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The Great Donny & Borris Debate Continues!

In light of the the office being convinced that I have had my picture taken with Donny and Boris, another member of staff has made a new suggestion.  A suggestion that led to Barbara having to help me back to my desk while I laughed and then considered fic possibilities.  So while making a cup of coffee Colin our resident....well our resident Colin came in and asked how Asylum had gone.

After a few pleasantries he mentioned the whole Donny Boris saga "I don't know where they get that from, made you one of the guys you had a picture with reminds me of one of those wrestlers."

So as I spat coffee everywhere Barbara had to step in "What wrestlers?"

"Oh you know those American ones, the WWF or WCW or whoever?" 

I had to ask "Which one are you on about Colin?"

"Oh you know the big one with the hair."

"You mean Jared?"  At this Barbara helped me from the kitchen "Oh god you can see it now Jared in those lycra tights and Jensen oiling him down ready for his fights"  Barbara shook her head at this and left me collasped over my desk.

I promise I won't write this I promise! but god you can just see it can't you? hell even rival wrestlers Jared and Jensen Oh dear god!

In other news, I broke the good news to mum that Steve says I can take my lap top on holiday.  Mum's response?  "If she does that I'm not going."  So as I prepared to sit and stare at four caravan walls Steve stepped in.

"Look you'll probably be asleep, and don't forget the World Cup's on, two matches a day what is Alison supposed to do?"  Mum just glared at him and I will  be allowed to take the lap top with me!  you know what that means? well I ain't too worried about the internet, but I get to write Fic! and even better Siupernatural DVDS! Thank you Steve, my hero!
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