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Merry Christmas one and all!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, Tis the season of goodwill to all men (especially if they have green eyes and freckles), a time when we slump in front of the television and watch endless repeats with barely a whinge as we reach for yet another chocolate.  Speaking of chocolates, the time of year when your daily fruit intake consists of orange and strawberry creams.

It's also the time of year when strange vegtables appear on your dinner plate....I mean why do we subject ourselves to brussel sprouts? They only make you windy, and mum's had them simmering on the stove since August.

If you're from the UK, it's the time of year when the soaps pull out all the stops!  I'm so looking forward to the usual festive fare of murder, mayhem and suicidal tendancies...nothing says Christmas like a punch up in the Queen Vic, followed by someone being run over in Corrie!

It's a time for family, and wondering just what your nearest and dearest is trying to tell you as you unwrap yet another set of smellies. The season when you have to listen to your mum telling you the last decent singer out there was Engelbert Humperdinck, and you manage to resist putting your playlist of the greatest hits of mullet rock on to prove her wrong.

But after all of that I wouldn't change a single thing about Christmas.....although if they cancelled Eastenders tomorrow, I wouldn't weep too much.

So Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, members of my fandom family have a cool yule and a happy new year. And fingers crossed that you find something lovely under the Christmas tree....

J2 2014

Merry Christ
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