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Time to mobilize the troops.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, in light of all the fun and games with the UK not getting Supernatural season 9 on DVD, and yes I know we can import discs but that is not the point. I suggested we start a petiton and included in the responses to the entry was this comment by reggie11

Here is a petition site that has guidleines to help you put a petition together. There are probably others but this one is usually pretty good.

Now here is where my marketing an PR background can come in handy for something I'm actually interested in ;)

If there is not already a 'Save Supernatural UK' Facebook page, you need to start one. Same goes with Twitter, and tumblr. Attach the link to petition on all of these and start spreading the word and asking everyone you know to repost, reblog, and retweet. Social media is now, by far and away, the fastest and easiest way to get the ball rolling. With email you run the risk of having your service provider block you for spamming.

Once these are set up, find out who among us has a large following/friends lists, or knows of others with large followings/friends lists, and ask them to reblog or retweet. Pretty much everyone involved in fandom would be willing to do that I would think. It's just a quick click and the word starts going viral.

Once the petition is set up, the very first ports of call should be SuperWiki, and Jules (SuperWiki) is aware that SPN is no longer airing so hopefully if she was asked she would retweet, she's done it before when word first came out about the cancellation. I suggested back then that someone ask her to get Jared to retweet about it and he did. Where most of us could tweet directly to Jared, Jensen and Misha til the cows come home, the likelihood of them seeing the tweet is minimal, they receive thousands daily. Both SuperWiki and WinchesterBros are followed by Jared and TPTB at the CW. If they tweet, it will go to the people involved directly to their inbox.

I'm happy to help any way I can. If you need help putting Facebook, twitter, and tumblr pages together, count me in. This entire situation sucks and could very easily happen here in Australia so I'm behind you 100 percent!

I hadn't even thought of half of this! I've checked on the Save Supernatural in the UK facebook page and it seems there are only 97 likes.  Now another suggestion from andiivalo was to set up a comm on LJ, what do you girls think of that?

Now we need something snappy and to the point, two things you could never accuse me of being capable of.  We get this up and running then we pimp the hell out of it.

If nothing else let's show Warner Brothers that the brothers Winchester are loved not just in the USA, but here in the Uk and all over the world.
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