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08 March 2016 @ 01:18 pm
Alpha Male Madness 2016  
Originally posted by chellexxx at Alpha Male Madness 2016
Originally posted by metallidean_grl at Alpha Male Madness 2016
Get your clicking fingers ready.  The E!Online's annual Alpha Male Madness poll has started.  We are in Round 1 and Jensen is up against Mathew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds in this round.  Currently, Jensen is in the lead but as we learned last year, we can never relax when Jensen is ahead, no matter how large a lead he has.

We need to win this crown back for Jensen.  We were dealt a difficult blow with his loss last year, which was a rather unfair loss, IMHO, as it was hard to stack up a win when we even had Supernatural fans voting against our boy. Get out the word. Post the news on your own LJ and lets get as many people voting as we can.  As we all know, Jensen really and truly is the ultimate Alpha Male, and we need to get him his title back.

Here is the link for Round 1.  Happy voting!
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