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What I've done with my weekend.

Friends, Romans, Fli*ters! I'm here with a little post to just say hi, and babble on about what I've been up to this weekend! First of all I've been cooking, (I have an ambulance on  stand by for Steve)  a little pasta dish from my fave Italian chief Gino D'Campo, and a slightly boozy creation from another Italian inspired cook book.  May I present my Mocha layer torte......


Coffee, cream, brandy and Amaretto. I tell you I nearly got drunk sniffing the bloody thing, and all those almonds took ages!

Also today is Sasha my husky's birthday!  I even took some video of her on my mobile, I'm just trying to figure out how edit it a little, or even just up load the bloody thing.  As always all help greatly appreciated. But in case you're wondering what she looks like, here she is with Kizzy our collie from a couple of years ago.


Not bad for an eleven year old!
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