sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

Ever get the feeling people know a little too well?

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, a funny thing happened in the office, I didn't actually do some work.  Andy saw me coming back into the office, and waved at me somewhat excitedly and said.  "Did you get it?"

I looked blaknly at him (normal resonse), "Get what?"

"Bugger, I thought I'd managed to send it to you, I must've spelt your name wrong.  I found something last night and I immediately thought of you. It's pure genuis"  then Andy showed me the picture on his phone....


Isn't it awesome?  We both stood there giggling like school kids! It's good to know at least one of my colleagues likes me, he may be terrified of me but I think he kind of likes me.

I feel an icon comming on *G*
Tags: random fun!

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