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Any of you ladies feel up to a little challenge?

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, as I sit here watching one of my Christmas presents (The Musketeers, Season 1), I was struck by something.... no, not that they're all bloody gorgeous. Something more to do with me and my appearance, and no I don't mean I look like Constance (Steve's got a thing for her), more's the bloody pity.  Just bear with me while I tell this tale to you, and then ask you all a little favour.

We took down the Christmas trees today, all three of them. By the end of all the running around I looked a little ragged.  I'm trying to grow my hair at the moment, and by the time we'd finished my hair looked a little like this....

And the bugger has a better beard as well!

So I showered and gave the mop a bit of a brush, now this is where you ladies come in.  As I've said I'm trying to grow my hair, and I seek the wisdom of my fl*st to offer suggestions for a style that will make me look human.

With that in mind I took a selfie, please forgive the quality and the startled look on my face. So those of you of a nervous disposition please look away now!

I'd like it to end up a fair bit longer, but if any of you can think of a style that will one day look fabulous let me know. its just a shame I can't do anything about the glasses or the face if it comes to that.

Well ladies you up to the chalenge?
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