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State of the Dragon.....I finished my Reverse Bang Fic Edition!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters! in case you're wondering why this strange person is popping up on your Fl*st page, I just wanted to celebrate the fact I've actually finished a Fic!

Do you know how long it's been since I've been here causing trouble? Posting the 25th January, commenting a hell of a lot longer. If you suddenly find yourself being stalked, don't worry it's only me,  I'll go away eventually.

My reverse bang fic is finished and posted!  So what if I was sitting scribbling, at one O'clock in the morning last Thursday?  I finished it, but I should apologize to my artist for messing her about like that.

Now why else am I here? On yeah, just to say I'll be finishing a little PWP I promised milly_gal, with Jared, Jensen, Stephen Ammell and the misuse of a salmon ladder as a palette cleanser.  Before I embark on dizzojay's fic, a little scribble containing, thrills, spills...Jensen whump....wet Jensen...Jared being all protective and growly. Add in Misha along for the ride, and a group of desperate criminals and you have the tentatively entitled... I bet Bear Grylls never has a weeknd like this!

Now gentle people I will leave you in peace, as I contemplate ways to have Jared ripping up his shirt to bandage Jensen's wounds!
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