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15 April 2016 @ 07:27 pm
Wednesday Night Down at The Anti-Christ's (3/3) Jared/Jensen  
Title: Wednesday Night Down at The Anti-Christ’s
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21680
Summary: Jared Padalecki always thought he was just an average guy, until the day his dad told him all about the family business. Now he’s trying to rule Hell, and deal with minions who keep offering him virgin sacrifices. If that wasn’t bad enough the latest offering just happens to be the man of his dreams.
Disclaimer: Here be fiction, folks. This isn’t real nor is it meant to reflect the relationship between the two men, whose names and faces I’m borrowing.  This is my very own little take on reality or as I like to think of it now, the wrong trouser leg of time, where our universe and this one split apart, and this universe is bathed in a rosy pink hue.
Author’s Notes: Just in case anyone is wondering this story was started a long, long time ago and was inspired by a conversation with stir_of_echoes about the colour of Jared’s eyes!  It’s amazing where my imagination goes if it’s left to its own devices. As always many thanks go to bigj52 for her tireless work in turning my scribbles into English. Also a big thank you to milly_gal for encouraging (nagging) me to keep working on this, so if you don’t like the story now you know who to blame *G*.

Wednesday Night photo imageedit_5_2133456062_zpsok1fs7or.gif

Jensen nodded, and licked his lips “A safe word?”  Jared nodded. “How about porta filter?” Jensen said innocently as Jared grinned at him.  For a moment nothing happened, and then Jensen found himself being manhandled. He was spun round as Jared sat down on the edge of the bed, and was quickly pulled down so he was bent over a pair of very muscular thighs, with his ass up in the air.  Before he had time to ask ‘what the Hell’, a large hand gently cupped his ass, and he moaned softly.

“I think we’ll start with six strokes. Now be a good boy for me.” Jared watched as Jensen tensed. He waited.  If the man lying across his lap didn’t want this, then he would stop.  Jensen sighed and went limp. Jared grinned and pulled back his hand.

Jared muttered a soft prayer under his breath, and brought his hand down sharply.  The crack of skin against skin rang out, and before he had time to change his mind about what he was doing, Jared pressed on quickly, following up with two more hits.  He paused to admire his ‘handiwork’, running his fingers over the curve of Jensen’s ass, and felt the heat pulsing from the cherry red skin. He felt the tension in Jensen’s body subside as he carried on stroking the smooth skin.

As Jared had set about ‘punishing’ him Jensen’s cock rubbed against Jared’s thigh. Every smack increased the friction, making him breathless and light headed. The spanking stopped and he was just starting to relax under Jared’s gentle touches, when there was another bright flare of pain and Jensen bit his lip and moaned.  This time the blow fell across the backs of his thighs just beneath his ass, as Jared was back in punishment mode with a vengeance.  Jensen shivered and humped Jared’s leg, smearing it liberally with the pre-come dribbling from his cock, as his lord and master continued to beat his ass.

As suddenly as his punishment started it stopped and in a dizzying display of strength and powers, Jensen was lifted and he found himself straddling Jared’s lap. The thought of how easily Jared had manhandled him, made Jensen almost lightheaded with lust. He moaned and winced as his now very tender ass came into contact with Jared’s thighs.

  Jared grinned at Jensen, flushed and panting as he squirmed on his lap. He quickly grabbed Jensen’s wrists again, and held them behind his back. He shot him a stern look, and the squirming stopped. “You bore your punishment well. I think you may indeed be worthy of my passion rod.”  Jared tried hard to stop the smile that was threatening to break out, and ruin his stern anti-Christ persona. He decided to distract himself by wrapping his hand round Jensen’s cock, and stroked it slowly, enjoying how Jensen threw his head back and moaned wantonly.

Jensen’s eyes rolled back and he whimpered as he fucked into Jared’s fist. He knew he was totally at the younger man’s mercy.  Where the fuck had his goofy, cute, puppy moose gone? He managed to pull himself together and focused on Jared.  The stern mask was slipping, as Jared tried desperately not to grin.  Jensen smirked, ready to wrest control back. He fell forward, resting himself against Jared’s firm body.

Jensen lips pressed gently against the long column of Jared’s throat, and he whispered breathily, “Please, take me, my lord.  I yearn to feel the power of your passion rod inside of me.  Claim me and make me your beloved consort.”  Jensen smiled against Jared’s neck, when he felt the other man’s shoulders start to shake with laughter.

Jared roared with laughter and wrapped his arms around Jensen’s waist; he turned and looked at him. Jensen tilted his head back and his lips found Jared’s. He made sounds of encouragement as Jared’s tongue swiped across his lips, before nibbling on them gently. He parted his lips and Jared’s tongue slipped inside, flicking in and out, exploring, claiming.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, and Jared stared into Jensen’s green eyes. “Do you really want that? Do you want to be with me?”  Jared’s voice was quiet and heartbreakingly vulnerable.

Jensen sat back and cupped Jared’s face in his hands. “Of course I want to be with you, Jared. I waited months for you to finally ask me out, and ok, this wasn’t the first date I had in mind, but how many guys can say they’ve been up close and personal with the Anti-Christ’s passion rod?” They burst out laughing again, and then Jensen leant closer, sucking gently on the pulse point on Jared’s neck, working his way up to his ear.

 Jensen whispered huskily, “Plus, I’d hate that ritual bath go to waste. Now how about showing what magic moves you’ve got....?”  Jensen slipped his hand between them, and stroked Jared’s long, thick cock, rubbing his thumb gently over the head, as pre come spilled from the slit and flowed down, making his fingers slick.  Jensen lifted his hand to his lips and licked, savouring the taste of Jared on them.

Jared watched Jensen suck on his fingers and growled softly. He pulled Jensen down and crushed their lips together.  He tasted himself on those full lips, and a rush of arousal and want slammed through him.  Once again Jared felt the familiar tingle as his powers kicked in.  He wondered what was happening as he heard the crinkle of foil. Jared gasped as he felt thin latex rolling down his cock, followed by the slick of lube.

Jared’s eyes shot open, and he found Jensen was mirroring his shocked expression.  They pulled apart. “Now that’s a very useful power,” Jensen said, with awe in his voice as he looked at Jared’s condom-covered cock.

 With a smirk, Jared grabbed the perfectly pert globes of Jensen’s ass and hoisted him up.  His cock slipped between Jensen’s ass cheeks, and rode the crease as he flexed his hips. Jensen groaned as Jared pushed two fingers deep inside of him.  Just when Jensen thought it couldn’t get any better, Jared found the little bundle of nerves inside of him that made him see stars and pressed against it. Jensen writhed in Jared’s arms whimpering, as Jared stroked his prostrate over and over, each touch taking him higher. “Damn, now we’re talking. Come on. I really want to see what that passion rod of yours can do,” Jensen purred, peppering light kisses over Jared’s face as he pushed down onto his fingers again.

“But of course, my beloved consort, I can’t refuse you anything.  Get ready to be split apart upon my passion rod,” Jared growled lowly, as Jensen laughed and muttered ‘doofus’ at him.

 Jensen rose up a little on his knees, and the head of Jared cock’s caught on the rim of his hole. He circled his hips as he pushed down, his hands flying to the younger man’s broad shoulders. Shuddering as he felt the head breach the ring of muscle, Jensen took a shaky breath, and slowly sank down, feeling the burn as Jared’s huge cock stretched him even more.  Jensen was hyper aware of Jared’s huge hands on his hips, gripping him tightly, his short nails digging into his skin, anchoring him. Because if this kept getting better he was going to fly apart at the seams.  He knew there was going to be bruises, and he shivered at the thought of wearing Jared’s marks. Then Jensen heard Jared softly call his name and he opened his eyes.

As Jensen lowered himself down onto his cock, Jared had just about managed to stop him from just pulling him down hard, and thrusting into that sweet tight heat. His hands went to Jensen’s hips and supported him, holding him so tightly he was worried that he was hurting him. He leant forward. “Jensen?” he said softly and the other man opened his eyes. His pupils were so blown there was barely a slither of green showing. There was no pain there, only pleasure and god, he was gorgeous like this, and he made the sweetest sounds. The soft little gasp he let out as his beaten ass settled on his thighs, just made Jared want to see what other kinds of sounds he could get Jensen make.

The two men sat there breathing hard, their hot breath ghosting over each other’s skin. It was Jared who found his voice when he noticed Jensen shivered as he tightened his grip on his hips. “Do you like that?  Does the thought of letting people see you belong to me turn you on?”  Jared’s lips brushed over Jensen’s ear lobe as he spoke, and then grazed it with his teeth as Jensen whimpered.  Jared grinned. It seemed Jensen had a few little kinks, and he might be a good guy, but he wasn’t above playing dirty.

Jensen dug his fingers into Jared’s shoulders and smirked when Jared hissed, “How about I let people see you belong to me? How do you think the four musketeers would react to that?” He grinned at the worried look on Jared’s face. “Now stop thinking so hard, and damn well fuck me.”  He tilted his head to the side, baring his throat to Jared.

Jared’s face lit up with a smile. “Yes, sir.”

Jensen quirked his eyebrow. “I thought we were getting to the good part...” Before Jensen could say anymore, Jared lifted him up and then pulled him back down hard, fastening his lips onto Jensen’s neck and sucked hard.

 Jensen writhed in his arms as he worked him up and down on his cock; he’d always been strong but this was something else. Jared thought he really should thank his dad for this at some point, but he didn’t think Gerald would appreciate a note thanking him for giving him powers that allowed him to fuck his boyfriend senseless.

Jared rolled his hips. Jensen keened and stiffened in his arms, and he knew he’d just found the magic spot. Jared did it again and again. God, he was right. Jensen really did make the sweetest sounds.  The muscles in Jensen’s ass were squeezing his cock so tightly it was making spots dance in front of his eyes. Then he heard a deep throaty chuckle from Jensen, as the man in his arms found his own rhythm and suddenly Jensen was no longer a passive partner.

Jared gasped as Jensen’s muscular thighs squeezed him tight and Jensen undulated sinuously against him.  Now Jensen was riding him hard, his legs shaking with strain as he moved up and down. Each time Jared’s cock hit his prostate, he swore softly.

The two men moved together chasing the delicious high of orgasm. Jensen brought his lips down onto to Jared’s; the kiss was sloppy and opened mouth. Jensen bit desperately at Jared’s lips, “Please, Jay, so good. So fucking good...oh shit!” His voice faded as Jared snapped his hips upwards, and Jensen arched backward, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure.

Jared appreciated the long graceful bow of his body, taking in the defined muscles and sweat sheened skin. He leaned forward and ran his tongue up over Jensen’s torso, savouring the salty flavour with just a hint of rose petal.  It was a heady addictive mixture and he wanted to taste more of it. He wrapped his arms around the smaller man and pulled him close to his chest.  As he continued to thrust into Jensen, he sucked yet another mark into his pale freckled skin. Jared could feel Jensen’s cock rubbing against his stomach. It slid over his abs, painting them with pre-come, and Jensen whined at the friction. “Do you want to come, Jensen? Perhaps I should just torment you like this for hours.  Fuck you over and over, until all you can do is beg me for mercy.  Would you like that?” Jared said hoarsely.

Jensen shivered at the threat, he needed to come. Jared was driving him crazy.  What with his huge and fucking perfect cock pounding into him, and the way Jared was manhandling him, if he didn’t come soon he was going to go out of his friggin’ mind. He whimpered as Jared’s lips found his nipple, and sucked on it with abandon.

Jared lifted his head off the tight nub and smirked evilly. “Come on, Jensen, it’s not like you to be this quiet.  Not so bossy now, are you?”

Jensen held on tighter as Jared lifted him up again. As he brought him back down, he panted, “Is that all you’ve got, Jared? I thought you were going to show me what your passion rod was capable of.”

Jensen heard a growl and then he was moving, as Jared flipped them over. His back was pressed into the bed and once again Jared pinned his hands above his head. It was even more impressive as Jared’s cock stayed firmly in his ass.

Jared looked down and rolled his hips slowly, earning a low breathy moan as Jensen wrapped his legs round his waist, pulling him deeper. “Hang on tight. Let’s see what this baby can really do.” Jared made a shallow thrust and Jensen squirmed, but groaned in pain at his cheesy dialogue.

Jared began to move slowly, each thrust of his hips deep and powerful as Jensen arched up to meet them. Then he began to pick up the pace, his hips snapping forward savagely, pushing Jensen down into the bed as he fucked into him hard.

Jensen gasped as Jared’s cock hit his prostate over and over. He was tantalizingly close to coming but he couldn’t reach the final peak.  He tried to get his hands free, so he could take matters into his own hands. But Jared took it as an escape attempt and he growled possessively, thrusting even faster, holding Jensen’s wrists tighter.

The bed shook under the onslaught and Jared mouthed at Jensen’s throat roughly. He was lost in the sensation of Jensen’s tight heat squeezing his cock, and how he moved under him, not just lying there taking it.  Through the haze of pleasure Jared heard Jensen speaking, but his words were jumbled and pleading. Finally he came back to himself and listened to what Jensen was saying.

“Please, Jay, you gotta, let me come. Oh fuck, I need to come....please, Jay, let me.”  Suddenly Jared was scared he’d hurt Jensen, and the brutal pace slowed to gentler movements. His rough treatment of Jensen’s neck ceased, as he soothed the abused skin with gentle kisses and muttered apologies.

“Shhh, it’s ok, I’ve got you. Relax, Jen, I’ll get you there,” Jared whispered soothingly and he felt the muscles in Jensen’s ass clamp down hard on his cock again.  He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, and when he stared into Jensen’s eyes, he saw nothing but pleasure in them. The furious fucking of earlier gave way to slow and tender lovemaking.

As Jared rocked slowly into him, Jensen’s heart beat wildly. This tenderness was almost overwhelming him, and Jared was looking at him as if he was the most precious thing he’d ever seen.  Jensen’s eyes widened as he felt a hand curl around his cock. “Jay?” he whispered, shocked as he tilted his head back and saw Jared was still holding his wrists.

Jared nuzzled his neck and said, “I told you I’d take care of you. Now let go for me, Jensen.”

Jensen threw his head back as the phantom touches increased. Not only were they on his cock, now his nipples were being stroked and lightly pinched. He shivered as he felt ghostly fingers trail down his spine, and he arched into the touches. He gave himself over to what Jared was doing to him and with a final cry of “Jared” he came. His orgasm rolled over him in waves, engulfing him in pleasure.

As Jensen called out his name, Jared buried himself deep inside of him. His own orgasm rushed through him with a white-hot intensity, and he carried on rolling his hips, easing them both down from the shattering high.

The two men lay entwined in one another, breathing heavily. Jared blinked languidly and slowly lifted his head. Jensen’s face was turned towards him, his eyes closed and lips parted.  Jared raised his hand and gently brushed his fingertips over Jensen’s flushed cheek, smiling softly as Jensen’s eyelids fluttered open and their eyes met.

Jared licked his dry lips and smiled, finally finding his voice. “Was that assertive enough for you? Or do I need more practice?”

Jensen sighed and squirmed underneath him, sending pleasurable tingles down his body as Jared’s still hard cock pressed against his prostate. “I’m not sure. Perhaps we should try this again.  Just to be on the safe side.” Jared rolled his hips lazily, and Jensen whimpered softly. “Only not right now. Perhaps in a couple of days when I’ve regained the use of my legs. And I can sit down again without needing a cushion to sit on,” Jensen said with a smirk and then he frowned and moaned painfully.

Jared propped himself up on his elbows with a look of worry on his face. “Oh god, I hurt you, didn’t I? I knew I should’ve stopped. I’m so sorry, Jensen.” Before he could continue to apologize, Jensen lifted his hand, smacked him round the back of the head and pulled him down.

Jensen’s lips found his, and Jared discovered that it was possible for someone to have a double-jointed tongue, judging by what Jensen was doing with his. And there was the strong possibility that Jensen could actually breathe through his ears, considering how long Jensen could go without breaking the kiss.

Jared pulled away, gasping for air and looked dazedly at the smug expression on Jensen’s face. “Wha’ tha’ fuck?” he croaked out, impressed by his eloquence in the face of nearly having his brains melted by Jensen’s kiss.

“You didn’t hurt me. In fact, it was fucking fantastic. I just realized Danni’s going to be a nightmare, when she figures out why I’m walking like an extra from Brokeback Mountain. I’ll never hear the end of it.” Jensen winked, and ran his fingers through Jared’s wild locks.

Jared’s shoulders sagged with relief and he started to laugh. “Alright, I promise to treat you as if you’re made out of glass. I just forgot you’re getting old. Danni told me all about you turning thirty-eight and being all depressed about it. I’ll just have to be more respectful of my elders.” He raised his hand to protect himself as Jensen tried to smack him again.

“Old, I’ll show you old.”  Jensen said as he went to sit up. He moaned and fell back onto the bed. “Ok, let me get some rest and then I’ll kick your ass.  Come on, Sasquatch, time for bed. Us old guys need their beauty sleep,” he finished with another yawn.

Jared smiled he lay beside Jensen, gently stroking his still flushed skin, and placing soft kisses along his shoulder.

“Dude, I’m all gross. Let me get cleaned up a little first.”  Jared could barely understand what Jensen was saying through a series of jaw-cracking yawns.

He patted Jensen’s shoulder lightly. “Shhh, just relax and I’ll get you cleaned up. Alright?”  Jared sat up and pushed himself off the bed.  His legs shook a little as he made his way unsteadily to the bathroom. He could’ve used his powers to summon a washcloth to clean Jensen with. But he wanted to do this the old-fashioned way, to remind himself he was still human.

Jared stood in the bathroom and as he ran hot water over a couple of washcloths, he looked in the mirror.  The careworn expression was gone and he felt lighter than he had in months. Could he do this, take control of Hell like his father wanted?  Jensen believed that he could. He smiled at the thought of the man in his bed, and suddenly the weight of responsibility settled on his shoulders again. No matter what Jensen thought, he couldn’t stay here. Jared would have to send him away. With a final sad look at himself, Jared turned off the tap and walked back into the bedroom.

Jensen was drifting between sleep and wakefulness, but his body ached in the most delicious way.  When he moved his ass throbbed, reminding him of how Jared held him down and fucked him. He gave a contented sigh as his ass gave a twinge, and he knew he’d been feeling this for days.

The bed dipped as Jensen opened his eyes and looked into Jared’s warm hazel eyes. He watched the colour change as the light caught them, first blue then green then brown. He loved Jared’s eyes, always had. Jensen loved how expressive they were, and right now they were filled with sadness. “Jared, are you alright?”  Jensen reached up and caressed his face, and Jared leant into the gentle touch.

Jared steeled himself as he sat on the bed. He wanted to memorize every precious second he had left with Jensen. In the morning he’d beg Jensen to forget about him, and just remember their one night together. When Jensen asked if he was alright he shook his head, and concentrated on wiping the sweat and come from Jensen’s skin. Each touch brought him closer to Jensen and made what he was going to do all the harder.

As the washcloth moved over his body, Jensen drifted again, lulled by Jared’s gentle touch. His eyes closed slowly, as the heat from the cloth eased his sore muscles and he slipped towards sleep.

As Jared continued, he touched each mark he’d left on Jensen’s skin committing them to memory. He’d never meant to be this rough; it wasn’t like him but it had felt so good. It had been exhilarating to feel the firmness of Jensen’s body, and the heat of his skin against his lips as he’d marked him. What he wouldn’t give to make love to Jensen again. This time slow and tender, watching him fall apart as he held him close. That was just a dream. He had Hell to run and his ‘minions’ to keep under control. Jared’s hand stilled as he watched Jensen sleep. He was everything he’d ever wanted and now he’d have to give him up.

Jared turned away and held the used cloth in his hands, and wondered if he could get Bael to take Jensen home to save him the grief of having to say goodbye.

“I told you we were going to figure out how to run this place together and I meant it. Now stop thinking so damn loud and get into bed with me.”

Jared let out a yelp of shock and fell off the bed. He looked over his shoulder and saw Jensen smiling sleepily down at him. “I knew you were trying to figure out a way to be all noble, when I got the bed bath. But you don’t get rid of me that easy.” He held out a hand and pulled Jared back to his feet.

Jared stood by the bed looking guilty. “I wasn’t honestly. I was just getting you clean.  You said you were all gross and sweaty.”

Jensen rolled his eyes and huffed. “Jay, if you’d looked anymore tragic, you’d have started to sparkle.  Now let’s get some sleep. I’m too tired to help you plot a coup right now.” He quirked his eyebrow at Jared. “Somebody and their passion rod wore me out. Now are you coming to bed or what?”

Jared dropped the cloth on the floor, leant forward and scooped Jensen up in his arms.  He cheerfully ignored Jensen’s complaints at being treated like a girl. He smiled as Jensen relaxed and put his arms around his neck, and curled closer. Jared casually used his power to pull the bedclothes back, making them hover in mid-air as he placed Jensen down gently on his side and climbed into bed beside him. As he wrapped himself around Jensen, the bedclothes covered them.

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Showoff, and how come I’m the little spoon here?” he said grumpily, but snuggled back against Jared’s chest with a contented sigh.

Jared grinned, kissing the back of Jensen’s neck. “Because you’re adorable and I thought you wanted me to be assertive. So I’m asserting my right to be the big spoon.” He gently hugged Jensen as he spoke, breathing in the fading scent of rose on his skin. He closed his eyes and let the warmth from the man in his arms lull him to sleep.

Early next morning Jared lay watching Jensen as he slept. His brown hair was sticking up all over the place, and his full lips were slightly parted.  Jared couldn’t help himself; he reached out and lightly ran his fingers along Jensen’s lightly stubbled jaw. He stifled a laugh as Jensen scrunched his nose, and turned his face into the pillow, still fast asleep.

The light touches woke Jensen and first thing he became aware of was the feeling he was being watched. He lay with his eyes closed, feeling the bed dip as Jared wriggled around, obviously bored with watching him sleep.  His lips curved in a smile. “You know it’s creepy to watch someone sleep. I think you’re starting to get the hang of the whole evil overlord thing.”  He opened his eyes to see Jared grinning at him.

“And good morning to you as well. Did you sleep well last night, Jen?”  Jared said with a smile, as he leant over and kissed him gently on the lips.

Jensen stretched. His body ached and his ass throbbed, a less than subtle reminder of Jared and his passion rod. He flashed a warm smile at Jared. “I slept fine, thank you. Although after last night I think I deserve breakfast in bed.” Jensen rubbed his eyes sleepily. “But before that I really should call Danni and tell her I’m going to be late in. I might even take the day off. His stomach rumbled as he spoke.

Jared laughed. “I’ll get your phone for you in a minute, but before you call Danni, perhaps you’d like to work up a bit of an appetite....”  He gave Jensen a wolfish grin and rolled on top of him, capturing his lips with his.  Jensen moaned as he felt the long, thick weight of Jared’s cock, nudging against his own morning wood, his throbbing ass soon forgotten as the larger man rolled his hips languorously.

Jensen’s eyelids fluttered, and he gasped. “I like the sound of that. Danni and breakfast can wait a little while…. Where are you goin’?” Jensen asked as Jared slid beneath the covers, biting and licking his way down his already marked body.  “Oh, Jesus!” Jensen hissed as Jared’s teeth grazed his hip and a sharp flash of pain deepened as Jared fastened his lips in place and sucked.  Jensen writhed as Jared blew on the tender spot, soothing the hurt and Jensen knew he’d have another bruise.

Jensen’s enjoyment of working up an appetite was ruined when he heard the familiar sound of his phone ringing. Jensen opened his eyes and his phone was floating in front of him. “What the Hell?” He reached for it nervously and groaned when he saw the name on the display.

As the phone carried on ringing, Jared’s head suddenly appeared from beneath the bedclothes. “Hey, it worked. I’m really getting the hang of this,” Jared said as he spotted a freckle he hadn’t licked, and rectified the situation by running his tongue over it, making Jensen squirm. Then Jared grabbed the phone off Jensen, and grinned when he saw Danni’s name. “Wow, ten missed calls. You better answer her.”  With a smirk Jared pressed answer, and turned the phone onto speaker.

“Jensen, do you know what time it is?” You’d better have a good reason for not letting Kane in. He’s driving me mad down here.” Danni sounded as if she was going to murder someone, and Jensen was glad he was out of reach.

“Good morning to you too, Danni. Am I late or something?”  Jensen said, trying not to laugh as Jared flicked his tongue in and out of his navel.

“Oh yeah, you’re late alright. It’s after eight.  And when you get into work, I’ll break your legs for leaving me here with Kane.  I don’t know whose bed he got out of on the wrong side this morning, but since the poor baby hasn’t had chance to use your shower to wash his luscious locks, he’s in a foul mood.”  There was another loud crash and Danni muttered ‘jackass’ under her breath.

There was a crash and a string of curses and Danni yelled, “For the last goddamned time, Kane, quit bitchin’ about your damn cupcakes. You’re in the kitchen now. Get baking.... I’m sorry I wasn’t here at the crack of dawn. Some of us have a social life,” she snapped waspishly.

“Screw you, Harris. We both know the only one round here without a social life is Jensen. He’s always here to let me in, so I can grab a shower and coffee before starting on my masterpieces. You tell Jenny boy, if my muffins ain’t up to standard it’s his friggin’ fault for not letting me in here at seven.” There was another crash and Danni sighed.

Jensen looked pleadingly at Jared, who just grinned and blew a raspberry on his stomach, making him wriggle to try and escape. “I’m sorry, Danni, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

There was a sharp intake of breath, “Wait a minute. You’re not upstairs hiding under the duvet, still moping over Jared? Don’t tell me you’ve finally taken my advice, and gone out and had meaningless sex at last!”  The glee in Danni’s voice made Jensen groan.

“Not another word, Danni, you hear me!”  Jensen said, trying to sound authoritative and failing when his barista laughed loudly.

“Oh Jen, you’ve got it so bad for Jared it’s pitiful.  But if you’ve found somebody tall, dark, handsome, built like a Greek god and floppy haired to take your mind off your moose, then good for you. But just remember I’m gonna want all the details, including if he measures up to Mr Perfect Padalecki. Now run...well, hobble along and enjoy yourself.  I’ll make sure this place runs smoothly.” She was still laughing when the phone went dead.

Jensen groaned pitifully and threw his arm across his eyes. “Can I stay down here? I don’t think I can take Danni’s interrogation. Actually, how about you employ her here? She’d soon have strong men begging for mercy.”

Jared sniggered. “No way. You’ve got to go back and face her.”  Jared shivered. “I remember her ‘what are your intentions towards Jensen?’ conversation she had with me. I didn’t like the way she kept snapping the serving tongs together.”  Jared paused. “You know, perhaps she’d like to work down here part time. I bet she’d have Bael under control in a heartbeat.”

“I’m sure she would and then she’d probably take over the place.  How do you feel about the dungeons being painted purple? It’s her favourite colour,” Jensen said with a smile.

“That might be a step too far. I think Zepar would have a stroke. Now what was I doing before we were so rudely interrupted?”  Jared smirked and disappeared under the covers again.

Jared had just settled back between Jensen’s legs and was licking his lips in anticipation, when Jensen hit the back of his head.  He pulled the covers down and frowned at him. “What was that for? We’re supposed to be working up an appetite.”

Jensen was staring at the bottom of the bed with a nervous expression. “I hope you’re hungry, Jay, because breakfast has come to us.”

 Jared sat up and was greeted by his four advisors standing around the bed, holding trays piled high with food.  Jared’s stomach growled at the delicious smell of bacon wafting towards him.

“We brought you breakfast in bed,” Orias said smoothly as he offered his tray to Jared.

“Thanks, guys, you shouldn’t have. We were going to come down to breakfast a little later,” Jared said, as he tried to cover himself and Jensen with the comforter.

Bael smirked nastily. “It was no trouble, Jared. You must be exhausted after spending the night claiming your beloved consort.”

 Jared’s appetite vanished when he saw the tray Bael held was covered. Jared wasn’t sure he wanted to find out what was underneath the cover. He felt Jensen stiffen behind him, as he edged closer, trying to hide from the appraising stare Bael was giving him. As Jared looked at the smug demon, he felt a tingle of static run down his body as his powers began to build.

Bael stepped closer to the bed and openly leered at Jensen. Suddenly the bedclothes were pulled down, leaving both of them exposed.  Jensen squeaked in shock. “I can see you’ve been very busy, my lord. A chip off the old block, so to speak.”  Bael said cheerfully, ignoring the bitch face Jared was giving him, and his colleagues backing away from the bed.

 Bael’s eyes swept over Jensen’s marked skin and he licked his lips in appreciation. “There are many here who would be proud of the marks you’ve left, Jared.  Are you sure you wouldn’t like to spend some time working down on the racks? You seem to have a natural aptitude for the work.”

Jared growled threateningly as he turned towards the smirking demon, and Jensen wrapped his hand around Jared’s bicep to prevent him from leaping out of bed and throttling Bael.  Jared looked over his shoulder and Jensen quirked his eyebrow at him, then leant forward and put his chin on Jared’s shoulder. Jensen looked up at him with dewy eyed adoration. “He’s just so masterful. I wanted everyone to see who I belong to. Now, are those waffles with bacon and maple syrup I can see over there?”

Jared grinned brightly as Bael glowered at his beloved consort who had gotten hold of a breakfast tray, and was attacking the food with abandon.

 Bael wasn’t going to have his fun stopped that easily. The chocolate-covered strawberries he carried vanished, and were replaced with something much more delicious. “If that’s the case, O beloved consort, I’m sure you won’t mind wearing marks that are a little more permanent. So when you kneel naked beside Jared’s throne, we will be able to see who you belong to,” Bael triumphantly whipped the dome off the tray and offered it to Jared.

Jared’s eyes bulged in shock as he took in the items on the tray. He glanced at Jensen, as the fork filled with pancake and bacon clattered onto his plate. Jensen grabbed the bedclothes, pulled them up to his chin, and stared wide eyed at the grinning demon.

Jared recovered his composure and demanded, “What the Hell are those for?”

“Surely it’s obvious, my lord. They’re symbols of your ownership of your beloved consort. I think the silver collar will look splendid around his neck. And if you’ll just wait a moment, I’ll soon have the branding iron up to temperature. We can hold him down while you put your mark on him.”  Bael leered hungrily at Jensen. “Might I suggest his rather lovely backside? Every time he sits down he will be reminded of his place, naked in your bedchamber.”

Bael threw back his head and laughed, as he brandished the branding iron.  The metal grew hot in his hand as he advanced slowly on Jensen, who was cowering under the bedclothes.

Jared leapt out of bed, scattering the breakfast trays and stalked towards Bael and the others. The air was filled with the tang of ozone, as power flowed through his body.  Static electricity crawled over Jared’s skin, sparking with flashes of blue-white light.  His long shaggy hair whipped around his face, and once again Jared’s eyes blazed with a kaleidoscope of colours, green, blue, and yellow.

Jared stood over Bael, who looked up at him nervously and then down at the branding iron in his hand.  He tried not to flinch when Jared snatched the heated metal rod from his clawed fingers.

 “Jensen will not be wearing a collar, and he certainly won’t be branded with this.....” Jared squinted at the brand. “What the hell is it supposed to be, anyway?” Jared waved the red-hot iron under Bael’s nose.

Bael went cross-eyed, and leaned away as the hairs in his nostrils singed.  Astaroth coughed and Jared turned his attention to him. “I believe it is two Js entwined, denoting your initials.”

Jared’s eyebrow shot up. “Really? I thought it was just two squiggles. I suppose it’s kind of romantic.”

There was a snort from behind him. “Oh yeah, it’s romantic alright. As long as it’s not your ass in the line of fire,” Jensen said, as he stared at the offending branding iron.

Jared straightened his back. Jensen said he should be assertive. Well, there was no time like the present.  “How dare you enter these chambers without my express permission? And even worse, you have insulted and threatened my beloved consort.  What have you to say for yourselves?” Jared roared. The happy-go-lucky young man was gone, and in his place stood a wrath-filled prince of Hell.

Astaroth and Orias looked shell shocked by this turn of events. Zepar recovered his wits the quickest, and was trying to shuffle out of the room without drawing attention to himself. Bael stared up open mouthed as Lucy Jr stared back impassively. “Well, what have you to say for yourselves?”  Jared demanded.

“We just thought you and your beloved consort would enjoy breakfast in bed. As Bael suggested, you must both be tired after last night,” Orias said gravely, and then went pale as Jared turned towards him. “Or not, as the case may be,” he finished nervously.

“Your gesture is appreciated, but in future you will wait to be summoned to my presence.  Are we clear?”  Jared said imperiously, tapping the end of the branding iron on the carpet, He managed to ignore the smell of burning as the still hot metal singed the carpet.

“Yes, my lord Jared, whatever you say,” Orias said as he Zepar and Astaroth fell to their knees in contrition.  Orias grabbed Bael by the wings and pulled him to his knees, to join in with their grovelling.  The four demons breathed a sigh of relief as Jared relaxed, and turned his head towards his beloved consort.

Bael watched as Jared turned and then he saw Jensen wink.  Bael snarled softly. How dare that pretty mortal take them for fools!  Bael struggled to his feet. “Well my lord, if the brand is not to your liking, what about a nice set of nipple rings and a tramp stamp?  There are a few tattoo artists residing down here, who would be more than happy to do the job,” he said silkily,

Zepar felt the sudden build-up of static, dropped his tray and turned to flee the room, As he ran he heard someone smack Bael across the back of the head. Orias said, “You and your big mouth. We’d nearly made it out of here in one piece, you moron!” This was quickly followed by a breathless ‘oooh shit’ from Astaroth.

Zepar glanced over his shoulder and quickly regretted his action. Jared stood glowering at Bael, his fists clenched and sparks dancing over his skin.  There was a loud bang, a brilliant flash of light, and he was hurtling through the air once more.

Zepar slammed into something cold and hard, then he fell from a great height and landed on his back. He lifted his head, disorientated by the sudden change in venue. Zepar took a moment to figure out where he was. When he managed to focus he groaned. Damn, he was back in the dining room.   Zepar rolled onto his side and shook his head to clear it.

There was a scream as Orias appeared and bounced off the statue’s right knee. Orias skidded to a halt beside Zepar just as Astaroth flew through the air, and ended up wrapped round the statue’s neck like a misshapen scarf.

Lastly Bael appeared, and once again the hunch-backed demon collided forcefully with the birthmark. For a second Bael clung to the large marble penis, trying to gather his wits. Then Bael realized exactly what he was hugging tightly, squeaked in shock and let go. He landed face first on the floor, whimpered softly as he rolled over and sat up groggily.

Bael sat clutching his face, black blood oozing through his fingers. He moaned and said in a pitiful tone, “I think he broke my doze.”

Astaroth lifted his head weakly and said, “You gotta hand it to Jared. He’s got great aim.” He half-heartedly flapped his flattened wings. “Now can somebody get me down from here?” he finished to a chorus of groans.

In the bedroom Jared stood panting with exertion, as residual sparks of power rolled down his body and scorched the carpet.

Jensen sat there open mouthed. "Wow! And just when I thought you couldn't get any hotter.  Jay, that was awesome. That's exactly what I was talking about. Whip out the old powers and throw your weight around from time to time." He got to his knees and crawled towards Jared, a predatory smile on his face.

Jared shook his head worriedly. "Do you think they're alright? I really should go and check on them, I think I might’ve overdone it a little," As Jared turned towards the bedroom door, Jensen reached out and grabbed his hand,

“What was I saying about you being more assertive? Something tells me those guys will respect the whole Donald Trump approach to being the boss, rather than you being all Dr Phil with them.” Jensen watched Jared’s expression change as he tilted his head to one side.  He grinned. “Ok, Lassie, what up? Little Timmy got trapped down a mine again?” Jensen smirked as Jared shot him a disgusted look. Jensen raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, you’re not Lassie…you’re more like Pluto.”

Jared huffed and folded his arms. “If anything, I think I’d prefer to be compared to Grommit. I’ve just tracked the four musketeers down.  They’re in the kitchens putting a bag of ice on Bael’s nose.” Jared frowned then shook his head. “Bael thinks it’s wonderful that I broke his nose. He’s saying I’m a chip off the old block. I give up!” Jared looked helplessly at Jensen, and then he shrugged.

Jensen reached out again and pulled Jared back onto the bed. “See, I told you they were alright. Now what was that about working up an appetite before breakfast?”  Jensen asked, as Jared slowly climbed up his body and nibbled on his neck.

Jensen gave a sigh of contentment as Jared lazily humped against him. “It was a shame about breakfast ending up all over the room.  I'll bet somebody's gonna be pissed about trying to get grease out of the carpet."

Jared lifted his head and grinned. He clicked his fingers and there was a flurry of movement. Jensen pushed himself up as the trays whirled around and the food was cleaned up.  In a matter of seconds, the room was spotless again. "Now that's a handy power. I could use your help at night when I'm cleaning up the coffee shop," he said with a smile.

Jared propped himself up on his elbow. "I'm not done yet!" With another click of his fingers, a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries appeared. "It seems Bael swapped these for a branding iron. I like these better, don't you, Jen?"  As he asked he picked up a succulent strawberry and fed it to Jensen.

Jared swallowed hard as Jensen bit into the fruit and moaned, his full lips stained with bright red juice. Jared leant forward and swept his tongue over Jensen's lips, savouring the sweet taste of strawberry, chocolate and Jensen. Then he cupped the other man's face and deepened the kiss.  When Jared finally pulled back, Jensen gasped softly and grinned. "You know, I think you're getting the hang of all this Anti-Christ stuff. I must be a bad influence on you."

Jared popped a strawberry into his mouth and winked. "So do you think I'll be able to run this place? Or should I call Danni and ask for her resume?"

Jensen elbowed him in the ribs. "Hands off my barista, Jay. Don't worry, we'll soon have this place running smoothly."  Jensen looked at Jared thoughtfully. "Although, you might have to make one small change."

Jared looked at him expectantly. "What change?"

Jensen grinned wickedly. "The flip-flops will have to go. They don't exactly scream professional Anti-Christ, do they?"

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I hope you enjoy it.
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Best title ever!
I love the humorous tone and the banter, can't be easy to suddenly become the Anti- Christ :)
Well done! Thanks for posting this, you've made me giggle.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on April 16th, 2016 03:16 pm (UTC)
I had fun coming up with this title, I really enjoyed writing the banter. I'm so pleased this made you giggle, thank you for the comment.
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Jared's Anti Christ is so fucking perfect, hilarious and self effacing and just adorable! He's certainly gotten the hang of the anti-Christ gig :DD

Jensen is wonderfully funny and warm and sarcastic and just all the things I wanted him to be, perfect foil for our dear Anti-Christ :D

Honey, thank you for finishing this, I know it was a labour of love and I know it did your head in but I am so PROUD of you for finally nailing it down :DDD ♥♥

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*Aww shucks* Thank you again for helping me get this finished, and thank you for the rec...perfection really?
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zara_zeezara_zee on April 16th, 2016 12:27 pm (UTC)
This was funny and hot and just an all round rollicking good time! Jared wanting to team-build with his demons was just too adorable for words and snarky Jensen is always a favourite of mine! I really enjoyed the banter, and Jared being encouraged by Jensen to use his powers. And then him using them! Danni's off-screen presence was great too. I bet she'd have the four musketeers suitably terrified in no time at all. Did I mention hot?
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sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on April 16th, 2016 03:27 pm (UTC)
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I am going to be a second milly_gal and nag you for timestamps because there is oh so many delicious possibilities in this story.

Wonderful job.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on April 21st, 2016 12:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the comment, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it. It would be fun to write the odd time stamp, feel free to leave a few prompts.
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sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on April 21st, 2016 12:27 pm (UTC)
I admit I had fun writing that line, and of course the Anti-Christ wears Flip Flops, it makes perfect sense to me!

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