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I haz brain ache!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters....please excuse this little drive by wibble.  My poor widdle brain is fried, I should be squeeing loudly at the prostpect of only 7 DAYS to Asylum 14, spinning around like top. accosting other memebers of the office to tell them all about how awesome next week is going to be....well actually I am doing that, but I feel I'm letting you all down by not commenting, and finishing my editing.

The sad truth of it is work is in danger of taking over my life!  Yesterday I took a box of work home with me, and it took until 9 O'Clock to finish it, even bloody worse I stll haven't seen this week's SPN episode!!!!!!!!!! And it's looking more and more likely, I will be taking yet more work home this weekend.  Just so I can finish everything by next Thursday.

Look I promise to be about a bit more soon (in fact some of you will wish I'd bugger off by this time next Saturday *G*), but how coherent I'll be...well, ok I know that's fairly normal for me, but just bear with me and abnormal service will resume shortly!
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