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Hell Is Other People,Chapter 5b

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word count: 11900.
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings: Excessive abuse of Jensen, at last rescue is at hand.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains, who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*   Please note this has been split into two due too posting constraints.


“Jensen, no!” Donna’s own anguished cry echoed through the church and she ran towards her stricken son. It was Father Kripke who caught her before she could reach him.

“Donna, I beg of you. Don’t do that, it’s the demon speaking. It wants you to break it free of the Key of Solomon, it will hurt Jensen even more. Please Reverend Colt, finish the exorcism.” Kripke held Donna tighter as she sobbed, looking at her son.

“Please Reverend, help my poor boy. Do what you have to do.” Donna slid to her knees and Father Kripke joined her, holding her hand. He began to pray quietly and others joined with his voice.

“Demon, your time here is over. Let us finish this.”

As Jim began to read the final part of the exorcism, Jensen was weakly trying to rise from where he’d fallen. Jared was looking at him with such concern, Jensen had to offer a smile, and he quickly turned it to a smirk. “Hey sugar, maybe I’ll catch you the next time I’m top side.....” Jensen’s face contorted with pain as Jim neared the climax to the exorcism

Apostolorum Petri et Pauli et omnium Sanctorum, adversus satanam, omnesque alios immundos spiritus, qui ad nocendum humano generi animasque perdendas pervagantur in mundo, nobis auxilium praestare digneris. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

As the last word rang out, Jensen rolled onto his back, his body arching, leaving only his shoulders on the floor, an agonized scream tore from him, and Jensen slumped back down to the floor.

No one moved. Complete silence reigned in the church. All eyes were on Jensen’s utterly-still form, lying twisted inside the circle. Jared began to take a step, he couldn’t see Jensen breathing.

Chris moved in close and breathed, “Don’t you fucking dare, Sasquatch. The guy has given the performance of a lifetime. Now you hold ya nerve.”

As Chris spoke Jensen gave a loud gasp, and his chest rose and fell rapidly, a faint moan was heard and Jensen tried to move his head.

Jim walked round so he was in Jensen’s eye line. He knelt down “Jensen, son, can you hear me?” Jim’s voice was soft so as not to startle the man lying within the trap.

Jensen blinked several times, attempting to focus on the man speaking to him, “Where am I? What’s happening to me?” The voice was faint and confused; Jensen shifted weakly, turning onto his side.
“How did I get here? Mom?” Jensen looked at his mother as if trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Jensen, oh sweetheart, is that really you?” Donna’s voice shook with emotion and once more she tried to reach for her son. Jim took her hand and nodded reassuringly at her.

“Jensen, what do you remember?” Jim asked, concern colouring his voice.

“I was walking back from the hospital, and I heard a noise from an alley. I went towards it and there was this man lying there and I tried to help him and. ... there was this black smoke.... Oh God, what have I done?” Panic filled Jensen’s last words, his breathing becoming more rapid.

“Please Reverend Colt, let me go to him.” Donna begged to be allowed close to her son. Jim turned his head to her.

“Soon, Donna. If the demon is gone you’ll be with him soon, I promise.” Jim turned and addressed Jensen once more, “I think you understand what happened to you, don’t you, Jensen?”

“I was awake...some of the time I was awake.....I didn’t want to... is it gone?” Jensen pleaded with his saviour.

“Jensen, if you can leave that circle, then the demon is gone. You are free.” Jim held out his hand towards the wounded man.

Jensen gathered his fading reserves of strength. He only had to break out of the circle and he would be free. Jensen struggled to his knees, his head pounding with the effort it took. His performance as the demon had been convincing but it was extracting its price and now he wasn’t sure if he could leave the circle.

Jared moved slowly round to stand by Jim, a loyal servant to the cause, his eyes never left the man kneeling. Jensen tracked Jared’s movement to standing beside Jim; he could feel the other man willing him to finish what he had started.

Jensen lowered his head, took a couple of deep breaths and for what he knew would be the last time he would be able to that night, Jensen forced himself unaided to his abused feet. A whisper rippled throughout the watchers, sounds of awe and praise for the Lord.

Jensen didn’t hear them, instead he concentrated on a pair of slanted hazel eyes. They were filled with warmth and compassion. Jensen took a shuffling step forward and the whispers grew in volume, he took a second step and the whispers turned to talking.

By the third step Jensen breached the line of the Key of Solomon; the voices had swelled to joyous shouts, hailing Reverend Colt as a hero. Jensen heard nothing but the accelerated beat of his own heart; he never noticed he’d cleared the line. He was focused solely on Jared.

Jim watched the display of raw courage from Jensen with an element of pride in the man who had literally put himself through Hell this night and he was damned if Morgan would get his hands on him again.

Jared soon realized that Jensen was using him as his motivation for dragging himself upright and forcing himself through more self-imposed torture. As Jensen moved forward, Jared subtly backed away, pulling Jensen to him. Jared’s eyes flicked down to the lines on the floor and gauged the reaction of those around him. As the excitement grew he fixed his eyes on Jensen‘s face. He was paler than ever and sweat beaded his skin and soaked his shirt. As he walked, the trembling Jared had observed was getting worse. “Come on, that’s it. Just a couple more steps. Please, you can do it.” Jared’s whispered encouragement went unheard by everyone, but Jensen had understood the words as if Jared had spoken clearly to him.

Jensen renewed his efforts, determined to reach Jared no matter what. With each step he was getting closer; he took another step and his knees buckled. No, please God, no. He was so close, fear swept through him like tidal wave of icy water.

As Jensen was gripped by despair he became aware of a pair of arms wrapped round him, and a voice in his ear, “It’s alright. You made it. It’s gonna be fine. Just hold on a little longer.” It was Jared’s voice. Jensen tilted his head back and looked up into Jared’s smiling face. As he became more aware of his surroundings, he noticed several things.

The first and best thing was that Jared was holding him as if he’d never let go; secondly and not so good, he was freezing his ass on the church floor and last, but not least, he really wanted to get the fuck out of there.

Donna finally broke free of Father Kripke and ran to her son; she pulled Jensen into her arms, crying his name softly, over and over.

Jared lifted his eyes to Jim, the silent request to get Jensen out of there was clear. “Mrs Ackles, I think it would be for the best if Jensen went home to rest, don’t you?” Donna’s tear-stained face lifted to Jim and she held Jensen tighter.

Mackenzie came over and knelt by her mother, “Mom, we got Jensen back, so you can let go now. Look, I’ll help get him home, ok?” Donna nodded, responding to her daughter’s soft plea. She released Jensen from her embrace; Jensen looked at his sister with gratitude. As much as he enjoyed being held by his mom, he really needed to breathe and she had made his ribs creak a little from how tightly she had held him.

Reverend Colt stood up. It was time to put the last part of the plan into effect, and he made a slight nod to Father Kripke. “My friends, come let us join together to give thanks to the Lord for his safe deliverance of Jensen, now he has been freed from this terrible curse.” As the priest spoke his eyes once more raked over the now-standing figure of Morgan.

“Donna and Alan, please will you join us for this short service and I’m sure Reverend Colt would like you here.” Father Kripke raised Donna to her feet and held her hand as he spoke.

“Mrs Ackles, I have a small favour to ask of you. May my colleagues and I remain in your home tonight to help take care of Jensen and keep watch over him? This night will be dangerous for him, the demon may still return for him. But if we are with him and Father Kripke prays in his church and the Preacher prays here, we will keep the demon at bay.” Jim heard the murmurs of approval from the people and Donna and Alan almost glowed with gratitude,

“But, of course, Reverend Colt. But maybe I should go with Jensen.” Donna made to move towards her son once more.

“I promise, Mrs Ackles, you will be with him soon. Just let Brother Jared and Brother Christian settle him and Brother Christian will come back and fetch us from the service. Is that alright?” Jim held his breath. He needed Kane to do something for him, and it all hinged on the answer Donna gave.

Donna shot a longing look at her son as he sat on the floor with Brother Jared supporting him. She bit her lip, and how could she deny these men what they asked of her after what they had done? Donna nodded her agreement, Alan joined with his wife in giving consent.

Jensen felt the tension leave Jared’s body. When Donna agreed, it meant it was time for him to get out of there. Jared moved. It looked like he was preparing to pick Jensen up and carry him out of the church. Chris had joined them and he touched Jared’s shoulder, “Jay, why don’t you ask Jensen what he wants to do?” The quiet authoritative words halted Jared in his tracks.

Jensen was grateful for Chris because he didn’t think Jared would’ve let him do what he wanted. “I want to walk out of here. No way am I being carried out.”

“Jensen, damnit! There is no way, man. You could hardly stand before. How the hell are you gonna walk out?” Jared hissed, his eyes alive with a fierce protectiveness.

“Ok ladies, before Morgan comes over here and offers his help, this is what we’re gonna do. Similar deal to how we got Jensen in here. We take most of his weight and he gets to walk out of here and look people in the eye, ready?” Chris’ words brooked no argument, and Jared deferred to the older man. He caught the look of gratitude Jensen shot Chris; Jared finally understood what it was Jensen was trying to achieve. After all that he’d gone through Jensen wanted to face the people of the town to make them see just what they had done.

Wordlessly the two men helped Jensen to his feet, supporting his weight; they stood and looked at the congregation. “Go with God’s blessing, my sons and we will be with you soon.” Jim’s voice rang out across the room and the three men made their slow progress out of the church.

Jensen’s arms were draped over Jared and Chris’ shoulders. Jensen and Chris were trying not to laugh at how much Jared was stooping down trying to keep Jensen level. “It’s not funny, I look like Quasimodo.” Jared hissed and Jensen coughed in an attempt to stifle his laughter.

As the walk progressed, Jensen’s breathing again grew more ragged as the last of his reserves were being drained. Even Chris was getting ready to just call halt and let Sasquatch give in to his inner caveman and carry Jensen the rest of the way. But the determined look in Jensen’s eyes stopped him.

Chris watched the faces of the congregation as they passed. Some called out their joy at Jensen’s salvation, and others looked away, shame written plainly on their faces. But there were some that concerned Chris; they looked appraisingly at Jensen, their faces shadowed with suspicion of the man limping from the church. Chris felt uneasy, and he would try and convince Jensen to fly back to L.A. as soon as possible.

Finally they reached the church doors. Mackenzie overtook them and she opened them. They stepped outside and Mackenzie closed the doors once more.

“Jensen! Oh thank God! Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.” Mackenzie gently kissed her brother on the cheek.

“Hey Mac, can ya come with me to get the truck? I just need some help.”Chris took her hand and pulled her away.

Jared decided enough was enough. He changed his grip on Jensen, slid his arm behind Jensen’s knees and Jensen found himself being swept up in Jared’s arms. “Don’t even think about complaining, just stay still and wait for the truck.” Jared was a picture of grim resolve waiting for Jensen to argue.

Jensen just grinned and burrowed closer to Jared’s chest. “You know, if you’re trying to impress me, you had me with the fine dining and massage earlier. So being here in your arms underneath a beautiful sky is the perfect end to a perfect date.” Jensen waited for a response. Jared didn’t disappoint him.

“You’ve damn near killed yourself in there, and it’s fucking pouring down rain and this is your idea of a perfect date?”

“Oh, I admit there have been some minor hitches here and there, but believe me when I say, Jared, I have never seen a more wonderful night.”

Jared looked down at the man curled up in his arms. The rain had soaked them both; Jensen’s clothes clung to him like a second skin. Jensen had tilted his face upwards, letting the rain fall onto it.

“This is the first time I’ve felt clean in a long time.” The voice was quiet, the usual humour ebbing away. Jared couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just held Jensen tighter, then the truck pulled up beside them.

Mackenzie jumped out and opened up the back door, blankets had been laid out ready. Chris came round from the driver’s seat and held out his arms, “Ok, hand him over, Sasquatch. You’re sitting in back with him.” Jared handed Jensen over with the greatest of care and he quickly got in back. Chris manoeuvred Jensen into the back with Jared and closed the door. Jared swiftly wrapped Jensen in the blankets. Jensen shivered uncontrollably as he sat there, trying to get comfortable. Jared took him by the shoulders and pulled him down so he was lying across the back seat with his head on Jared’s lap.

“I don’t do this kind of thing until second date usually; I hope you don’t think I’m easy.” Jensen’s voice floated through the silence, Jared threw his head back and laughed. He looked down and met Jensen’s eyes; he was smiling and his eyes had crinkled with laugh lines like in the family portrait.

Jared rubbed at Jensen’s shoulder, trying to help warm Jensen up. “Jensen, do you want something to eat when we get back home?” Mac asked from the front as she turned to look at her brother, “Only Chris says you managed to wrestle the power bars off Jared and even he can’t do that.” Once more laughter filled the truck.

“Hmm let me see... how about steak with all the trimmings, and pie and coffee... lots of coffee.” There was silence in the truck then Jensen continued. “That’s what I’d like but I think a bowl of soup and some crackers would be better. Oh and water, no coffee for me.”

Mac whistled “Damn, I bet that hurts. Jensen here has to have one of the worst coffee addictions I know. It’s the combination of nursing and studying. Sometimes I think if you cut Jensen he’d bleed black coffee.” Mac was still looking at her brother, her eyes flicked up to Jared who grinned in return.

Soon they arrived at the Ackles house and Mackenzie went ahead to open up. Jared helped Jensen sit up and then got out to fetch Jensen from the truck. As he walked round, the door opened and Jensen slid out. Jared just made it just in time to catch him before he hit the floor. “I thought we’d talked about this. Shall we get you into bed?” Jared picked Jensen up and walked towards the house.

“You say the sweetest things, Jared, but I’m a little tired so I’ll take a rain check if you don’t mind.” Jensen didn’t even have to look up to know that Jared was blushing furiously.

Once inside, Mackenzie called out to them, “Upstairs boys, Jensen’s room is on the right.” Jared made slow progress up the stairs; once in Jensen’s room he placed Jensen on the bed. “Come on, you need to get out of those wet clothes.”

“Jared, please can I have a shower? I just want to feel properly clean.” Jensen almost begged Jared. Jared felt guilty hearing the plea in Jensen’s voice.

“No, there is no way you’re gonna stand up, but how about a bath? I’ll go and see to it.” Jared turned and bumped into Mackenzie.

“Don’t worry. I’m drawing him a bath already. By the way, Chris has gone back to the church. He says he’ll see you soon. I’m just going downstairs to find some soup for Jensen. Will you be ok with him?”

Jared nodded. He was puzzled why Chris had gone back to the church so quickly, but he shrugged it off and went to get Jensen.

Jensen was sitting up, trying to take off his shirt. He’d been trying to pull it over his head and he was stuck. Jared bit his lip and approached Jensen before he reached out to help; he spoke so as not to frighten the other man. “I don’t know how you convinced the whole town you’re the Prince of Darkness’s best buddy when you can’t even fight your way out of your shirt.”

Jensen’s shirt-covered head moved and a muffled voice replied “Aren’t you supposed to help people? Well, I’m being eaten alive by my shirt. Do something.”

Jared gently untangled Jensen, and then set about helping him with the rest of his clothes. Before Jared could pick him up again, Jensen waved him off “Come on, man. I can manage a few steps. Besides Sasquatch, you need to save for strength for later.”

Jared stood wondering what Jensen had in mind, “Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean, you’re going to have to help me out of the bath.” Jared relaxed, unsure whether he felt relieved or disappointed.

The few steps to the bathroom drained Jensen even more, but it was worth it when he saw the bath. He sat on the side and prepared to swing round and lower himself into the water when Jared stopped him, “Hold on, I need to check the temperature of the water first.” Jared bent to test the water and was splashed by Jensen’s feet hitting the water.

“Listen mom, I trust Mac to run me a bath, damn....” Jared was ready to pull Jensen clear, but Jensen just sighed and eased himself down into the water.

“Hey Jared, do you need a towel? You look like you got a little wet there.” Jensen grinned as he watched a drop of water drip off the end of Jared’s nose.

Jared ran his hand down his face, “I’ll go and check on how the soup is coming, and find you something to wear. I won’t be long.”

Jared left the bathroom and went down to the kitchen to find Mac stirring a saucepan of soup. “It’s just tinned. Do you think it will be alright?”

“Trust me, Mac. After the last month Jensen will think it’s five star. By the way, how come Chris left so soon? I thought he was going to help us.”

“Oh, Chris said he had to do something for Jim so would I mind if he went back?” Jared nodded thoughtfully, he’d find out what Chris and Jim were up to soon enough. Mackenzie poured the soup into a bowl, and put it onto a tray.

“I’ll bring it up in a minute. I think you should get Jensen out of the bath, otherwise he’ll wallow if you let him.”

“Right, no problem. Has he got some sweat pants or pyjamas he could sleep in?” Jared asked.

“I think he’s got some in the second drawer down.” Jared nodded and ran back upstairs to Jensen’s room, pausing to look in the bathroom. Jensen was lying in the bath with his eyes closed. Jared decided to get his clothes ready and then get him before he went to sleep in the warm water.

Jared quickly found the sweat pants and a T-shirt and placed them and some towels on the bed. He went back to the bathroom, and knelt down by the tub. “Jensen, come on before you turn into a prune.” Jared gently touched Jensen’s shoulder.

A pair of sleepy green eyes blinked open, and for the first time Jared saw Jensen; the Jensen without walls and mile-high defences; without the laser-sharp sarcasm. Instead there was an open vulnerability in those eyes, and Jared’s breath caught in his throat. If Jensen never spoke another word to him, Jared knew he would always understand just what Jensen was saying to him.

“I just gotta wash my hair, hang on.” Jensen pulled himself up to a seated position, his head drooping forward. Jared took pity on him.

“How about I wash it for you?” A sleep-softened smile spread across Jensen’s lips and he nodded. Jared reached for the shampoo. Flicking open the lid he poured a small amount into his hand and began to work it through the short, wet hair. As Jared gently massaged Jensen’s scalp, he tilted his head back. Jensen almost purred at the sensation of Jared’s sure and gentle touch.

Jared looked at the graceful neck elongated by the way Jensen moved into his touch. Jared fought against the urge to just lean forward and gently pepper kisses down the strong jaw line, tracing the freckles as he went, then continue mapping them down Jensen’s throat onto his shoulders. Jared moved forward, his lips nearly brushing against Jensen’s ear. Jared’s eyes traced the freckles he wanted to chase with his lips and froze. Fuck! He’d forgotten about the collar; it was still around Jensen’s neck. Jared’s mind began to race. Shit! Where were his lock picks? Damn! They were in his bag and the bag was in the bedroom. He didn’t want to leave Jensen alone again; he was about to explain to Jensen and apologise. Before he could say anything Jensen turned to look at him, their eyes locking.

Jared once more felt as if he were drowning in those eyes, so reminiscent of the ocean after a storm. Ever-changing shades of green dappled with flecks of gold, like sunlight playing on the waves, a siren song that pulled him ever closer. Jared broke the contact, licking his lips, “Let’s get this rinsed off and get you to bed.”

Jensen lowered his head to allow Jared to rinse the shampoo clear. It allowed him to hide himself from Jared. Jensen couldn’t help it. Every time he looked at the other man he felt himself fall a little more. He kept trying to tell himself it was because Jared had rescued him, that it was misplaced affection. Jensen was sure Jared felt it too, but Jared shied away every time. Maybe he imagined the way Jared looked at him when he thought he wasn’t looking.

His reverie was broken by Jared’s voice, “That’s it, all clear. Can you help me by standing?”

“Of course I can stand; the thought of being carried to bed by you has given me springs in my heels.” Jensen gave a pale version of his smirk at Jared as he struggled to his feet. Once he was vertical Jensen swayed. Shit! He was dizzy; he’d stood up too quickly. Jensen leaned forward to try and compensate for the vertigo.

Jared watched in alarm as Jensen wavered. He quickly grabbed Jensen, picking him up and getting him clear. Moving to the bedroom quickly he set Jensen down on the towel-covered bed. Jensen’s eyes were closed and his pulse was racing.

Jared set about carefully drying him and tending to his injuries as he waited for Jensen to come back to him.

“What happened?” the voice was woozy. Jared pulled on the sweat pants, manhandling Jensen into them.

“Not enough food or sleep and the bath water a little too hot. You fainted.” Jared smiled at Jensen’s mortified expression.

“Didn’t faint.” The words were hesitant and slurred. Jared noticed goose bumps appearing on Jensen’s arms.

“Ok, how about swooned then? Is that better?” Jared reached for the T-shirt, and then changed his mind. Rather than ransack Jensen’s room Jared took advantage of the fact he’d spotted Kane bringing their bags up earlier. He opened his bag and fetched out a hoodie. While searching his bag he retrieved his lock picks he needed to get the collar off.

Then before he did anything else Jared finished his ministrations, applying antiseptic cream to the friction burns and cuts where the straps had been. Jensen’s brow furrowed with pain, and Jared chatted as he worked to distract him. “I’ve got to do your wrists later, they’re pretty torn up. I’m sorry, but I can’t do too much for your feet at the minute. I’ll see if Jim’s got something a little later. Right then, can you sit up a little so I can put this on?”

In the silence that followed Jensen spoke softly, “Stop feeling so guilty. I can hear you thinking from here. I know the collar is still on. I thought you had enough on your plate earlier, but would you mind getting it off now please?”

Jared moved to sit beside Jensen and when Jensen tried to lift himself off the bed Jared slipped his arm behind him and helped him up. Then Jared slipped behind Jensen and rested him back against his chest. Jensen just felt so tired he gave up and let Jared do the work. He let Jared manhandle him closer as he put his arms in the sleeves of the hoodie.

Then Jared turned his attention to the collar, the cheap padlock was the work of seconds. Jared unfastened it and removed it from round Jensen’s neck. Jared took the cream and gently applied it to Jensen’s neck. His fingers carefully massaged the tender flesh where the collar had been. Jensen gave a moan of relief and took a deep breath, “You know I’d gotten so used to that damn thing, I’d forgotten I was wearing it most of the time, now I know I’m free. Thank you, Jared.”

“You’re welcome. Now how about we get you warm, huh?”

Jared carried on and eased the hoodie over his head. Once it was pulled down, Jared eased Jensen further up the bed, throwing the towels on the floor as they went. Jared rested Jensen against the pillows at the top of the bed and pulled up the comforter. Jensen’s breathing had slowed. Jared realized that Jensen had finally succumbed to exhaustion.

Mackenzie walked in with the soup and she stood by Jared, looking down at her sleeping brother, “Should I wake him for this? It’s just that he looks so peaceful I don’t want to disturb him.” Mackenzie continued to look at her brother. She noticed the red mark around his neck and she looked at Jared. Jared motioned to where the collar lay on the dressing table. Tears welled in her eyes and Jared took the tray from her and put it down on the dressing table.

Jared hugged her, “Don’t worry, Mac. He’ll be fine, and if needs be we can warm it up later. I think we should let him rest for now.” Jared found it hard to tear his eyes from the sleeping man. In sleep he looked younger, free of the pain he’d endured. Besides, Jared knew that at some point there would be nightmares and for now Jensen needed all the rest he could manage before the nameless terrors came for him in the night.

Jared let Mackenzie go and started to tidy up the room. Mackenzie was picking up the towels when they heard the door open and the sound of Donna and Alan coming up the stairs. Donna raced into the room, stopping at the bottom of the bed when she saw her son asleep.

She stood and looked at him, drinking in the sight of him lying there, “I can hardly believe he’s home and safe. We can never thank you enough.” By now Alan had joined his wife and was standing behind her, his arms wrapped round her.

Alan looked hard at his son, “What’s that mark round his neck?”

Jared reached for the collar, and he passed it to Alan, “Don’t worry, the pressure sores and bruising will fade. There shouldn’t be any scars. Without the collar he can eat better and his breathing is easier.” Alan paled at the words, his head snapping round to Jensen and Jared felt a little guilty at how he spoken to Alan. But at least now, Alan was finally coming to understand some of the suffering his son had been through.

Before Jared could say anything else Jim and Chris entered the room. There was something off about Chris as he walked past Jared, his blue eyes were fixed on Jensen as if he blinked the man on the bed would just vanish.

“Mr and Mrs Ackles, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your hospitality, and I assure you that Jensen will not be left alone tonight. We will remain in vigil over him and keep him from harm.” Donna responded to Jim’s warm tones.

“Thank you, Reverend Colt. I wondered if I could sit here with you, keep Jensen Company?”

“Mom, I think it would be better tonight if it was just the Reverend and his men. Besides, by the look of Jensen all he’s gonna do is sleep, you can see him in the morning.” Donna gave a sad smile and agreed.

“Mrs Ackles would it be an imposition for us to fetch some food? We are all hungry and battle weary after tonight.”

“Reverend Colt, you’ll do no such thing. I’ll put some food together for you, it’s the least I can do. Come on, Mackenzie, we’ll find something.” Donna was rejuvenated at the thought of looking after the men who had saved her son and the two women left the room.

Alan remained, the collar held loose in his hand. Tears pricked at his eyes as he looked down at it, “If you gentleman will excuse me I’m going to dispose of this, and I’ll go and help you think Jensen will ever forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, dad. You just thought you were doing the right thing.” Jensen’s soft whisper rooted his father to the spot. Jensen’s eyes were open and he held his hand out to his father. Alan walked over and took it,

“God, I’m so sorry, son. What that Demon put you through, I wish I’d have known sooner.” Jared was the only one who caught the heartbreak in Jensen’s eyes as he gave his father’s hand a reassuring squeeze. Alan smiled and left the room.

Jensen looked at the three men at the bottom of his bed. He was exhausted, and in pain but he knew there was no way he’d sleep until he found out what had gotten Jared so riled, Chris looking like he’d seen a ghost and Jim as pumped up with enough nervous energy to power the town.

“So who wants to go first? Is this a private family dispute or can I put on my own version of the Jerry Springer show? No furniture throwing please, it’ll upset Mom.”

Jared grinned at Jensen, “Ok, I’m with Jensen. What the fuck have you two been up to? I know Kane did more than pick you guys up; he was gone way too long for that. So you gonna fill us in or what?”

“I did fetch the Reverend and the Ackles family from church; I just had to make a special delivery to the preacher first.”

“Kane, what the fuck did you deliver to him” Jared’s voice was quiet, fearful of what he’d find out.

Jim looked at Jared and as he spoke his voice crackled with emotion “It was a present from me, Jared. Don’t worry, it’s only slightly lethal.”

Chapter 6
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