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A Quick Drive by Ramble and Rant!

Friends, Romans, Fli*sters, please bear with me while I ramble at you. I've have been slacking and not responding to all your lovely posts, what with real life butting in, my trying to edit my fic Wednesday night Down At The Anti-Christ's (edit she says!  When I started it was only 18,900 words, it's now at 19.300 and we haven't even met Jensen, or got to the porny bits) and desperately trying to keep Jensen in the running for Alpha, I've been a little busy.  but I promise I will catch with all of you, especially all the excited squeeing about a certain A14 coming up very shortly.

I'm also here to mourn our fallen Alpha Jensen, and to offer my heart felt congratulations to Bob (I swear I didn't sound like Edmund Blackadder, when I said his name) thingy from The 100.  I feel we shoiuld be gracious in defeat....*Heads desk*  You know what? Bugger that for a game of soldiers!!!

WE WUZ ROBBED!! Jensen has been brought down by nefarious means, the more I voted the slower the poll got, and the way the scores jumped? I'm sorry, but there was something very bloody fishy going on!

Ladies, as our beloved Alpha is no longer able to hold onto his rightful title this year, may I offer a worthy sucessor? I say we get behind Mr Stephen Amell, a man who is good friends with our boys and that makes him a friend to us. Let's not forget the great abs, and believe me I'd follow that man anywhere, while he's wearing those bloody tight leather pants he's poured into as The Arrow.

The time for weeping is over! I say we rise up and join Team Arrow!! If we can't see a hunter take the title, then a masked Vigilante will carry our hopes forward.
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