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The Joy Of An English Garden In The Summer!

Today as I sat in my garden I thought two things, one I'm gonna get bloody sunburned again and secondly, ahh the Blue Bells are back.

Now my dad was a clam man,a man of serenity, well he had to be he was married to my mum and  had me as a daughter.

But there was one thing guaranteed to drive my dad to the brink it was Blue Bells...

Now these might seem to be perfectly harmless, but my dad was engaged in a war of attrition with them.

He has dug them up, poisoned them and on one memorable occasion set them on fire! His eyebrows grew back eventually.  Oh that's Sasha our brave Husky in action.

But I love em! why? well they remind me of dad and his never ending battles, and the dogs look cute as well! Once again Sasha in action with her sidekick Kizzy.

Like I said she's like a coiled spring that dog.

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