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Asylum 4 & Pictures of Boris Becker!

First of all I have to say just how much I enjoyed this year's Asylum.  Not that I didn't enjoy last year! I mean Jensen & Jared hellooo how could I not? well after I finished gibbering in a corner I enjoyed it.

This year was very special because I got to put faces to LJ names, and I would like to hope that I made a few new friends while I was there.  I mean who would've have thought that a little TV show would give me the courage to go to events like this?   A couple of years ago I could never have imagined being able to just walk up to people and just start talking to them! As for getting photos and autographs... well I'm pretty sure I did that I have the eveidence to prove it.

Now in the best tradition of an oscar speach I would like to thank in no particular order for putting up with me and my terrified friend Barbara the following brave and very kind souls..... hay1ock , sorsd , realscape , lasvegaslights ,magser  and kes1807 jolinarmalkshur .

You were all brilliant and reaaly made the weekend for me, I really can never thank you enough for your gemerosity of spirit.

Now in case you are wondering about the Boris Becker picture, according to the collective Muppets I work with my photo with Mark.... put it this way

"Hey Al why did you have you picture taken with Boris Becker?"  Oh how I laughed as I stappled Andy to the desk!  mind you these are the same people who were convinced that last year I had my picture taken with Donny Osmond...Misha to you guys!

Now all that remains is to return to work and try and get rid of the bloody plot bunny that keeps grabbing my leg demanding attention! why is there never a salt loaded shotgun when you need it?
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