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Just when mum thought she was safe.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, earlier today on a Christmas shopping expedition with my mum, (I was ever so good, I even brought her home), now you’d think I’d be Supernatural free all day, but hold on and I promise all will be revealed. We stopped off in one of my favourite shops, as I prowled round Blue Banana looking at the clothes, mum handed me a cardigan with the words, “For god sake go and try this on.”  Being a good and dutiful daughter I went and tried the garment on. And as I did mum asked one of the girls to find me another one she liked.

I popped my head out of the changing room, I was greeted by a lovely, bubbly young lady.  As I took the cardigan I spotted a Flash T- shirt, and being a good little geek I said “Ooh Flash.” The young lady beamed at me, and said she loved the show, we then moved onto to Arrow and finally I asked. “I don’t suppose you’ve heard of Supernatural have you?”

Her face lit up and she promptly bent over took her boot off, and proudly displayed her ankle tattoo. My response was to squee “You’ve got the Anti-possession Tattoo!” And we were gone, poor mum had to stand there while we babbled at one another about the show. She told me all about having to watch the show when her husband was at work, and that she’s re-watching season 10 as she hasn’t been able to see any of season 11 yet.

 As we were talking I told her all about Asylum and Rogue Events. She was really interested, and I did say that A16 might be sold out because of Jensen, but I did suggest she might prefer to try A17 first as it’s quieter. So it looks like she might be asking for a ticket for her birthday!  Mum told her all about my pictures and she asked if I’d mind bringing them in to the shop.

I think I might have brought another fan girl over to the dark side!
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