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There Are Days!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, does anyone wnat to adopt a muse? There I was this morning minding my own business posting cash, when mini Garcia (if you want know why i call musie that, ask milly_gal) crept up behind me and starting whispering down my ear.

she showed me a story, and bear with me while I try to explain what the deranged dingbat was trying to tell me what to do.  It all starts with the end of Captain America 2!  If you've not seen the film first of all why? and secondly look away now because Spolilers Sweetie. Ok we all know Bucky has gone AWOL, wandering around trying to disaspear. Then I thought why not change the name? How about Jared Padalecki after a soldier he served with in WWII?

So far so good, then how about he drifts round? Then it got weird even by my standards.  Jared works any job he can find, and one day he finds himself moving scenery for a troop of actors hired to play....... yes you guessed it The Avengers!  Think about it, in the films we know there is merchandise, so these actors promote the toys and go and entertain kids. Jared is there just in time for "Thor" to storm out and suddenly he's drafted in for the show, as one of them puts it "Honey just wear the cape, wave the hammer and we're good to go!"

Jared does as he's told and is ready to go after the show, but the manager convinces him to stay. So now he's traveling around with the troop, helping them become better Avengers and even improving the costumes!  But there is a dark cloud on the horizon, he's still being hunted by Hydra! And I bet you know what will happen in the end, it's me right?

In case you're wondering I even have a cast.......

Jared Padalecki - Bucky Barnes/Thor

Jensen Ackles - Captain America

John Barrowman - Tony Stark (can you imagine him behind the scenes?)

Stephen Ammell - Hawkeye (you just knew I had to)

Danneel Harris - Balck Widow

And finally

Christian Kane - Bruce Banner (The man with the world's shortest fuse, playing the mild mannered Banner)

I know it's insane but I blame the gorgeous art on Pinterest, with Jared as Bucky and Jensen as Captain America!. But I already have too many stories on the go, but just maybe this might be worth pursuing once I can see daylight! So ladies what do you think, have I completely lost the plot or is this something that could work?

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