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Hell Is Other People Chapter 6.


Title: Hell Is Other People
Word Count: 5200
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings:  Excessive abuse of Jensen, this chapter deals with Morgan and his past it ain’t pretty.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise togarvaldmains , who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*  Beta’d by the awesome bigj52 .



“Right then. Who’s gonna start?” Jensen asked the three men who stood at the foot of his bed; he made to sit up when he heard the sound of his mom and Mac coming up the stairs. He lowered himself back down, closing his eyes “Just don’t think you’re getting away with talking.” Jensen stilled as if he were asleep.

 Donna walked into the room; once again her eyes went straight to her son. Searching his lax features for any sign of awareness, she found none so she returned her attention to his rescuers.

 “I’m sorry that’s it’s only soup and sandwiches, I didn’t really have the time to prepare much else.” As she spoke Mac staggered in, carrying a mountain of sandwiches. Chris gave a slight smile when he saw Jared’s eyes light up at all the food being brought into the room. Chris moved to take the tray from Mac and gave her a wink, Mac returned a grin. 

 Then Alan came in with some chairs from the dining room. Reverend Colt sprang into action once more. “Why, thank you for your kindness, Mr and Mrs Ackles, you have been more than generous. When we have finished this meal one of my associates will bring the trays down. I can’t thank you enough.”

 “No, Reverend Colt. It’s us who owe you a debt we can never repay; you’ve given us back our son. Are you sure I can’t remain with you tonight?” Donna’s voice held a plaintive edge to it.

 Jim reached over and grasped her hand “My dear lady, there is nothing I would love more than have you here to provide comfort for Jensen. We must remain vigilant; this is when he will be at his most vulnerable to the demon’s influence. After tonight you’ll be able to spend all the time you want with your son, I promise.” Donna nodded regretfully and she led her family out of the room. Mac winked at the three men as she closed the door behind her.

 As soon as the Ackles had departed Chris placed the tray he held on the dressing table, and stripped his jacket and tie off. Jared was doing the same and Jim followed suit. Jensen was amused by the display. He noticed that Jared and Jim carefully folded their jackets and ties and Chris just rolled his up and threw it on top of his bag as he undid the top buttons of his shirt.

 “Damn, I always feel like I’m being strangled when I wear a collar and tie. I never get why you two are so comfortable in yours” Chris turned his head from side to side to lose the feeling of restriction.

 “Tell me about it! Collars can be a real bitch, any chance of one of those sandwiches.” Jensen spoke, looking longingly at the pile of sandwiches. 

 “Oh Hell no, you can’t guilt me into feeding you one of those, besides I think Jay would kill me if I did.” Chris gave Jensen a regretful look as Jared stood, arms folded, glowering at Chris.

 “You can have your soup and crackers if you’re hungry.” Jensen looked up at Jared looking pitiful, pouting slightly in an attempt to weaken Jared.

 “I don’t believe it, Sasquatch; you got competition for the’ puppy dog of doom’ look. Forget it, Jensen. I’m immune to that look. The master is over there, and you’re an amateur in comparison.” Jensen gave a wry smile as Jared loomed over him with the tray of soup and crackers. 

 Jensen attempted to push himself further up the bed so he could eat, but his arms shook with fatigue as he tried. Before he knew it Jared had passed the tray to Jim and he was easing Jensen higher up the bed, and positioning the pillows behind him to support his back. Jensen shot an alarmed look at Chris who raised his hands as if to say ‘you’re on your own.’ Then Jared gently placed the tray on his lap and picked the spoon up, “if you even think about feeding me, Sasquatch, there’s gonna be trouble.” Jensen’s voice was pitched low and he almost growled the words at a wide-eyed Jared who looked very guilty.

 “No, I was just...err... passing you the spoon, that’s all.” Jared flushed a deep shade of red as Jim and Chris grinned behind his back. Soon the room was silent as the men ate; Jensen kept watch on the other three men, he could feel the tension brewing. He had to know what Jim had meant by Morgan had taken delivery of something “slightly lethal”.

  Jensen was eating his by now, nearly-cold soup and he wasn’t surprised that at half way down the bowl he didn’t want any more. He sensed Jared’s eyes on him and he looked up and gave a wan smile, “Guess I wasn’t quite as hungry as I thought.” Jared made a move towards him. Jensen waved his hand “Don’t worry, dude. I’d have been more surprised if I’d eaten more. So which one of you is going to explain to me what the Hell is going on?” Jim looked slightly nauseous and he dropped his half-eaten sandwich. Jared looked away as if composing himself and Chris continued eating as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

 “Shouldn’t we take these down in case your mom comes back up?” Jared seemed to be playing for time. Jensen sighed. It looked like it was going to have to be the hard way.

 “I can never thank you three enough for what you’ve done for me but I need to know if Morgan will be coming after me again or worse, Mac? Something tells me you guys aren’t exactly on the law enforcements Christmas card list. The ‘slightly lethal’ - does that mean Chris has planted a rattlesnake in Morgan’s bed?”

 Chris started to laugh and choke at the same time, Jim joined in and Jared’s face darkened, “This is no fucking laughing matter, we don’t kill humans. You taught me that, Jim; we only kill monsters not humans.” Jim’s face became sombre at hearing Jared’s words.

 “Jay, after what we’ve seen and heard in the last couple of days....are you sure ya want to call Morgan human? Because dude, I’ve known demons behave better.” Chris’s voice was low and again his blue eyes were fixed on Jensen, he seemed almost scared of letting the other man out of his sight for too long.

 “Chris, this goes against everything I’ve ever done. For the love of God, now Jensen is free let’s just call the Feds in and get the hell out of here.” Jared raked his hands through his hair, his agitation apparent. He couldn’t look at Jensen as he spoke because he knew his words about leaving would be hurting Jensen almost as much as they hurt him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jensen hunch over as if he’d been struck. Jensen made to push his tray out of the way.  Chris stood up and moved the tray and Jensen nodded his thanks.

 Jim took a deep breath, “Jared, not everything is black and white, sometimes the worst monster is the human kind.”

 “But Jim, we’re not judge and jury; we don’t have the right to do that.” Jared pleaded with his mentor.

 “Christ Jay, after everything he’s done to Jensen and everything he wants to do to Jensen. What do you want to do, pat the guy on the head? Let him get a fancy lawyer like yourself and watch him walk away to do it again? Jensen, let me ask you something? Did Morgan snatch you off the street? Or did you go and speak to him willingly?” Chris’ voice cut through the air like a knife.

 Before Jensen could respond another voice answered, “I can guarantee that Jensen walked in of his own free will like Morgan’s other victims. Believe me Jared, there are more. I know up to six of the poor souls who suffered what Jensen has, and Morgan will just do it again and again.” Jim looked at Jared, pleading with him to understand what was happening and why Morgan had to die.

 “Who did he kill, Jim? Who were they to you? Because this is personal, man. Who did he kill?” Jared looked on in shock as Jensen asked the question. 

 Jim just shook his head; Jared thought Jensen had been wrong when Jim began to speak in a raw, pained voice as if the words were being dragged from the darkest part of his soul. “Morgan don’t kill his ‘companions’ as he calls ‘em. He trains them, rapes them, breaks them and when he’s bored he auctions them off to the highest bidder.” Jim’s voice died away, he lifted his eyes to Jensen who looked as if he was going to be sick. 

 Jensen reached out his hand to the older man, grasping it tightly, “Jesus, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t mean to cause you any pain. Please forgive me.”

 Jim looked at Jensen and shook his head, snorting in amusement. He kept a grip on Jensen’s hand and continued. “Damn kid, you really are something else, ain’t ya? You were just about to become his... what was it he said...? His David and you’re apologizing for upsetting me.”

 “Ok then. I think it’s time you boys heard a little fairytale. Like all good stories there are monsters, heroes and a princess. This is more Brothers Grimm than Disney, though and as for the happy ending, well, I’ll let you three be the judge.

 This tale begins with one monster and the discovery of another. Do you three remember a serial killer who was nicknamed ’The Handy Man’?”

 There was a silence in the room. Chris was the one to break it, “Yeah, about ten years ago some dude killed a bunch of young girls. He cut off their hands and kept ‘em as trophies. The Feds never did find the hands. Jesus! He was one sick bastard, but what has he got to do with Morgan?” Chris looked at the other two men who appeared to be just as puzzled; then he turned back to Jim with an inquiring expression.

 Jim gave a faint smile. ”Put it this way. They knew one another through their shared interests. Now like I said, Morgan has never killed a companion. I ain’t saying he’s not killed, but he’s no serial killer. He’s much worse as he passes on his victims while they’re still alive.

 So that you understand exactly what Morgan does, it goes like this. Morgan pitches up in a town posing as either a Preacher or counsellor and he looks for the perfect companion. Once he has found someone who takes his eye, he gains their trust and eventually that person disappears. Morgan is always smart enough to hang around long enough to deflect suspicion. Then he moves on, taking his companion with him and the circle of abuse and rape begins again until he’s ready to move on, looking for a fresh challenge. Like all predators Morgan needs the high from what he does, he is always looking for the ultimate victim. In his case it’s someone who will fight him as long as possible, before breaking and becoming completely submissive and I hate to say it, Jensen but he thought he’d found it in you.”

 Jared gave a wordless cry of horror and Jim nodded sadly, “Jared, you have to understand with Morgan setting down roots here he knew he could use Jensen’s family, especially Mac as a weapon. Morgan could see himself spending many happy years with Jensen. When he was ready to move on to another victim he’d already have a proper base of operation. Jensen would’ve have been sold onto another collector already trained. With Jensen’s looks Morgan would’ve have made a fortune. But I digress from our little fairytale.”

 Jared noticed that Jensen still held onto Jim’s hand, offering him an anchor as he told this tale. Jared was not surprised by this action. Jensen’s ability to show compassion to those around him was coming to the fore as the man in the bed seemed to be the strongest person in the room.

 “Back to our friend ‘The Handy Man’. When he was caught by the Feds, his house was like something out of a horror movie. All the tools of his trade were hanging up in his specialized basement, where he kept his victims until he killed them. Amongst his possessions were a series of videos and believe me when I tell you ‘torture porn’ is an understatement.

  There was one video and this is where our princess comes in. Well, after several of the investigating Feds threw up their lunches someone recognized the ‘star.’ She was the daughter of one of their colleagues. That’s when the shit really hit the fan; it seems that he bought the girl from the man in the video. It was a training video starring Morgan. The Feds were unable to identify the guy as his face was covered; he was using the video as a sales tool. Well, Handy Man said after he saw the girl he knew he had to have her. Hell, he even maxed out three credit cards to do it. That’s one credit card statement I would’ve liked to have seen. Before you ask, he couldn’t identify the man who sold him his princess.”

 “But Jim, where was this girl’s father and how the hell did she end up in Morgan’s hands?” Chris asked quietly.

 “The girl’s father was a deep-cover specialist, he could be under for months, even a year at a time, and he and the girl’s mother were divorced. Sadly, the mother was killed in a car smash and it left the girl vulnerable. Apparently the girl found a local church with a grief counsellor, and she spent a lot of time with him. Eventually the girl vanished and the father’s superiors finally managed to track him down from his latest job and get him home. He looked for his little girl, even coming into contact with the grief counsellor. The counsellor was very sorry, saying he thought he’d gotten through to the girl, but one day she didn’t come to her session and he hadn’t seen her since. The father thanked the man and walked away.

 While this was going on, his old partner, Kurt was the arresting Fed on the Handy Man case, and he was the one who had to tell his friend about his child’s death. The father demanded to see all the evidence concerning his daughter, and Kurt very reluctantly agreed. As he sat watching the video starring his daughter, he suddenly realized he knew the man in the video. It was the grief counsellor. Now the father knew he couldn’t prove it. What could he say? He recognized the way the man moved - the tilt of his head, his walk. All they had was circumstantial evidence; besides they didn’t have a name for that bastard. He’d given a false name at the church. By the time they realized the counsellor was lying he was long gone.”

 Jim fell silent, his eyes focused somewhere in the past. He took a deep breath and continued “The story doesn’t quite end there, as in all good fairytales months pass in the blink of an eye. The princess’s father develops the habit of drinking his meals then Kurt contacts him once again. It seems that middle-aged men from the Handy Man’s neighbourhood were dying from massive blood loss and exhibiting the injuries the young women suffered at death - a red scar on both wrists where the hands were severed. Kurt doesn’t understand what the fuck is happening, and so he asks his friend to watch the house. After all, the deaths are considered natural, if a little weird. So the father behaves like a good little Fed once more and stakes out the house. On the third night he gets lucky and sees two men sneak into the house and he follows.

 What happened next changed his world forever and introduced him to the glorious world of hunting.

 The father found two men in the basement; they had dug up the floor and there was a pile of hands by the hole. As you know the Handy Man’s name came about because he killed his victims by removing their hands with a hacksaw and letting them bleed out. It seems that the ghosts of his victims were returning the favour to any man who was unfortunate enough to remind them of their killer.

  There he was, ready to bring them in for destroying evidence when his daughter appeared in front of him. He froze, unable to believe what he was seeing... his baby girl was back. He lowered his gun and watched helplessly as she turned away from him, and ripped a grown man to pieces. She was just starting on the other one when he screamed for the father to burn the hands.

 Somehow he managed to do what the man asked and he destroyed his only child, watching her burn, feeling the pain of losing her all over again. He got the hunter who survived out of there and he told the father all about ghosts, vampires, werewolves and demons. After what the father witnessed that night, unsurprisingly he believes all he’s told. From that moment he decides to leave the Bureau and devote his life to two things. Hunting evil and getting the bastard who took his daughter.”

 Jim fell silent and Jared noticed the tight grip he had on Jensen’s hand had never loosened. Jensen never broke eye contact with Jim as he spoke. “Jim, could you tell us the agent’s name please? Because I think I understand why he is doing what he feels is right.” Jensen gave an encouraging smile.

 Jim stilled a moment, collecting his thoughts, “Ok, then permit me to introduce myself. I’m Jim Beaver, retired F.B.I agent who specialized in deep-cover operations. I lived for two things - the job and my family, sadly in that order.”

 “My wife’s name was Karen and my daughter was Rachael, the sweetest damn kid you ever met, and I lost her to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jared, if I have to go to Hell for what I’m about to do to that bastard, then it’s a price I’m willing to pay for what he did to my baby girl.”

 Jared’s eyes filled with tears after hearing the story. He looked across to Chris who looked as if he could kill Morgan with his bare hands and Jared really couldn’t blame him.

 “Jim, I gotta ask. How come Morgan didn’t recognise you tonight?” Jared asked.

 Jim stroked his beard, “Put it this way, Jared. A man can really change in ten years. When Morgan met me I introduced myself as Rachel’s uncle on her mom’s side. That and the fact I looked like a biker, long hair and covered in pretty convincing fake tattoos. I stayed in character the whole time we spoke. He thought he was dealing with the black sheep of the family and all he cared about was making sure no one looked too close so he didn’t pay me that much attention.”

 Jared nodded at the answer; he bit his lip and made one last attempt at making Jim see reason. “Jim, I can’t pretend to understand what you’ve gone through, and truly, I understand the need for revenge, God knows, but we’re talking cold-blooded murder here.”

 “Jared, ya gotta understand. I’ve never been this close to the bastard, it’s like tracking a fucking ghost. Hell, Kurt’s been usin’ the Fed’s data base for years to help me, this is the only time I’ve ever come face to face with him after all these years. That was only because Mackenzie tried to get the Feds involved with Jensen’s case; it was Kurt who alerted me to what was happening to Jensen. I can guarantee you, Jared. He is sitting, plotting his next move. Either he bluffs this out or he leaves town and I promise he won’t go alone.”

 Jensen went pale, “Oh God! Not Mac! I couldn’t stand that. Please, not Mac. Look, if I have to I’ll go back to him if it keeps him away from Mac.” Jensen’s heartbroken pleading shook Jared to his core. Before he could try to convince Jensen it wouldn’t be necessary, he noticed Chris was moving.

 Chris set up his laptop and hooked up his phone to it. “Ok Jared, I hoped it really wouldn’t come to this, but maybe when you’ve seen this you’ll change your mind.”

 Chris sat back and pressed ‘play’ on his phone’s video camera. “While I was planting Jim’s little gift I decided to take a look round the preacher’s place. The house is nice, nothing too special, and then you get into the basement through the study. Don’t worry. I was real careful not to disturb the security. I’m just happy we got Jensen when we did. Because the security is serious stuff, and would’ve be damned hard to get past. It looked like Morgan was going to hook it up properly once he’d got Jensen down there. So Jared, you ready for the guided tour of Jensen’s new home.”

 Jared watched as the camera moved down the stairs and through into a large, open space.    Jared was surprised at the well-lit starkly-clinical room he was seeing. He gave a small smile. He’d expected the classic dungeon - dark, dank low ceilings, rats running everywhere. Instead the room was tiled floor to ceiling in white, Jared saw run away for water; it was obvious that Morgan wanted the room to be easy to wash clean of blood.

 Then as Chris walked round the room Jared could see the walls were lined with items from off Morgan’s list, one wall was adorned with a cross of St Andrew. On the other the wall, what looked like a rack was leaning against it, not yet fixed into position. Also against the walls were two cabinets, just like the one from Jensen’s previous prison.   Jared swallowed hard, growing pale, his eyes flickered from Chris who sat impassive to Jensen who looked shell shocked. Jared heard Jensen muttering “Oh dear God, no.” It was then Jared reached over and took Jensen’s other hand, for once offering him support.

 The camera continued to track round the room, “Are those hooks in the ceiling?” Jensen asked.

 Chris nodded, a sober look in his eyes.   Chris opened the first cupboard, inside were shelves and they contained chains of various lengths. Chris handled one and Jared heard the whispered “What the fuck?” as the chain ended in hooks at either end. Other shelves contained ankle restraints and spreader bars. This cupboard was an ode to restraint containing ropes and gags. Jared was aware Chris was speaking but was finding it hard to concentrate as he attempted to comprehend what he was seeing.

 “When I saw the chains I didn’t get where the cuffs were then I remembered Jared telling me about the cuffs Morgan had produced in church, the ones that he was gonna weld on Jensen. The hooks would allow them to be attached and then Morgan could tie or even suspend Jensen from wherever he wanted. Oh, it gets better.” Chris’ voice was rough with emotion and again Jared noticed the unwavering eye contact with Jensen.

 Chris opened the second cupboard, if the first had been about restraint this was pure pain. Floggers, straps, and whips were the first thing Jared noticed. “Is that a tazer?” he asked, horror struck as the camera passed over a familiar shape. Each instrument of brutality was laid out in neat compartments for ease of use.

 Jared wanted Chris to turn the video off to spare Jensen the nightmare of what his life would’ve been if they hadn’t gotten to him in time. Jared turned to speak but Chris beat him to it.

 “Now Jared, this is just Morgan’s play room. You know, somewhere he can relax after a hard day spreading the word of the Lord. It was Jensen’s bedroom that made me... look, just watch it, will ya.”

 Chris stepped through into another room that Jared had been unaware of and then he came to understand Chris’ response. As the camera panned round the room Jared felt a rush of revulsion. If the first room had been something straight out of Hell, this was akin to something out of a nightmare.

 To Jared’s eyes it was a parody of a romantic setting. Like its’ fellow this room was tiled, but it was done in shades of blue. In one corner was what could be described as an en suite bathroom, shower, toilet and sink but with no door.

  There were cabinets in here as well; Chris opened several of the doors. Jared was looking at medical supplies, bandages, tape, suture kits. Chris moved along, randomly opening drawers and doors. 

 “What the Hell?” Jared muttered.

 “You know, I wish our E.R. was as well stocked as that. Morgan could almost perform any operation he wanted with that equipment, looks like he enjoys playing doctors and nurses. I wonder if he’d make me dress up as a nurse.” Jensen tried to make light of what he was seeing, but his pallor and haggard face told a different tale.

 “Looks like he could patch you up as often as he needed to with all of that, and as you say, get creative as well.” Jim added, unable to tear his eyes away as Chris continued to explore.

 Chris reached the last cabinet and as he touched the door the hand stilled, hesitant of what would be inside, then the door swung open and instead of more instruments of pain there was...”Shit! It’s Morgan’s Butt Plug Collection!” Jensen’s voice croaked out as the men looked at exactly what Jensen had described. They were laid out alongside, dildos, nipple clamps and a few items Jared didn’t even have a name for.

  Then Chris turned to the centre of the room and it was dominated by the only piece of furniture. It was a bed, a massive bed, with dark-blue satin sheets. Just underneath the sheets it was obvious there were chains on either side to attach to the cuffs and one at the head of the bed to attach to the collar. The hush was broken by a broken whisper “At least it ain’t pink and frilly.” Jensen gave a brittle laugh that almost turned into a sob as he struggled to keep his composure.

 “Well, what do ya think Jensen? Do you think you could’ve been comfortable? If you look over on that wall there is a television for you to watch, and if you look carefully you can see Morgan’s video camera, so he could film your sessions together. So, all in all you get all the comforts of home, a bed, shower, no clothes though. Also you get hot and cold running bondage, just how could you say no?” Chris’ voice was hard edged, and Jared suddenly understood why Chris had been unable to let Jensen out of his sight. He was imagining what would happen to Jensen down in that room.

  The horrors Morgan could inflict at his leisure, and with his story of Jensen escaping there would be no one to come to his aid. Jared looked across into Jensen’s eyes, and he knew that if it had been him who had lost Jensen... no Chad to Morgan, he would’ve done exactly what Jim was doing.

 “What have you planted down there, Kane? Just so I know what the fuck we are looking for after the event.” Jared’s shoulders slumped in defeat, feeling sick at the thought he had just consigned a man to his death.

 “Jay, I know you don’t agree with this but believe me, it’s the only way. Look at what he did to Jensen with the people of the town looking on. Jim paused, considering what to say next.

  Jared, let me put it this way. Even if we had got the Feds involved, don’t forget I know how they work.  I know from experience that Jensen would’ve been down there for at least two or three days before they busted in.   I’ve busted sex trafficking rings and it gets kinda messy. The kind of evidence needed to convict Morgan would’ve meant that.....” Jim’s voice was raw with pain as it faded.

 Jared was pale and shaking and he finished what Jim was trying to say. “They would’ve had to let Morgan film a couple of sessions, at least.” Jared bowed his head, his mind awash with the images of Jensen on his knees in the church and Morgan raping his mouth.

 It was those memories that broke Jared “For the love of God, Jim! Just promise me that what you’ve planted will get the job done. Or so help me I will shoot that fucking bastard myself.”

 “Well, I have it from the greatest authority that it will get the job done.” Jim’s eyes were solemn but a grim smile tugged at his mouth. Jared’s eyes narrowed and he looked at Chris. Jensen was looking from one man to another.

 Jensen’s mind was whirling with shock, so much had happened that day. He’d been rescued from what would’ve have been a lifetime of Hell; he couldn’t even begin to come to terms with what he’d seen in the video Chris had shot. He felt numb, adrift, as if all these events were happening to someone else. 

 To add to his confusion there was Jared; he knew with his training as a nurse that what he was feeling for the other man was just a result of the trauma he had suffered. Yet the feelings he was developing were so real. Jensen felt as if he’d waited his whole life to meet Jared and now here he was, and Jensen didn’t want to let go of him. 

  Jensen couldn’t help but grin at Jared’s frightened expression and why was he shaking his head like that?

 Jared practically whimpered in terror as realization dawned. ”Oh, please tell me you haven’t gone to Misha? Anybody but Misha....” 

Chapter 7

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