sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

Dear AOL I Want A Divorce!!!!!!!!

Right I feel it is time to rant vent my spleen and generally be unpleasant about AOL. Last night mozilla decided it no longer liked my AOL password, so today in desperation I rang AOL and they gave me a temporary password. Now I can't change the bloody thing because each time I attempt to it doesn't like my securtity question.

That's it we're through I want a divorce and more importantly I want custody of my sodding Emails.

The reason I use mozilla thunderbird is this many moons ago a virus got into my AOL Email, I told them about this and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders. The IT guy at work gave me the mozilla option and it worked like a dream until last night, I think this is their revenge on me for leaving them and going off to Sky!

So if a kind sould could reconmend a good email server I would be eteranlly grateful not to mention in need of more help in forwarding my emails *Heads Desk* this week just gets better and better!

Thank you for your time and patience rant over.
Tags: ramblings

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