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So there was the convention called A14 last week!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, as you may have heard there appears to have been a little gathering of Supernatural Fan Girls called Asylum 14. I'm sure you've seen the truly epic and wondrous reviews of this pilgrimage to the Shire sorry Birmingham, by the likes of milly_gal, amberdreams, dizzojay, jj1564 and countless others. And if you're expecting that kind of awesomeness.....boy are you guys in for a shock *G*

No, I'm here to tell how lovely it was to meet the above ladies, and as always being with other fan girls is the one of the highlights of going to a Con!  Although bumping into a couple of guys, by the name of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles was pretty good as well *G*.

As always A14 was its usual hive of frenetic activity, with fan girls and Stewards all milling around totally confused, but that's half the fun of a Rogue Convention.  You can make lifelong friends in those queues, and of course there is the joy of squeeing all over the place to other fan girls.

When I arrived on Friday morning I was greeted by a herd...throng...collective hive mind? Look, does anyone know the collective name for a group of Fan Girls?  Perhaps an hysteria of fan girls? Who knows, but I was greeted by a lobby filled with sound of excited squeeing, and very soon I was found by dizzojay and the adventure began.

I can't begin to thank her, amberdreams,Viv, milly_gal, jj1564 for putting up with me!  Also I can never repay amberdreams for her generosity (more of that later) and the bloody amazing poster she made, and I got signed by the guests.

Speaking of getting things signed by the guests, Amber's poster caused quite the stir, they all loved it! Tim Omundson was quite stunned when he realized Mark Sheppard, was plaiting his hair in the picture.  In fact he roared, "Why the hell is Mark Sheppard braiding my fucking hair?"  And promptly took off with the poster, to demand answers from Mark *G*.

Also, I will be eternally grateful to the Scottish lady who was in front of me, in the Jensen autograph queue.  She had brought Jensen a lordship in bonny Scotland, he was suitably impressed and it allowed me to stare adoringly in his direction for a little longer *ahem*.  Then it was my turn, and usually I shuffle up, go bright red and squeak  "Hi there" not this time, enboldened by the gift he'd received I stood in front of Jensen and said. "Good morning your lordship."   He gave a lovely smile and I heard that laugh of his, and my knees went weak. Then he said, "I suppose that's appropiate, thanks." and he handed back the poster, I'm pretty certain I floated away from the table.

All of the guests were wonderful, and the panels I managed to see were hilarious especially Ruth, Travis and Alaina's. But of course the real highlight was seeing Jared, Jensen and Jeff! Honestly those three together should come with a health warning, both for hotness and the fact they are so funny together.

Of course I can't talk about A14 without mentioning 'that' concert. Jason was brilliant, and yes me and Milly sat giggling like a pair of naughty school girls! When we finally behaved we were rewarded with seeing Tim play the harmonica, and then there was the moment we'd all prayed for. Jensen appeared and sang! Now I've seen the videos, but nothing can truly prepare you for actually sitting in a room and seeing that man sing.  Honestly it really was like staring into the sun, and seriously Jensen stop being so modest you have a beautiful voice.  If you don't believe me, take a look at amberdreams post, and watch this video

Now of course there is the tradition of pictures being taken at the event, and as you ladies know, I've not exactly been blessed with a lot of luck in that department.  Well I feel it's time you poor beggars suffered...I mean it's time you ladies saw my photo ops from A14.  Now ladies gird your loins, be warned there are some truly horrific sights to behold here (it's all the fault of the Ginger Hobbit, that keeps turning up next to the hot guys).  As I show you the beauties, and the beast!!!!!!!

Shall we start with Travis? Now Travis was truly the surprise package of this con, a real gentleman, with beautiful eyes and a smile to set you all a quiver.....
A14 Trav
And not too tall for those of us of a vertically challenged nature.

Then there was Tim the magnificent! Damn there is something about that guy, and boy can he play the harmonica, and he loved my Hello Retirement T-shirt!  In fact I saw a picture of him wearing the same one at  another con, and I spent ages tracking it down becuase I loved it as well...

Who knew he had such lovely blue eyes?

Now we move onto the photo op, my darling long suffering other half brought me for my birthday. My JDM photo, damn I love my husband. As I walked up to Jeff, I suddenly realized just how bloody good looking he actually is. I looked up at him and squeaked"Can I have a hug please?" Bless he didn't hear me and said, "Say that again sweetheart?" And I actually managed to ask again, and this is the result.

A14 Jeff
Good lord that man can hug!

Here is the extra photo op I never thought I'd get, and can never thank amberdreams enough for. I was at the bar trying to get a drink, and after being ignored for long enough, I turned and spotted Amber. I waved and she gestured frantically at me. I wandered on over, and she pressed a ticket into my hand, "Quick get in there now!" It seems that she had missplaced her original ticket, and being a VIP they had let her get the photoand then she found her ticket! I ran to the room, I was the last person in, and waiting for me were these two.

A14 J & S
*Flails*  Mama and papa Winchester! Have I mentioned how hot Jeff is?

That was my last photo op of the day, and on the Sunday there was the big one...

A14 Orl
Orlando Jones! the man is utterly adorable, and I will really miss him in Sleepy Hollow, and I hope he comes back to see us again. Who knows perhaps season 11 might see him guest star in Supernatural.

Well I suppose I ought to mention the last two photo ops, I swore I wasn't going for this one.  I was going to be strong, no way was I going to buy a J2 photo op....yeah and pigs might fly!

A14 J2 I swear to you, I remember walking up to them, asking Jensen for a hug, and then blank! I know they took the photo, I'm sure I said thank you, then I staggered awayand picked up my bag. I couldn't stop my hands shaking *facepalm*

I showed the girls at work my pictures, and this one caused Sam to break into fits of giggles. She said it looked like someone had gotten very lucky, and how bloody big are Jared's hands, oh and just exactly where was my other hand!

After the slight nervous break down, I managed to pull myself together for my final photo op. A trival matter, nothing to get concerned over, after all it was only Jensen Ackles! I stood in the queue and I was dtermined that this time, I wouldn't be stood three miles away from him, and I wouldn't look like a bloody startled hamster! I walked towards Jensen, looked up at that gorgeous man and asked "Can I have a hug please?"

A14 Jen
What a lovely smile! And doesn't Jensen look really pretty in pink?  You know I've just realized something, in my A3 picture I'm miles away from him. In my A6 I managed to be closer, and now A14 I'm hugging con he's at, I'm asking them to clear the room *G*

There you are ladies, my adventures at A14! It was one of the most funCons I've been to. Simply because of all the wonderful people I met, and the time I spent with my friends.

I hope you haven't minded me rambling at you all, and it hasn't been to boring. So same time same place next year?

By the way there will be a bonus picture, but I'll wait for dizzojay before I share it with you.
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