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*Flails* I'm back amongst the Living!!!!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, long time no bother! lHere I am on my hols in Sunny Weymouth, and after begging, pleading and groveling, the administrators on clubwifi have finally decided my journal is not a pornoghapy site!  The fools, well it's only taken a week and a half, and I'm heading home on Saturday.  But better late than never, right? Well before the connection gives out, here's what I've been up to.......Bugger all!

They're have been walks on the beach with the dogs, (poor old Kizzy, she's getting on now and gets tired quickly. I swear before we come home, me and Steve will end up carrying her off the beach.)

Sasha our husky is enjoying all the attention she gets, you know the sort of comments, "what a pretty dog," "Is that a wolf?" and when one little girl spotted Sasha, "Hey mummy look at the huge Werewolf," and my absolute favourite, "Wow, is that a Dire Wolf?" I would've have kissed that man, but his wife looked like she'd flatten me.

There's been lazy pub lunches, and the dogs really like The Ship as they let us take them in.So all in all we've just been chilling, and enjoying the sunshine and great views.  Sorry no pictures as someone (Steve) forgot to pack the camera *facepalm*

There's also been shopping....and a shop in Weymouth now stocks Funko Pop figures!!!!!! So when I get home, the boys are in for a surprise as I have two new minis, mum brought one and brought the other...


I can't wait to see Dean's reaction to Oliver, and just so he isn't lonely I got him a friend

Barry!!!! (One day I'll get the unmasked version)

Even better Steve is making noises about buying me another one.....oh decisions, decisions! I daren't go near their Avengers collection (I already have a Dark World Thor) There is a Black Canary one, and  honestly Hawkeye is not calling to me in the slightest!  The girl in the shop these guys are addictive!
I said no kidding, I've already got four Supernatural ones.....did I mention Crowley had joined the family?  (I'm not talking about the two special edition ones Josh talked me into buying, and him a Christian!  What was he doing tempting me like that?)

As I was saying the holiday is going great, and it has even lead to yet more bloody plot bunnies nibbling my ankles!

I'll head off for now and talk to ladies later.
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