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So there's an 80s night at A14!

As you lovely ladies know I'm heading to A14 next week, next week! Bloody hell where did that time go? Anyhoo I've got an outfit lined up for the rock night, you know boots T-shirt....gormless expression *G*

But it's the 80s I'm having problems with, now considering I'm actually a child of that time you'd think it would be easy! but nope the well of inspiration has run dry, although I did dimly recall a lot of neon back in the day.  With that in mind I rummaged about, and found a fairly eye watering orange T-shirt.

God bless those jeans, they could come in handy for two nights, now all I need is some fingerless gloves  and brightly coloured bangles and things.  So then ladies what are you wearing?
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