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R.I.P. Sir Terry Pratchett

Today the world is a sadder place, as we mourn the passing of one of my favourite authors. Terry Pratchett finally lost his brave battle with Alzheimer's, his wit, wisdom and at times uncomfortably accute observation about the world will be truly missed.

I think this article by Neil Gaiman sums Terry up beautifully:


He did not want to go peacefully into that good night. Instead he raged and railed, against the cruelty of the disease that slowly robbed him of his ability to weave stories. And I for one am truly grateful, he graced us with those stories.

Rest in Peace Terry, you will be missed.

Before I go I 'll leave you with a few quotes from the great man himself:

The Disc

I just hope Terry had some suger lumps for Binky.
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