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Birthday Greetings!

I know I'm a little late to the party, but this little post is to wish the totally, wonderful stir_of_echoes a happy birthday.

Of course birthdays shouldn't go without a little present, and we all know what would make the perfect present for our girl....

Dean Winchester!

ahh there he is in all his glory!  And let's not forget Winchesters come in pairs (stop sniggering at the back), so hello there Sammy!

Hang on it's just gotten a little warm in here, and he's even brought his own chains!!!!

Of course not to be outdone, I feel it's only fair to offer a suitably wrapped Dean!

There you go, imagine the fun you'd have unwrapping him...or leaving him tied to the chair!  Whatever takes you're fancy!

Then again how about Dean in one layer!

Damn doesn't he look kind of innocent in this.

Or if that doesn't appeal, how about a suited and booted Dean?


Or how about a pair of hotties in suits?

I do love me a sharp dressed man....or a scruff muffin for that matter *G*

Oh yeah those damn frackles!

And after a long tiring day, it would be nice to relax and get some sleep. Alternatively you could just lie there and watch Dean sleep *G*

So I hope you've had a wonderful birthday, filled with love and happiness!

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