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There's Geekery afoot!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, how are we all today? this little fly by post is to let you know, that little by little I'm coaxing my young friend Josh over to the dark side!

First of all he's going to the London comic Con this Friday, and he commented to me, "Of all the photo ops and autograph sessions, do you know only one has sold out?" I shook my head and he answered, "Felicia Day, she's been on your show,Charlie wasn't it?"  He looked at me and smiled, "It's your lot isn't it? We're going to be invaded by Supernatural fan girls."  bless, he knows us so well.

That was yesterday, and now today we've been talking about The Flash, the possibility of time travel, and if so will it undo the horror of season 3 of Arrow? (Josh has real problems with Ollie and Co this year!). He's even been finding ways to write better plots, I even suggested he try writing fan fiction *smirk* but he shook his head and muttered "Cannon" See fan boy in the making.

We moved on and chatted about Flash and Arrow, saying how much we've enjoyed the crossovers, and then he dropped the bombshell. "I wonder if there could be a way to get Sam and Dean into one of the shows?" I sat there slacked jawed as he carried on, "I don't mean appearing, becasue then that would screw up the whole DC universe.  But maybe Cisco could mention them you know, this is so weird perhaps Sam and Dean should look into it. And then Caitlin would answer, god yes."

We then had a spirited discussion and if it would be possible to get the boys onto the Flash (I think Meta humans might ping on the Winchester radar at some point) and finally we came up with this idea.

Imagine a scene set in CC Jitters, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin sitting talking and in the background, two very attractive men are sitting at another table. One is very tall and furrowed of brow as he stares at a lap top, and the other is sitting back, flirting with the waitress refilling his cup!

I'm telling you it would work! Hey Josh welcome to the dark side, there's no way back now *G*
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