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Tis the season!!!!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I know I should be writing my reverse bang (more on that later), but instead the Christmas fairy puked all over our house! Yes the Christmas trees went up, and I may have bounced round like a certain Moose on a sugar rush.

To start with here is the tree that stands in the conservatory....

Then we move into the living room, and the little tree that lurks in the corner....

Please note Moose and Squirrel are together at the bottom of the tree! If that isn't enough there is the fireplace!

We're not going to talk about the other Santa sleighs, stautes andsnowmen dotted around the place. Then of course there is the tree that stands in our front window.

You know if a job's worth doing, it's worth over doing!

Now just a quick up date on my reverse bang.....2000 words written, only 1500 scrapped!  I'd been writing but I wasn't convinced by where I was going.  So I decided to seek an outside opinion......"Hey Josh, as a reader and man of great imagination mind if I runsomething past you?"

Now those of you in the know, will know one small detail about our Josh, he's a Jehovah's Witness.  So there I was describing the premise of a reverse bang, and telling him all about my picture, I just neglected to mention one small detail......the gay relationship between Jeff and Jensen.

Bless that poor sweet innocent boy he gave me some cracking ideas, and after our little chat I feel the story starting to take shape. It looks like me, Jeff and his tentacles might finally be starting to get along.

I have got to try and write something in, Josh suggested a strip club called Misc!  Damn I love that kid at times.

Right time to get back to Jeff being all heroic.
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