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Going Once...Going twice...Sold! Cotinued

Title: Going Once...Going Twice...Sold!
Word count: 8000.
Summary: The Supernatural Crew are raising funds and awareness for Autism, but are the leather hot pants really necessary?
Pairing: J2.
Rating: R
Notes: This was written for world Autism Day for the awesome[info]garvaldmains ; she has been gracious as ever with her help concerning Autism. The charity slave auction and what follows is all the product of my imagination. This is un-betad so all mistakes are mine. Disclaimer: These gorgeous men are not mine sad to say, and this is a complete work of fiction. But I wouldn’t say no to a shirtless Jensen, or Jensen in any other form of clothing.



"Good morning Mr Ackles, please follow me and I'll explain what your duties will be."  Angela stretched out her hand and Jensen shook it.

Jensen looked up at the house, scratch that make it mansion and he followed Angela through the door to his fate.  As he stood looking round the hall Jason slipped by carrying his bag upstairs.

"Now then Mr Ackles, please don't be alarmed I will take you to your room later, but first of all I have a little job for you to do.""  As she led him through the house Jensen spoke.

"Please call me Jensen all this Mr Ackles makes me nervous, where am I going again?"

"Oh just to the garden Jensen, I'm sure you'll like it."

Jensen felt relived he fully expected to be taken down to a basement and be introduced the mysterious owner’s dungeon, unless of course it was in a separate building.  Jensen considered making a run for it and he wondered how far he was from Vancouver.

He found himself in a large and well kept garden, Angela had stopped in front of a large pile of rocks, it was then Jensen spotted an elderly man, utterly confused he shot her the Dean Winchester patented What the fuck look.

"Jensen, I hope you don't mind, but we are having a rockery built but as you can see Hodges our garden is getting on a little and he needs someone to help with moving the rocks."  Angela smiled as Jensen's jaw dropped open.  She waited as he gathered his thoughts together.

"Let me get this straight your boss spent twenty five thousand dollars on me, and all they want is for me to move some rocks?"  Both eyebrows shot up, and then Jensen thought perhaps they're just wearing me down for later so I can't fight back.

Angela smiled and stepped closer, "Rich people huh! I'd call it crazy they prefer eccentric.  By the way you're being watched you know, so if you want you can put on a show."  Angela motioned with her head to the large picture window, and Jensen was sure he caught a flash of light on binoculars.

He grinned at Angela, "A show? Well I’d better give them a view of the merchandise, I'm sure I can do that.  So Hodges where do you want me to start then?"

 Angela returned to the house with a smile on her face, this was a great deal, not only did her parents favourite charity gets a boost. Their Rockery would be nearly finished when they returned. Plus she could help out an old friend by letting them use the house for the weekend, speaking of an old friend.

 “So is the view to your satisfaction then?” She walked over to the seated figure watching Jensen intently through their binoculars. There was a nod. “I’ll go and make us a coffee, don’t forget to call me if any of the shirts come off.” Angela was hoping the shirts would come off before she left them alone.

 Jensen was moving the rocks steadily; he was enjoying himself Hodges was great company.  But he wouldn’t tell Jensen who was in the house no matter what bribes he offered the old man. Jensen started to get warm and he thought of the promise he’d made Angela, “It’s Showtime.”

 Jensen peeled off his over shirt and dropped in on the ground it was dirty and so it didn’t matter, Hodges offered him a bottle of water. Jensen stopped and took a long drink.

 Back in the house there was a major scuffle going on for the binoculars, Angela won by a combination of skill and treading on the feet on her friend. She focused intently as she watched Jensen drink from the bottle his head tilted back allowing a great view of his throat as he swallowed. “Please tell me those freckles go all the way down, and damn look at his ass in those jeans.” Jensen had turned round putting the water down and started work again.

 Angela had the binoculars snatched from her hand and a quiet “oh dear god,” was heard when Jensen started work again.

After a while Jensen was getting hotter and hotter, he thought about taking the T-shirt off and whever he’d freeze to death, then he looked at the window and it looked as though the person holding the binoculars was either flailing around or.... Jensen grinned so there were two people watching alright he’d give em something to watch.

 He took off his gardening gloves and shoved them in his back pocket, and then he slowly peeled off his T-shirt, and used it to wipe himself down.  Rubbing the back of his neck and then wiping down his torso. He winked at the now grinning Hodges, “How long do you think they’ll let me carry on? I’ll try and move as many of these as I can before I get dragged away.” Hodges laughed and carried on working.

 Angela watched as her friend spilled their coffee over themselves when Jensen stripped, she laughed at the love struck puppy look that appeared. “I gotta say I can see the appeal that’s one fine body, shame he keeps it covered up on the show.” She heard a faint growl, “Now, now don’t be like that.” Then Angela settled down to enjoy the show.

 Jensen was getting a little tired, his back and shoulders were aching and he’d kill for one of Jared’s massages, he moved the last rock and saw Angel approaching. He could see she was trying to act nonchalant, so Jensen stood up and stretched his arms forward giving her the full view of his broad shoulders, and how his waist narrowed and the jeans had slipped a little and were hanging low on his hips.

 Angela came to a halt suddenly and enjoyed the display and yes the freckles did go all the way down. When she found her voice it was a little higher than usual. “Jensen it’s nearly time for you to meet your owner, I’m here to escort you to your room so you can have a shower, and then I’ll be leaving you alone.” As she spoke she couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jensen as he retrieved his shirts, he stood there and she traced several drops of sweat as they rolled down his abs. She shook herself and led the way.

 Jensen smiled at her retreating back and he waved to Hodges as he went. He followed Angela to a spacious bedroom. “The shower is through there, I’ll just bid you goodbye Jensen I’m very pleased to have met you.”

 Jensen tilted his head, “You know the person who brought me don’t you? I’m going to come out of the shower and find leather hot pants and fluffy handcuffs aren’t I,  please just don’t tell me it’s a French maids outfit, I haven’t shaved my legs.” Jensen was smirking as he spoke.

 Angela laughed, “I promise they only have good intentions, now you have your shower and I’ll say goodbye now. When you’re done please go down to the library and your owner will be along shortly.”

 Angela left Jensen alone, he walked to the ensuite shower and finished getting undressed, and then he stepped into the shower.

 “Right he’s in the shower now, you two have fun and I really can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve done. Oh when you’ve finish here just give me a call and I’ll come home bye.” She gave her a friend a hug and left.

 As Jensen was showering he let the warm water ease some of the tension out of his shoulders, he gave a sigh his skin felt a little tight damn he’d managed to get slightly sunburnt, and well at least Jared would have some fresh freckles to play with. Jensen suddenly had the feeling he was being watched, he tried to relax but in the end he turned round. There was no one in the bathroom but Jensen heard movement in the bedroom. Jensen turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

 In the bedroom the finishing touches were being put to Jensen’s outfit for the rest of the day, the man was very pleased with what he’d chosen for Jensen to wear. He had enjoyed watching the other man in the shower, now he was looking forward to Jensen coming down stairs. He heard the shower stop and slipped away picturing Jensen as he showered watching the water cascade down his body and how he itched to step in the shower and wash the other man down tracing Jensen’s freckles with his fingertips as he went.

 Jensen quickly wrapped a towel round himself, when he was sure he was alone he took a step into the bedroom. The sight that greeted him surprised him somewhat; he had expected to find a set of Dean’s clothes waiting for him despite all the gags about kinky clothes. Instead Jensen found a pair of comfortable jeans and a deep red shirt, he recognized the shirt, he’d been drooling over it the last time he’d been shopping but Jared had dragged him away from it. Jensen pondered this development as he got dressed.  It couldn’t be Jared because they’d been banned from bidding on each other, and with one final check in the mirror Jensen went downstairs to meet his fate.

He quickly found the library, there was a log fire burning and a bottle of wine opened with two glasses, Jensen stood and warmed himself in front of the fire, despite his bravado with the strip it had been damn cold and the shower hadn’t completely warmed him up.

 He never heard the man approach him and he jumped when he felt a large pair of hands encircle his waist, his heartbeat accelerated in alarm.

 “Is that any way to greet your owner? I expected a little more obedience after all your hard work in the garden.” The voice was soft and familiar in his ear.

 “Jared what the fuck are you doing here? I thought Eric said we couldn’t do this?”

 Jared placed a kiss on the side of Jensen’s neck “Eric doesn’t know the only people who do know are Angela and Misha. In case you’re wondering yes we did rig the auction so you ended up being the slave for the day.”

 “I get Misha’s involvement the sneaky bastard but Angela?”

 “Angela is an old friend this is her parents house, they were the driving force behind the Gala, they have a son with ASD, so they were only too happy to us borrow the house for the weekend. Plus they got their garden finished for free thanks for that by the way.”

 Jensen had turned round and glared at Jared, “Oh come on you really didn’t think I’d share you with anybody else now did you?” Jared nuzzled at Jensen’s neck finding the spot that made him weak at the knees.

 “Jay twenty five thousand dollars? I’m not worth that and you know it...” Jensen’s voice died away as Jared’s hand found its way under his shirt and was playing along his stomach making it flutter.

 “Oh your worth much more than that to me, and that little display out there very sexy, Angela nearly had a heart attack and I think I need to remind you that I’m the only one you should be doing that for.” Jared pulled Jensen closer.

 “What you gonna go all caveman on me? Or should I say all masterful.” Jensen broke free of Jared’s arms and gave a challenging smile. “So then master your wish is my command, what do you want me to do.”

 Jared tapped a finger to his lips looking deep in thought, “Well I could get you to wear the gift Misha sent you, it’s over by the wine.”

 Jensen walked over to where the bottle was sat and there was a package next to it with the inscription. To my favourite slave boy, just remember I want pictures. Jensen looked at Jared who was grinning, Jensen took a deep breath and ripped open the paper and threw back his head and laughed.

 Jensen lifted out a pair of black leather hot pants, and a pair of fluffy handcuffs. “What no nipple clamps?” He threw the shorts at Jared and dangled the cuffs from his finger.

 Jared prowled over to where Jensen stood, pulling the smaller man close he ran his lips down his ear and whispered, “Shall we go and see if these fit? If I’m feeling generous I’ll send Misha a picture.”

 “What of me in those? I thought they were for your eyes only.” Jensen was having trouble concentrating as Jared was attempting to unbutton his shirt with his teeth.

 “Oh god no, I’ve brought another pair and I got Hodges to out em on and I took a picture.”

“Christ Jared he’s eighty if he’s a day, and trying to scar Misha for life?”

 Jared stood up and grinned evilly at Jensen and Jensen started to laugh, “Poor Misha, I just wish I could see his face when he gets it.  So then are you going to show me who I belong to.”  With that Jared pulled Jensen upstairs.



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  • Back to earth with a thump!

    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

  • Wish me luck!

    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

  • A musical interlude

    I found this on twitter and I thought I'd share it with you. Also I'm posting this on my phone, looks like in finally joining the twenty first…