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Hell Is Other People, Chapter 7.

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word Count: 7000
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings:  Excessive abuse of Jensen, at last Morgan gets his just deserts. Sadly there are innocents caught in the cross fire.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to
garvaldmains , who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*  Beta’d by the awesome bigj52 .


Jensen watched as Chris gave a shit-eating grin, “Now come on, Jared, just what possibly could go wrong with one of Misha’s pets?”

 “What could go wrong? Chris, are you sure you’re not about to let loose a biblical plague on this town? It’s Misha for God’s sake!”

 “Well Jay, after the way they’ve treated Jensen, would it be a bad thing?” Jared’s mouth gaped open in shock.

 “Err Chris, Mum, Dad and Mac will be safe, won’t they?” Jensen asked softly.

 The smile faded a little, Chris patted his knee “Now don’t you worry your pretty little head. Misha has assured me that the devastation will be very localized.”

 Jensen glared at the long haired-hunter; Chris smiled slightly, attempting a placating gesture. Jim gave his hand a squeeze. “It’s alright Jensen; Misha has a bit of a reputation, that’s all.” Jared snorted in derision and Jim ignored him.

 “Misha was a hunter once, not all that good though as he kept getting bogged down with the research. Damn near got himself killed because of it. Misha’s real talent lies with...shall we say... taking cursed objects into protective custody.”

 “His house probably has the half-life of Chernobyl. Jesus, Jim. Is that where the ‘slightly lethal’ came from? You know Misha, if you unleash whatever it is it could level half the town.” Jared spoke with conviction and the appearance of a man about to grab Jensen from his bed, and start running for the hills.

 “Don’t worry, Sasquatch. Jim was very specific about what he needed. Once Jim was absolutely sure it was Morgan, he got me to borrow something from Misha.” Chris gave that grin again.

 “Ok, before you bolt with Jensen slung over ya shoulder, just relax. Jim was very specific about it harming just the one person. Misha promises it will only take out Morgan.” 

 Jared still didn’t look convinced, “Jim, are you sure about this? How about we go over there and trash the place, shoot Morgan and make it look like a robbery.” Jared was sounding desperate.

 “Jay, I’ve spoken to Misha and what he has sent will do the job, trust me. Look. Do ya want the long version of the curse or the short version?”

 “What’s the difference?” Jensen enquired.

 “Around three hours, Latin and Greek translations and a discussion on why the Muppets are agents of Satan”

 “Oh! Ok. Then how about we go for the short version? I don’t think I can stay awake for the Directors Cut.” Jensen yawned as if to prove a point.

 “Don’t worry; it’s a simple cursed object. Misha took great pains telling the story of it, and why it wreaks such havoc on anyone who owns it. A real three-handkerchief tragedy, but to cut a very long story very short, the object gives whoever is in possession of it what their heart desires.”

 “And that kills them how, exactly?” Jared was still in flight mode, eyeing the strategic exit point. He was considering throwing the mattress out of the window, then himself and getting Chris to pass Jensen to him.

 Jim gave a mirthless laugh, “Well, after they get what they want, it takes it away or twists it round. Basically it causes the victim to commit suicide, driven mad by desire or fear. Look, no one has ever survived to explain exactly how the damn thing works. Misha just assures me it works, and from what he says, it works pretty damn quickly.”

 “How do we retrieve it when it’s done the job, then?” Jared asked.

 “Well Jay, this is where I come in. Misha told me not to worry about that, it would find its own way home. Before you ask, Misha strikes again. I don’t know what he meant.” With that, Chris reached into his bag and produced a box.

 “This is one of Misha’s curse boxes, best damn protection out there. That and the fact Misha spent the best part of a day covering me in wards and protection charms, so I can transport the damn thing back when it’s done. All I know is that I got five days to get it back to Misha before it gets anxious to find a new playmate. So if it’s alright by you guys, as soon as it’s done, I’ll be taking it back.” They all stared at the box in awe.

 “I hate to ask but what is it exactly?” Jensen couldn’t tear his eyes away, fully expecting the box to leap up and attack them.

 “It’s a necklace of all things. When Misha brought it in, he was wearing gloves and chanting. I thought it was a nuke! Turns out I’m right. So far it’s killed nineteen owners and Morgan will be number twenty.”

 “What’s the price? Come on, Jim. You know there is always a price when you use cursed objects.” Jared’s voice was low and fearful.

 Jim shook his head and sighed “Look Jay, you know Misha. He blinded me with science, and the best I got from him was ‘both of you have to be present’. Don’t look at me like that. It’s Misha, for God’s sake. I promise you, Jared, the only person at risk is Morgan.”

  “I still don’t like it, but God forgive me, it might be the only way to ensure Jensen is going to be safe from him.” Jared squeezed Jensen’s hand and stood up. Jared cleared away the trays. “I’ll take these down to your mom, Jensen. Somehow I don’t think we are gonna want her coming in here tonight.” With that, Jared left the room leaving Jensen, Jim and Chris together.

 Jim rubbed his hand across his face, his eyes focused on Jensen. “You know, you’re really damn calm about this Jensen. I mean, demons, curses and ghosts an’ you ain’t fazed in the slightest. I’ve heard of having an open mind, but damn, there’s open and there’s open.”

 Jensen gave Jim a smile “Ever heard of Father Kim Manners?” Jim’s jaw dropped open.

 “What or who the hell is that?” Chris asked.

 “Never you mind, Chris. Suddenly a few things just became a little clearer.” Chris stared in amazement as Jim’s face lit up in a smile.


 Across town Jeffrey Dean Morgan sat staring into space, his mind racing with possibilities. Plans were formulated and discarded as rapidly as they were born. Morgan reached for the bottle of Bourbon and poured himself another drink. Tonight had been a complete disaster, Morgan had lost Jensen, and he had such high hopes for his ‘David’. Everything had been ready and all Morgan had thought he had to do was tie up loose ends. 

 There was only one loose end and that was Eddie. When he’d told Jensen he had plans to make his escape look real, Morgan had been telling the truth. Eddie would’ve had an unfortunate accident. A victim of the demon as it escaped, and with Eddie gone no one would ever know about Jensen’s new home. Or even the fact that Jensen was down there, now it looked as if plans had changed.

 Morgan took another sip of his drink, licking his lips at the burn of the amber liquid. He knew he couldn’t go and retrieve Jensen while Colt and his friends were in town, but he was a patient man. Colt would soon be gone, off saving another soul and Morgan was pretty sure that Jensen would try and follow, as soon as he’d recovered enough to travel. Morgan wasn’t worried about Jensen talking about his ordeal, especially after his performance in the church. Jensen had confirmed the town’s suspicions about him, anything that was said would be attributed to the demon talking.

  Jensen’s only real option was to leave town as quickly as he could, and that was when Morgan would claim what was his. When he’d been preparing Mackenzie to become his companion they had often talked about Jensen and one very interesting fact was Jensen was terrified of flying. In fact, he’d taken the train to come home. Morgan smiled. It was ideal. After all, the security at train stations was much more lax than at airports. Plus, he was sure he could convince Eddie to help with the lure of more than one night with Jensen, a promise that would never be kept; Jensen was his and his alone.

 Also, if things didn’t go according to plan, it would be Eddie’s face on the security cameras. It would be easy enough to get Eddie to follow Jensen onto the train, and then snatch him from his sleeping compartment.

  Morgan relaxed as he savoured his drink. Colt and his friends may have done him a favour after all. The good townsfolk would see Jensen leave to return to his old life, and if he vanished en route, well, it would be tragic but nothing to do with him.

 Morgan sank down, feeling happier than he had all night. In the morning he would finish Jensen’s rooms and put in the finishing touches. First of all, he would make sure the collar and cuffs were waiting to be put on Jensen, and then he would finish the security measures and the recording equipment, enabling Morgan to relive his time with Jensen over and over. He was even considering an internet link so he could ‘share’ Jensen with others, but that would come once Jensen fully appreciated what Morgan was to him.

 In the stillness of the room there was a whispered voice. “Morgan,” the voice was soft, melodic and female. Morgan sat bolt upright and his hand flew to his desk drawer where he kept the gun that would be used to tie up the loose end.

 “Morgan.”  There was the whisper again. Morgan shivered. Where was it coming from? He couldn’t see anyone, and that voice... there was something hauntingly familiar about it. As he scanned the room Morgan failed to spot the vapour trail of his breath as the temperature dropped.

 It was then he spotted the light under the door that led to down to his favourite room. His heart rate picked up, was there someone down there? Fuck! The last thing he wanted was an intruder; if he had to kill them, then he would have to dispose of the body. The sheriff’s department was dumb, but even he would have trouble explaining the room away.

 Morgan took a calming breath and moved towards the door, opening it cautiously. There was no one lying in wait for him as he made slow progress down the stairs, listening intently for movement.  “Morgan, I’m waiting.” This time the woman’s voice was a little louder. Morgan froze. How had she gotten in and what did she want?

 He made one last pause and swung into the main room, gun held out in front of him. He was rooted to the spot by what he found waiting for him.

 Instead of a woman he found a naked man kneeling in the centre of the room. The head was bowed, but there was no mistaking who it was. “Jensen?” Morgan winced at how desperate he sounded. He had to be hallucinating; Jensen was at his parent’s house.

 Morgan walked forward, slowly drinking in the vision before him. Jensen was wearing the collar; it fitted perfectly, just tight enough to be an ever-present reminder of Morgan’s ownership. Round Jensen’s wrists were the cuffs and attached to them was a length of chain. As he came closer to the kneeling man he spotted more details. Morgan noticed that Jensen’s nipples and navel were pierced with the bars he’d wanted to use. Morgan slowly circled the figure, halting behind Jensen, his eyes sweeping down his back. There were marks of ownership, welts from a whip and what looked like handprints on his hips where they had been gripped tightly, without mercy.

 Morgan growled. How someone dare do that to his property! “Morgan, I hope you don’t mind but we started working on his training for you. Nothing too much, just a few strokes of the whip, and don’t worry about the bruises on his hips, he hasn’t been fucked. But he did struggle when he was pierced; we had to hold him somehow. He makes such pretty sounds.”

 Morgan was suddenly aware of another presence in the room; the woman who he heard was there. She had long, dark hair and bright, blue eyes and she wore a simple, black dress. In her hands was the whip, curled, ready to use.

 “Who are you?” Morgan was unable to tear his eyes from the woman. He knew her, but where from? She walked forward to Morgan, a seductive smile playing on her lips.

 “You don’t remember me? Never mind, I’m sure it will come back to you soon enough, but in the mean time, don’t you like my gift?” Her eyes flicked down to Jensen’s kneeling form.

 Morgan was startled by this comment “Gift? I don’t understand. Why is Jensen a gift?”

 “My, my and I thought you were an intelligent man, Mr Morgan. Remember in the church what you offered for one night with Jensen? Well, I don’t want your soul. There will be a price to be paid, but Jensen is yours to do with as you please.” As she spoke she clicked her fingers, and Jensen stood waiting, head bowed with his hands at his sides.

 “Command him, Morgan. Do as you wish, he is yours.” With that the woman stepped to one side, allowing Morgan access to his heart’s desire. Morgan lowered the gun, and then slipped it into his waistband. Stepping up behind Jensen, he reached out to touch the man in front of him. Heart racing as he touched the abused flesh of Jensen’s back, at first tentatively and then with more pressure as he explored the marks. Jensen gasped with pain at the touch but made no other sound. 

 Morgan moved his hands lower and placed them on the slim hips. His hands perfectly covered the bruises already there, and he pulled Jensen closer. “I told you, you were mine. Now it’s time for you to accept that. Put your arms above your head, Jensen.” Morgan watched as Jensen struggled to disobey, but slowly his arms rose until they fully extended. The fists were clenched and Jensen was breathing hard as if he had fought against the movement, but had no choice but to comply with the order. 

 Morgan let out a delighted laugh. It was a simple matter to loop the chain over the hook in the ceiling, and from there Morgan slowly pulled the chain taut. Jensen was hoisted up onto his toes, unable to move. Attempting to relieve the pressure on his tortured shoulders, he swayed precariously. Morgan watched Jensen’s struggle to keep his footing. He moved in front of him, admiring the burning anger in the green eyes, mingled with pain and just a flicker of fear.

 Morgan slowly ran his hands down his torso, his thumbs flicking the bars in the nipples and tugging at the bar in the navel, eliciting a whimper. Morgan reached lower until he cupped Jensen’s balls, giving a cruel squeeze, enjoying the anger giving way to pain as Jensen bit down hard on his lip to prevent himself screaming.


 Jared was startled awake by a pained whimper from Jensen. After Jared had returned from taking the tray back to Mrs Ackles, he’d found Jensen, Chris and Jim in conversation. Jensen had smiled up at Jared, and promptly given a jaw-breaking yawn.  “Ok, kids, play time is over. It’s time for bed.” Jared stood with his hands on his hips.

 “Yes mom,” Jensen’s voice was heavy with sleep, and he slipped down the bed. Within seconds his breathing had evened out. Chris raised his hands and got off the bed; the three men settled down to spend the night. Chris slept with his head resting on his duffle bag,   Jim lay beside him and Jared decided to keep watch as Jensen slept.

 Jared cursed to himself as he realized he’d fallen asleep and now Jensen was in the grip of a nightmare. Jared got to his knees and gently touched Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen’s distress was obvious, he twitched and gasped. “Jensen, you’re safe. Come on, wake up.” There was no response Jared shook him a little harder and still Jensen didn’t wake.

 Jared began to panic. Why couldn’t he wake Jensen? Suddenly Jensen’s arms started to rise and Jensen fought against the movement, his breathing sped up as he struggled. The bed clothes were kicked off during Jensen’s struggles and Jared attempted to calm him. As he bent over to lay a comforting hand on his shoulder, Jared’s hoodie rode up. Jared froze. When he’d been tending to Jensen’s injuries, Jared was certain there hadn’t been hand-shaped bruises on Jensen’s hips.

 Jared gently pulled up the hoodie and was confronted by Jensen’s body covered in marks that he knew had not been there earlier.

 “Chris, Jim, for fucks sake, wake up. Something’s happening to Jensen, help me!” Chris appeared at his shoulder. 

 “Jay, I can’t wake Jim. What the hell is going on? Crap! I don’t remember those marks. Jesus, it looks like Morgan’s been using his piercing toys.” Jared’s head snapped up, his mouth was working but no sound came out.

 “Shit dude, don’t you freak out on me as well. Jay, tell me what’s going on in that damn head of yours.”

 Jared let go of Jensen and he spun round to where Jim lay. Jim’s face was contorted with grief, and he was whispering something. Jared shook his friend and like Jensen there was no response. Jared ran his fingers through his hair. “You stupid son of a bitch. Misha warned you what would happen. Dammit Jim, you’ve given Morgan exactly what he wanted and now you’re trapped as well.”

 Chris grabbed Jared by the shoulder and dragged him to his feet. “Look Sasquatch, just tell me what the fuck is happening? What do we do?”

 “Remember what Misha said to Jim, ‘both have to be present’. I think I know what that means.”

 “Well, don’t just stand there. Tell me, for God’s sake.” Chris looked on the verge of wanting to kill somebody and Jared knew who he would want to kill when he told him what he thought.

 “I think it’s the curse. What is Morgan’s heart’s desire?”

 “You mean apart from kinky sex with whoever takes his eye.” As Chris said it he rolled his eyes, “Ah Hell, you don’t think, do ya?” The hunter’s shoulders slumped. “What about Jim, though What’s he got to do with it?”

 “Think about it, Chris. Jensen is what Morgan wants most so the curse has given Morgan exactly that. As for Jim, the only thing I can think of is that whoever casts the curse has to be present too.”

 “So why ain’t it me, then? I planted the fucking necklace so I should be there, not Jim.” Chris’s frustration was clear in his voice.

Jensen’s agitation increased, and Jared watched in horror as blood appeared on his lips from how hard he’d bitten them. Also the bruises on his hips seemed to darken, and his nipples became swollen and red. Jensen’s body arched up from the bed and a low, pained moan was forced from between his abused lips.

 As Jared moved towards Jensen, Jim’s agitation grew as well. The litany of sounds Jared had heard finally formed into words... “Rachel! Oh God, Rachel. No! Please don’t do that. Let Jensen go. I’m begging you, please Rachel.” Jim’s pleading words tore into Jared and Chris

 “Fuck Jay! Is that why it’s Jim, not me? You think Rachel is there as well?”

 Jared sank to his knees between the two men “I don’t know, Chris! Fuck! I just don’t know. All we can hope is that whatever is happening finishes soon. I don’t know how much of this either of them can take.”


 Morgan gripped Jensen’s hips hard, pulling the bound man closer to him. He ran his tongue down Jensen’s neck, down to the pierced nipples. When he reached them he pulled first one then the other into his mouth, tugging painfully on the bars. He savoured Jensen’s breathy moans of distress.

 “Now you’re getting the idea. I knew it wouldn’t take too long. How about trying out that new whip of yours? Like I said, he makes such pretty sounds.” The woman was pressed close against him and Morgan held out his hand for the whip.

 “But we need to discuss the price first. When you take the whip from my hand you are agreeing to a little contract. It’s nothing too strenuous. After tonight, you let Jensen go and spend the rest of eternity with us.” 

 Morgan lowered his hand, he still held Jensen close, enjoying how he tried to pull away from him. “What do you mean? And who is ‘us’?” Morgan was wary of the woman now. He knew her, but where from? Her identity was just on the edge of his awareness, but he couldn’t make the final connection.

 “Oh sweetheart, I’m crushed, and you even met my daddy. You remember the biker? The one who said he was my uncle.” 

 Morgan jerked away from Jensen; he backed away from the smiling woman, “No! It can’t be, you’re dead!” Morgan’s panic-stricken plea roused Jensen from his pain, and he lifted his head to watch as Morgan fell to his knees.

 Morgan was looking round the room with terrified eyes, “I know you’re dead, he told me you were.” 

 “Just say my name, Counsellor Winchester; it’s not that hard to remember, is it?”   The young woman swayed towards the man cowering on the floor.

 “Rachel! Oh God Rachel! I’m so sorry. Forgive me, please.”   Morgan rocked back and forth as he spoke.

 “No, that’s not the name you gave me, is it? Just say my name, Counsellor.” Rachel stood over Morgan, no longer a seductive demon but an avenging angel.

 “Please, don’t. No....” Morgan’s pleas were unheeded, “Alright slut, I’m begging you, don’t hurt me.”

 Rachel stepped back and smiled in victory, “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Just think of all the fun we can have together. You, me and the other companions, remember them?” As she spoke the air shimmered and Morgan was surrounded by the figures of his previous victims.

 Morgan made a strangled sound as hands clutched at his clothes. He felt cold, clammy fingers caress his skin, and the fetid stench of decay filled his nostrils.

 Morgan finally looked up, fully expecting to see rotting corpses; instead he was greeted by the sight of all his former companions looking healthy and happy to see him. “Like I said, Morgan, there is a price to be paid for being able to do as you wish with Jensen. All you have to do is take the whip from my hands and the contract is signed.”

 Once again Rachael offered the whip to Morgan, “After I’ve spent the night with Jensen then what happens?” Morgan’s hand inched towards the whip, unable to tear his eyes from Jensen as he fought against his bonds.

 Rachel smiled sweetly at her former tormentor. “Then you get to spend the rest of eternity with us, Morgan, and this time we will be the ones doing the training.”

 Morgan flinched as he felt cuffs snap round his wrist and his throat constricted as a collar closed round it. He turned his eyes from Rachel and the others back to his heart’s desire. He held his hands out imploringly towards Jensen, “Help me, please Jensen. Don’t let them hurt me.”

 Jensen ceased his struggles and looked at Morgan kneeling on the floor. “No, I won’t help you, because if I do what’s to stop you going after Mac or someone else? I can’t take that chance, Morgan. You’re on your own.” Jensen’s head dropped forward, his chest heaving with the exertion it took to speak.

 Morgan shook his head frantically as he backed away from Rachel. He only stopped when his back struck the wall. He clawed at the wall, his nails raking the tiles.

 “If you don’t want him, then I guess we can have some fun then.” With that Rachel and the other companions turned towards Jensen. Morgan watched as they ran their hands over his body; he responded to their touch, moaning with pleasure. Rachel stepped up to Jensen. Raising her hand she threaded her fingers in his hair and pulled him forward for a kiss. The kiss was harsh and bruising, Rachel bit at the full lips.

 Morgan let out a hoarse cry “No.” He tried to lunge forward to stop Rachel, but he found himself being held in place by two of his earlier male companions.

 Rachel turned back to Morgan; her lips were red with Jensen’s blood. She licked at them, giving a sigh of pleasure at the coppery taste that lingered on her lips. 

 “I said, don’t touch him.”   Morgan tore himself free of his captors. He pulled the gun from his waistband and with a roar of triumph he pointed the gun at Rachel.

 “That won’t work, Morgan, we’re already dead. None of us survived our second Masters. Why don’t you be a good little boy and just sit back and enjoy the show.” Rachel bent over and tenderly stroked Morgan’s cheek, a mocking smile on her face.

 Morgan gasped at the burning cold that engulfed him. He watched helplessly as Jensen was circled by the apparitions of his former companions. At a signal from Rachel they stopped, and a young woman with short, blonde hair dropped to her knees. She placed her hands over the handprints on Jensen’s hips. With that she leant forward. Opening her mouth, she took Jensen’s cock into her mouth and begun to suck. Jensen groaned and shivered at the touch of the woman’s mouth, unable not to respond to the stimulation.

 Morgan whimpered at the sight before him; he spotted one of the men who had held him approaching Jensen. The man was as tall as Jensen, well muscled and Morgan remembered how he’d broken him. The man walked up behind Jensen, getting close enough to just lean forward and kiss Jensen’s neck. At the new sensation Jensen’s head fell back against the man’s shoulder.

 It was then Morgan realized the man was naked, as he continued to kiss Jensen; his eyes were fixed on Morgan’s deep-brown eyes. He smiled at the Preacher as he placed his hands over the woman’s hands and he moved even closer. Smiling as he kicked Jensen’s feet apart, allowing Morgan an unhindered view, he pressed his erect cock against Jensen’s entrance, rocking back and forth making Jensen whimper with need.

 Rachel knelt beside Morgan and whispered, “I hope you enjoy this as much as Jensen will, we’re all going to fuck him. Just think, it could’ve been you. All you had to do was say yes.” Morgan turned towards Rachel and he took the whip from her, just praying he would be able to change her mind.

 Morgan looked up to beg Rachel to be allowed to enjoy Jensen, but the pleas died in his throat. Morgan saw Rachel as she was when she died at her new owner’s hands - battered, bleeding. He turned to look at the others, the woman on her knees - her neck was bent at an odd angle. The man holding Jensen preparing to push his way in - half his face was missing from a gunshot.

 Rachel took Morgan’s face in her hands and kissed him with her ruined lips “There you are, Preacher. Welcome to your new family, now go and enjoy Jensen.”

 Morgan’s eyes widened in horror at the knowledge of what he was facing Unthinking, he raised the gun, placing it under his chin, and for a split second just as he pulled the trigger he caught Jensen’s eye. The expression of ecstasy was gone; all that remained was pain, shame and terror at what he was going through. As the bullet tore through his brain Morgan’s last feeling was rage at being tricked.


 Jared and Chris were suddenly startled by a violent movement from Jensen. They had been forced to watch as Jensen had struggled weakly against invisible bonds. They saw fresh injuries appear and heard soft cries and whimpers. Jensen arched up off the bed, his eyes flying open. Before Jared could react he was knocked out of the way by Jim.

 “Jensen! Oh sweet Jesus! I’m so sorry...I had no idea....please just please forgive me.” Jim had wrapped Jensen in his arms and was rocking gently to try and calm the distraught man. Jensen’s eyes were wild and he shook uncontrollably. Tears spilled from his eyes and Jared wasn’t sure that Jensen was with them.

 “Christ Jim! What the fuck happened to you two? Where did all those marks come from and will Jensen be alright.” Chris leaned over towards Jim; Jensen saw the movement and flinched away. “Dammit! God I’m sorry, Jensen.” Chris hovered protectively; he looked at Jim and was shocked to see him crying.

 “Chris back off a little, just give them space. They’ll tell us what happened when they’re ready.” Jared was watching the two men on the bed; Jim was still holding Jensen in his arms. He was gently stroking Jensen’s hair. Slowly Jensen calmed down, the shivering diminished and Jensen seemed more aware of his surroundings.

 “Jim, I didn’t mean what I said to Morgan. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t do that even to him.” Jim shook his head, silencing Jared and Chris.

 “Jim, I’m so sorry you had to see Rachel like that. You know it wasn’t her, don’t you? Please try and remember she was not as you saw her tonight.” Jensen’s voice was weak and he gripped Jim’s hand.

 “Jensen, son, you have nothing to apologise for. It was the curse. Look, you get some rest now and let me and the boys take care of you. Right?” Jim’s voice was soft as if trying to calm a frightened child. Jensen blinked at Jim; it looked as though he was trying to speak again but the trauma of the night’s events finally won out and pulled him down into oblivion.

 Jim stayed as he was, “Jared, Chris, get Jensen some fresh clothes. We’re gonna need to clean him up a little. Fetch some washcloths from the bathroom. Also there’s a first-aid kit in my bag, he’ll need his wrists bandaging and his feet too. Come on, move!” The order was delivered in clipped tones and Jared and Chris leapt into action.

 Chris disappeared into the bathroom and Jared gathered up the supplies Jim requested. Once everything was laid out ready, Jim finally put Jensen’s limp body down on the bed. The men worked in silence, quickly stripping Jensen of his clothes, and then they wiped him down gently with the warm washcloths. As they applied fresh bandages and antiseptic cream Jared kept a constant watch on Jensen, ensuring he wasn’t too distressed. 

 Once Jensen was dressed again and put back into bed Jared looked over at his mentor, “I think you have some explaining to do.” Jim nodded sadly; he reached into his bag and produced a bottle of Bourbon. Chris produced three glasses, Jared quirked an eyebrow.

 “Put it like this. I got my own whisky with me, but I’d rather drink Jim’s. Now, are you gonna convince me not to take you outside and smack you stupid for what happened here tonight?” As he spoke, Chris handed the glasses to Jim.

 Jim poured them all a drink and began to talk. By the time he was finished the once-full bottle was half empty.

 “Holy shit, Jim! Are you gonna be ok and do you think Jensen will be alright after this?”   Kane voiced his question softly.

 Jim shrugged his shoulders, “I know, I’ll get over it eventually. Hell, I suppose it gave me closure in a way. After seeing them like that at the end I know I did the right thing. As for Jensen, I don’t know how alright he’ll be.” 

 Jared was watching the man sleeping on the bed; he would’ve liked to have said his rest was peaceful but judging by the restless movements it was anything but. “What do you mean, Jim?” 

 “Jay, he’s too damn calm. The way he was supporting me when I talked about Rachel and how he wanted us to know he meant Morgan no ill will - that boy is like a powder keg, he needs to let go. Shit! Morgan and that bastard Eddie tortured him for a month and hardly a twitch. Look, physically he’ll be fine in a few weeks, but emotionally he’s shut down.”

 “Chris drained his glass and held it out for a refill. “What can we do about it, man? Look, we just rescue ‘em and send ‘em on their way. It’s well above our pay grades.”

 “You don’t mean that. Surely Chris, there has to be something we can do?”

 “Listen Jay, I agree with Jim. He’s shut down. Well, I’d say he’s gone into ‘nurse mode’, taking care of others before himself, kind of self-defence mechanism like his sarcasm. What he needs is to blow his top.”

 “Oh, that’s just brilliant, Chris. Get him to lose his temper and he’ll be all better.” Jared’s words were bitter, he could understand a little of Jensen was facing, counsellors, sympathetic friends and relatives but it didn’t help. Jared had bitter experience of that. “We saved his body, just a pity we can’t save his mind as well.”

 Chris watched as his friend’s shoulders drooped, he knew that Jensen’s problems wouldn’t disappear overnight.   Jared was missing the point he was trying to make. He raised his eyes to Jim; he could see that Jim understood what he was trying to say. Both knew Jensen had disconnected his emotions to protect himself, worrying about others, cracking jokes. What Jensen needed was to be made to face what had happened to him. Hell, it wouldn’t cure the problem, but it just might start the healing process.

 Jared scrubbed at his tired eyes, “Are you sure that Morgan is dead? Could it have been a trick?”

 Jim looked bemused “After what I saw, damned if I know for sure, Jay.” Then the three men took another drink. Chris played with his now-empty glass, and then he reached over to his bag. He pulled out the curse box from earlier.

 “Chris, what the hell are you doing? Hasn’t that thing caused enough damage tonight?” Jared spoke in alarm.

 Chris waved his hand and started to open the box, speaking as he did. “According to Misha the necklace is safe as long as it remains in its box, plus the curse box completely neutralises it. Besides, Misha saying it will come home is bothering me. “With that, Chris opened the curse box and removed another box. This was smaller and was covered in a deep-red lacquer which was chipped and worn from age. Chris took a deep breath and opened it. 

  He breathed in sharply “Son of a bitch! I don’t know whether to kill Misha or kiss the dumb bastard.” Chris turned the open box to Jared and Jim. Nestled in safely within was the cause of the night’s pain.

 “It ain’t much to look at, I know, but I think we can upgrade from slightly lethal.” Chris slammed the box shut and returned it to its prison. “Next time Jim, we listen to Misha properly. He told me not to worry about retrieving it and he was right, and to be honest he got the poetic justice right too. So it really does come home when the job is done”

 The three men sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts; Jim was wrapped up in grieving for his lost child all over again. Kane was planning some less than subtle payback on Eddie. Jared was watching Jensen, his heart bled for him. How do you recover from something like this? He hoped that Jensen would get love and support from his family. But a little voice nagged at him that Mac would be his only help. Jared wanted to stay for a while and help but he had to move on. Places to go, demons to hunt, monsters to kill, there was no time to help heal the victims.

 Just then Jensen whimpered in his sleep and once again he began to shiver. Jared stood up and knelt by the bed, he tried to calm Jensen down by stroking his arm “Jensen, come on. You’re safe.” But Jensen only shivered harder, and tears rolled down his face. Jared was at a loss as to what could he do to help. Suddenly he had an idea; he remembered Jensen’s response to being held by him. Jared got up on the bed behind Jensen and moved forward gently until Jensen’s back rested against his chest.

 At the first contact Jensen flinched away, curling in on himself. Jared waited until Jensen relaxed a little; then he tried again, speaking softly. “Hey, Jensen. Don’t you want to get warm again.... like in the basement?” Jensen’s eyes fluttered open and confused green eyes flickered round the room in fear as if afraid he was back in his cell. Jared cursed under his breath, he was trying to reassure him not scare him to death.

 Jensen turned his head towards Jared, his expressive eyes letting Jared see how lost and scared he was.  Jared lifted his arm towards Jensen, waiting to see what he’d do. Jensen moved towards him and nestled against him, Jared rested his hand over Jensen’s heart brushing his thumb back and forth.

 The warmth from Jared flooded through Jensen, and once again he felt safe in the other man’s arms. Slowly he relaxed, feeling the gentle pull of sleep; he fought against it knowing what lay in wait for him. In sleep his defences were down and Morgan would return to claim him, there was no place to run.

 “I’ll keep you safe, Jensen. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.” Jared’s whisper warmed Jensen further and acted as a lullaby, with that promise of protection letting him slip away from the world.

 Jared knew when Jensen had gone to sleep, the tension flowed from his form and the shivers slowly subsided. Jared watched him sleep, guilt gnawing at him for the promise he had made. Jared knew he would soon be gone and Jensen would be alone. All he could do was make the most the time he had left by Jensen’s side.

 Jared started awake. Shit! He hadn’t meant to go to sleep; he was supposed to be watching Jensen. Speaking of which, Jared became aware in the night he had rolled over onto his back. Jensen had followed him; he was on his side; his head rested on Jared’s shoulder. Jared smiled at the contact, enjoying the moment when he became aware he was being watched.

 Chris and Jim stood at the bottom of the bed, grinning “Ah, don’t they make a lovely picture? Hey Sasquatch, can we come to the wedding?” Chris beamed as Jared gave him the finger.

 Jensen stirred and slowly opened his eyes; he looked up at Jared, offering him a dreamy smile. Jared knew he was in trouble when he saw that. It would be so easy to give in and want to wake up to that expression every day.

 “Morning, Jensen, time to get up. We’ve got a lot to do before we go.” Jared’s forced cheerfulness sounded hollow, even to him. Jensen’s smile died and he made to get up.

 Overnight his body had stiffened up. Jensen found himself struggling to sit up. “Hey Jen, can I help?” Chris moved towards him, helping him to sit and supporting him as he got painfully out of bed. He glared at Jared over the top of Jensen’s bowed head. “Come on, shall we get you to the bathroom?” Chris wrapped his arm round Jensen’s waist and helped him limp from the room.

 Jared sat up. He could feel Jim glaring at him, “What? We’re going, aren’t we? Why prolong the agony? Like Chris said we save ‘em and move on.”

 “Jay, you’re a Grade A idjit, you know that. Jensen’s hanging on by his fingertips. Ya don’t have to push him over the edge.” Jim’s angry tone made Jared sag. He knew Jim was right. He was the one with the problem; Jensen shouldn’t have to suffer his burden as well.

 Jared stood up as Jensen and Chris came back into the room. Before Jared could apologise for being a prize idiot the doorbell rang. They heard muffled voices from downstairs. Donna Ackles’ voice could be heard rising in volume, along with Mackenzie’s. When Chris heard that he motioned Jared towards Jensen with his head.

 “I’ll check it out; you get him back to bed.” With that Chris was gone. Jared took up the position Chris had just vacated. As Jared took Jensen’s weight in his arms, he looked once again into those green eyes. Jared halted, faced with a silent plea, a plea for him to stay. Jared was falling deep into those eyes and before he could break free there were the sounds of footsteps on the stairs.

 Chris burst through the door, a wild, angry look on his face, closely followed by three men. It was the sheriff and two deputies who wore identical expressions of hostility that were aimed right at Jensen.

  Without preamble the sheriff spoke “Jensen Ross Ackles, you are under arrest for the murder of Preacher Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

Chapter 8

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    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

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    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

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  • Back to earth with a thump!

    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

  • Wish me luck!

    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

  • A musical interlude

    I found this on twitter and I thought I'd share it with you. Also I'm posting this on my phone, looks like in finally joining the twenty first…