, “Real quick, we’re gonna drag you in like y’er struggling. Now once you’re inside the Key of Solomon remember you can’t cross the line until you’re exorcised, the rest is up to you now, man. Good luck.”

 Three figures emerged from the dark, the congregation gasped at the sight they made. Jared and Chris were engaged in a battle with a struggling Jensen. They were dragging him at speed towards the circle painted on the floor. 

“That’s it, Brothers, fight hard against the demon. Your faith will make you strong, not much further for you to go.”  Jim encouraged his troops.  Jensen planted his feet down, causing Chris and Jared to shoot past him. Chris recovered first, stepping back to lift him bodily and continue down the church. 

Morgan and Eddie looked on in amazement. There was no way Jensen should have been able to do that after the damage they had done to his feet; Morgan felt a little uncomfortable. 

The fight continued on as Jensen almost twisted free of Jared’s grip, causing screams of panic from those watching.  Finally they reached the Key of Solomon, and Jared and Chris dropped Jensen in the centre of it.  For several long seconds nothing happened, Jensen lay curled up in a ball in the centre.  Morgan was moved to call this a sham when Jensen sat up and looked right at Reverend Colt.

 “Ah crap, it really is you; I was hoping that the Marlborough Man Reject was kidding when he told me you were here.  Well Rev, how are we? Long time no see, in fact it hasn’t been long enough.  I have to say, though, I do like your two new girls, very sexy.”  Jensen smirked up at Jim as he spoke. 

Jim drew himself to his full height, “It’s been too long. I should’ve cast you out of that young man when I had the chance, but tonight you will return to Hell where you belong. “ 

Jensen lay back down and laughed and in one fluid movement rolled onto his knees and got to his feet.  He turned in a slow circle, looking at the markings on the floor “Godamn, fuck it, I hate devil’s traps - such an inconvenience.”  Jensen’s tone was mocking as he spoke, he stretched before continuing.  “Of course, you remember the other meat suit; oh, he was such a sweet ride, all jet-black hair, big blue eyes and pouty red lips.  Damn, it was like walking round in Snow White with a dick. I miss sweet little Tommy...”  Jensen purred the words, turning round again. 

Jensen’s eyes settled on Eddie. Jim spoke again, “Demon, what happened to that poor young man you speak of?”

 “Oh Tommy, put it this way I rode him real hard and put him up very wet. Dumped what was left of him in an alley in LA.  And you’ll never guess what? There are still some dumbass good Samaritans out there.  I mean, I couldn’t believe my luck when this fine meat suit found what was left of poor Tommy.  He knelt down by him and offered his help.  Really, it would’ve been rude not to have taken him for a ride.”  Jensen threw back his head and laughed 

There were shocked whispers from the crowd, and tears from Donna. Jared stood in shock, watching Jensen. If he hadn’t known better he’d have started to wave the Holy Water round. And just how the fuck was he managing to stand?

 Jensen was just getting into his stride, the pain was there, and he intended to use it to drive him on; the adrenaline coursing through him muted it enough for him to continue.   As Jensen continued to stare at Eddie he raised his hand to his mouth and traced this bottom lip with his thumb. Then his tongue snaked out and drew the thumb inside before allowing the thumb to slip free with a lewd pop.  He smirked at Eddie, “Hi there, gorgeous, wanna come here and play?”  Jensen ran his tongue over his lips. 

Eddie roared at Jensen “Why you filthy fucking diseased piece of shit! I’ll make ya wish ya never been born. You...”

 Before Eddie could dig a deeper hole Morgan restrained him. Pulling the man to his chest he hissed “He’s goading you, behave.”  But Morgan couldn’t tear his eyes from Jensen; the man had been beautiful before, now he was simply exquisite. 

 “Why Eddie, do you kiss your momma with that mouth? Hell, if you’d like I’d let you put this mouth to a much better use, and I have a feeling this could be your lucky night.” Jensen licked his lips and leered at Eddie. 

Jensen walked right up the curved line of the trap and trailed his fingers across an invisible barrier. He lowered his head and shot Morgan a look from under his lashes, full of heat and seduction.   

“Preacher Morgan, how about we get rid of these unwanted guests, and you can show me all your shiny new toys. I’m sure this body is pretty flexible.”  He whispered the words, drawing Morgan closer to him; Jensen stretched his arms above his head, arching back, causing his shirt to ride up, allowing a swathe of pale, freckled skin to appear.  Morgan was so enthralled by this display, he didn’t notice that some of the congregation had moved to stand beside him, and they could see the bruises and friction burns from the leather strap.  Gasps of concern pulled Morgan back from his fantasy of Jensen writhing beneath him, wearing his collar and the cuffs.

 “Demon, you can’t tempt me for I am a righteous man.”  Morgan attempted to regain his composure as he spoke; he’d nearly managed it when Jensen straightened up, turned away from Morgan, then looked over his shoulder and winked at the Preacher. 

Jensen now moved towards Jim, Jared and Chris smiling as he prowled closer.  Jared stood, looking like a rabbit caught in headlights at Jensen’s sexual predator display.  Chris’s eyes were turned heavenward. To the congregation it looked as if he sought guidance from above. Jim knew it was to make sure he didn’t burst out laughing at Jared’s expression.

 Once again Jensen stepped right up the line, and fixed his piercing green eyes on Jared “Hey sugar, what are you doing later? Want to come back to mine for coffee and dessert? How about a little taster?”  Jensen stepped back slightly and began to unbutton his shirt, his eyes never leaving Jared’s face.   

Jared was aware of being watched, he nudged Chris and Chris scanned the room.  It was Morgan - the look he aimed at Jared was one of pure jealousy at Jensen’s display for Jared.  Jensen was now swaying as if he was dancing to music only he could hear.  Chris motioned to Jim as if to say ‘For the love of God, do something before I have to get a bucket of water for those two’.  Chris’s eyes bounced between Jared and Morgan. 

Jim stepped in front of Jared, “Halt your disgusting display, demon. It’s time to release this young man from the torment you’re putting him through.”  Jim raised his Bible to make a point. 

Jensen just grinned, “Ah, don’t be jealous, Reverend. I’m sure there’s enough of this meat suit to go around.”  Jensen looked over to his family; he smiled, waved and blew Mackenzie a kiss.  “Oh, hi there, sweetheart. Hmmm, I’ve never done a brother and sister before, I’m all for new experiences. Come here, Mac. Big brother wants a hug.”   On hearing this, the congregation reacted with cries of outrage. 

Jim roared in anger and reached in his suit pocket and produced a sliver flask, quickly unscrewing the top. He hurled some of the contents at Jensen.

 The effect was instant. Jensen reared backwards, his shirt fizzing where the liquid touched, and Jensen let out a howl of pain, falling to the floor and curling in on himself.  “Really Reverend, was there any need for that? I thought we were going to be civilized about this.” 

As Jensen rocked in pain, Mackenzie shot Chris a horrified look. Chris did the best he could to reassure her Jensen was fine.  In fact, it was only a simple compound Chris had rubbed into Jensen’s shirt that would react with water, fizzing and bubbling.  Jensen’s reaction had made it all the more convincing. Chris scanned the faces; he could see horror, fear, anger, pity but there were few sympathetic to the man on the floor, racked with pain. 

 Father Kripke was one of the few; he looked at the three hunters, appealing mutely for them to help.  Jim gave a nod and stepped forward, opening his bible. 

“Now I will begin the exorcism, A Prayer to St Michael...” 

“Ah, the old favourites, do go on. I may just join in the chorus.”  Jensen staggered to his feet, his shirt stained and ripped, allowing the congregation an even better view of the battered body beneath it. 

PRINCEPS gloriosissime caelestis militiae, sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio et colluctatione, quae nobis adversus principes et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiae, in caelestibus. Veni in auxilium hominum, quos Deus creavit inexterminabiles, et ad imaginem similitudinis suae fecit, et a tyrannide diaboli emit pretio magno. Proeliare hodie cum beatorum Angelorum exercitu proelia Domini.......” 

 Jim’s voice rang out round the church and Jensen snarled at the words being read at him; he looked wildly round as if searching for a way out.  Suddenly several of the candles guttered, some went out, one even flared up with a bright blue flame.  The church echoed with screams of terror. 

“Losing your touch, old man, or am I wearing you down yet?”  Jensen panted out as he sank to his knees once more; Jim continued to read with a slow and measured pace.

 “ Dei et Christi eius, animasque ad aeternae gloriae coronam destinatas furetur, mactet ac perdat in sempiternum interitum. Virus nequitiae suae, tamquam flumen immundissimum, draco maleficus transfundit in homines depravatos mente et corruptos corde; spiritum mendacii, impietatis et blasphemiae; halitumque mortiferum luxuriae, vitiorum omnium et iniquitatum.” 

Jensen became even more agitated, turning within the devil’s trap. Once again Jensen’s eyes met Morgan’s. Morgan was beside himself. He wanted desperately to claim Jensen now, those green eyes were fixed on his, the fire within in them had never burned brighter.  Morgan fell to his knees to be on the same level as Jensen, marvelling at the strength within the man on the other side of the lines.  What if Jensen actually was possessed? Morgan was ready to offer Jensen his soul right here and now if it meant that Jensen would belong to him, even for only one night. 

Jensen trembled with the strain of keeping this up; he was beginning to hurt in places that, up until now, had been fine.  The fire in his feet had spread so it felt as his legs were ablaze as well but Jensen knew he had to press on.  When Morgan dropped to his knees the congregation had cried out with worry. Jensen snarled and made as if to hurl himself forward. 

Then there was an almighty crash as several rows of chairs toppled over and one even flew across the room.  All of Chris’ surprises were working perfectly.  Earlier that day while getting ready, Chris had attached fishing wire to some of the chairs and had strategically placed some of Mac’s football-playing friends around the church, telling them when he gave the signal to pull as hard as they could.  With the church in semi-darkness and all eyes on Jensen, no one would see the chairs being pulled and the wire would break, allowing the young men to quickly gather it up out of the way.  Once Chris saw that Jensen was about to launch himself at Morgan he’d given the signal. If Jensen broke through the circle whilst still possessed then the plan would be ruined.

As the first chairs crashed round the room, Jensen whipped round and caught Chris’ eye. He then looked at Jared who was pleading with him not to be stupid.  Jensen subsided and gave Morgan one final glance.   

Jensen got shakily to his feet. This was the final time. He was exhausted and hurting. This was the finale and he was going to give it all he’d got. 

Jensen gave a ragged gurgling cough as Jim read on, “What makes you think you can defeat me this time, Jim? I got away last time and I’ll do it again.”  The voice was rasping and low, full of menace, Jensen’s face a mask of pure malice. 

Jim paused in his reading... “This time you will lose, monster. I have God and the good people of this town on my side.” 

Jensen tilted his head to one side and laughed, “Oh, I’m so scared, Jim. The good people of this town? Hell, they’ve been praying at me for a month and I’m still here and I’m pretty sure God’s left the building.”   

Jim raised the bottle of Holy Water again, ready to douse the spawn of the pit when Jensen lunged forward. 

Jared and Chris tensed, ready to start fighting, but before Jensen could break the circle, it was as if Jensen had slammed into a brick wall.  Jensen’s whole body shook with the impact and as he collapsed backwards a pain-filled cry ripped though the church.  He hit the floor, curling up into a foetal position. 

“Mom, help me please, they’re hurting me, please get me out of here. “  Jensen’s voice was nothing but a hoarse whisper and he stretched out his hand towards his mother, begging her with his eyes.

Chapter 5b.





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