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A Christmas round up and a happy new year to all

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters!  we've made it though another festive season, and as the minutes tick down on 2015 I thought I'd drop by and annoy you all!

To start with there was my mum's 80th birthday, we had an intimate little gathering in our house with enough food to feed the five thousand.  this is what I told milly_gal about the evening:

Now what can I tell you to cheer you up, well last night was mum's birthday knees up. Please bear in mind there was only 13 people in attendance(15 if you count the dogs). This was what mum served up, now I'd like you to hum the tune of the 12 days of Christmas to this little lot.

48 chicken drumsticks
18 mini pizzas
16 vegtable spring rolls
10 mini caminbert
12 mini quiches
12 mini pies
30 bread rolls cut for sandwiches....beef, ham, gammon, salmon and cheese. All to be put together by the guests.

Onto the deserts:
1 Strawberry gateaux
2 trifles
12 mini stollen bites
Brandy snaps
20 profiteroles

And a partridge in a pear tree. Actually I'm bloody glad she never thought of that! And we've got enough booze to give Dean alcohol poisoning. Although one old dear did drink a bottle of white wine to herself.

As you can see my mum never knowingly under caters!  Oh and as a matter of interest here is one her gifts from a dear friend.....

frog from hell
Go on admit it, it's bloody horrible! With friend's like that, you really don't need enemies.  I've even put a ring of salt round the bloody thing, I'm sure it was moving round the kitchen on it's own. And those yellow eyes follow you everywhere.....hang on yellow eyes?????? DDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

After performing a discret salt and burn on Mr Toad, we had a relaxing Christmas as my long suffering other half came down with the lurgy.  Poor Steve keeled over on the Tuesday, and we didn't see him again until 6pm on Christmas Eve! He's still suffering even now poor soul.

I'm going to take the time to say thank you to dizzojay for my awesome present

dizzo pres
I love it!  And I'll be wearing it at A16, and everywhere else I can.

Amongst my presents was the 30th anniversary edition of the Back To The Future films, that led to me having a little movie marathon of my own.  I also took delivery of the complete series of White Collar......hmmmm I wonder if there could be a time stamp to Strangers In The Night in the future?  I brought Steve Warehouse 13, and of course I'll have to watch it with him  Just to make sure the discs are in full working order you understand.

If anyone is interested I've got the first two seasons of White Collar on DVD, and I'll happily pass them along to a good home.

Now onto the new year, I never make resolutions simply because they only last five minutes.  But in 2016 I'm determined to try and write a little more, I have way too many stories I need to finish.  But on the other hand, I did manage to write 1200 words yesterday towards my reverse bang story.

So ladies here is to a wonderful 2016 and I wish health and happiness to one and all!

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