sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I'm here today to mark the passing of my much beloved desktop on my office computer (it had cowboy Dean on, I may never recover). The loss of said desktop came about because of an upgrade to several computers in the office.  The ones which were running XP and I believe windows 2005 (the hand cranked version, you could hill the quill scratching as you typed).  I'll give you three guesses who had one of those computers!

So as I was in Scotland enjoying myself, the dark forces of the I.T. department were unleased upon my poor defenseless computer. Upon my return I was mortifide to see a rebuilt tower under my desk (we don't get new stuff in accounts, and you should see where the USB port is!  You need to be a contortionist to find it).With some trepidation I turned it on, and it was gone!  No more Dean, there to greet me and make me smile.....but worse was to come. I'd been promised that everything would be transferred over, documents, e mails, pictures, but after a frantic search I came to the terrible realization that my picture file had not been transferred.


There may have been squeaking and flailing and a few threats of bodily harm.... but according to statements from several staff I was fairly reasonable about the whole thing.

Apparently after I was clamed down and disarmed (Sue will only let me have my stapler back, if I promise not to threaten I.T. with it), I sat and plotted.  All was not lost I'd made a back up of my pictures file, and after 4 long days without my screen saver I've got it back! Sadly minus all those lovely picturse of Demon Dean I'd collected.  It was July when I last backed it up, but I refuse to be downhearted I'll just have to find them all again and those rather lovely season 9 promo shots I've seen floating around.

Now I've finally come to the point of this ramblng and wibbling, can anyone point me in the direction of a new picture for my desktop? Only stipulation no nudity (bugger).

I appologize for the spelling and grammar, but I better go as I'm about to run out of lunch time and i wanted to post this!
Tags: ramblings

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