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Happy Birthday Wings128

I would like to join in with all the other ladies wishing wings128 a very happy birthday! If there was any way I could, I'd love to gift wrap these gorgeous men and deliver them personally (well, I do believe in sampling the goods, I wouldn't want Wings to get a faulty gift would I?)

I know you love a man in uniform
And of course....

I'd salute him anytime.

Or if uniforms aren't what you're in the mood for, how about a specialist?

I do love a thigh holster don't you?

Perhaps you'd prefer a Highland hero?

Then again there is always a certain green eyed hunter!

season 9 promo 1

And don't forget Winchesters come in pairs!
It seems a shame to break up the set.

I hope your birthday was filled with love and laughter, and possibly the odd handsome hunk!

Thanks to Pinterest and Google for all the pretty.
Tags: random fun!

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