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Asylum 16, a journey into mayhem!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, a week has passed since the wonderful mayhem that was Asylum 16. As you’ve seen there have been many wonderful reports about the Con and some gorgeous pictures. As always if you are looking for such wonders, then boy are you guys reading the wrong journal! In fact, I recommend you head over to milly_gal’s journal to see how a proper con report is done *G* This is my happy little trip through the queues, the banter and the insanity that is a Rogue Events convention.

To start with I’d like to say thank you to the brave fan girls who put up with my gibbering, wibbling and completely epic melt down (more of that later) over the weekend.  They are milly_gal, dizzojay, chellexxx, amberdreams, jj1564, edina_clouds128, herminekurotowa, theymp and his lovely daughter, and the other ladies I met but didn’t know your LJ names.

On my arrival I found my happy bunch of fellow con goers lurking in the Costa at the Vox. The least said about their involvement with the con the better. Put it like this health and safety has never been more ruthlessly applied, and I thought the Muppet who guarded the escalators against the rampaging fan girl horde was brave. He may have been a jobs worth but I do salute his courage in the face of being outnumbered several hundred to one, all it would’ve taken was one shout of “Hey is that Jensen?” And it would’ve all been over, he would’ve been trampled underfoot, I shudder to think where he could’ve got a stiletto.

Once we were registered the fun began, including me tracking down milly_gal for a picture with this handsome rogue…..

Oh the twinkle in Ty’s beautiful blue eyes, and thanks to Milly the “Look smug pose” was born! It was such a shame that the printer ate our first attempt at this picture, it meant we had to go round and have a second one taken.  Damn I was heartbroken.  Then after Ty I managed to grab a picture with this young lady….

We’re not going to talk about how pretty Katherine is, or the fact that thanks to her shoes she towered over me, but if it helps on Monday at work Josh looked at my photos and said with a grin, “Damn, you really are short!” Oh how I laughed, and then lobbed my hole punch over the pod at him.

I spent the rest of Friday annoying the other ladies and of course in the evening I attended the Karaoke, where Milly, chelle and myself squawked along to the songs. I completely knackered my voice for the rest of the weekend, and I don’t regret a moment of it.

The next dawned way too bloody early as far as I’m concerned, and I geared up for the day.  Ready to throw myself into the fray and join queues, it all started with the queue to get my pre orders for my photos and autographs with Jared and Jensen. Then disaster struck, being a complete bloody moron guess who forgot to print her confirmation email! Yes, that’s right I did I’d printed plenty of useless crap, but the one thing I really needed I didn’t print! What followed was an example of how lovely the ladies are in this fandom. First of all, I got hold of dizzojay and told her what an idiot I’d been and then milly_gal swung into action!  Honestly the woman is my hero, she managed to show me how to use my bloody phone, I swear one of these days I’ll join the 21st century, I hear it’s very nice.

Poor Milly she had to put with me having a meltdown, I tell you it was nasty, just the prospect of not getting what I ordered was making my brain bleed out my ears!  But I blame no one but myself for being a sodding moron, but thankfully Milly kept me calm.  Even after I showed the steward proof of purchase with the correct reference number and she still couldn’t find my pre orders.  Saying it had to be the email or nothing!

Then I rang home and my long suffering other half was dispatched to find my email passwords (yes I do have them written down, and yes I know it’s not safe but that’ll teach me to use Mozilla thunderbird!) Once we had those Milly helped me set up my Google account on my phone (I swear the woman has the patience of a saint, especially as Jared’s panel loomed ever closer). This time we managed to find the email!!!!!!! I kept the sodding thing on my phone, and rang for the pre order queue as Milly finally made it into the panel. Even then it wasn’t plain sailing, the steward still couldn’t find my pre order, it turns out it had been filed out of order. If she had looked a little closer we could’ve got it all sorted out when I took her my ruddy bank statement, ten minutes earlier.

So the story had a happy ending I got my photos and autographs and Milly managed to see most of Jared’s panel.  I want to thank her and the other ladies for being so helpful. You kept me calm and went above and beyond to help this technophobe, I don’t think I can ever truly express my gratitude!

The rest of my day was spent hurtling from place to place getting pictures, and generally queueing and annoying other fan girls by babbling at them! I do feel so sorry for people who get stuck by me in a queue, I have a nasty habit of talking to them *G* These included a man and a woman who I met in the queue for Jim’s autograph on Sunday I think we bonded as we stat waiting for Jim to finish his lunch. I found out that no matter how chaotic Rogue’s conventions are, at least they are friendlier than a Sherlock Convention.

This was according to Mark from Southampton, he’d brought his wife and daughter to A16 for his daughter’s 16th birthday present.  He was getting a book signed with birthday wishes from the cast, and he was surprised by how friendly the actors are. Apparently at the Sherlock convention the actors were kept away from the fans, and they were very serious.

The only one who seemed to enter into the spirit of the con was Rupert Graves.  Mark’s wife had a photo op with him and he was messing around. The photographer took the picture and Rupert asked to see it, he looked at it and apologized for messing around and had the picture retaken, which was good of him. But Mark seemed slightly unimpressed by the cast and how the convention was set up.

 Which just goes to show we are the luckiest fandom in the world, because not only is our cast gorgeous but they genuinely want to interact with us. You only have to hear our cast talk about the SPN family to know they appreciate us as much as we love them. Also no matter how frustrated we get with Wayne and co, just remember the cons could be a lot more regimented and soulless.

The rest of Saturday was spent with me trying to figure out how to clone myself, or at least be in two places at once!  For the most part I managed to get the photos I wanted, I still wish I’d managed to get Emily’s picture but having a photo with Adrianne on Sunday more than made up for it.

On the autograph front I’m afraid I didn’t do too well this year, but I did manage to get Jared and Jensen’s autographs. This year I took my Lupine Magic pen holder, a lovely little red hexagonal box with panels of Sam, Dean and Castiel. I’d already got Misha’s signature when I brought it, but I decided I was going to get the boys to sign it this year.  I was lucky enough to be stood behind dizzojay when Jensen took the picture of her collage. I was so proud of the way she held herself together, and managed not to tread on her tongue. When it was my turn he signed the last panel and apologized for having trouble signing over the glitter!  I think I stammered something about “That’s alright, thank you for signing it.” I’m not too sure about that though it was all a haze.

I did a little better with Jared, I actually managed to have a little conversation with him! He signed it and said, “Wow this is pretty is it some kind of chalice?” I admit I did my best deer caught in the head lights impression for a second, and then I answered, “Well, I keep my pens in it.”

He nodded “Yeah, I can see that.”  And then I added, “It sits on my desk at work.”  Jared looked up and grinned at me “It’s on our desk at work? That’s so cool.” Then he handed my precious little pen pot back and I floated away.  See what I could’ve missed out on by being an idjit?

Saturday night saw us at the Jason Manns concert and I may have discovered a new love, damn Gil can sing like an angel. His panel was pretty good on Sunday as well, and we got to hear him sing again, I do wish they find a way to bring Henry back again. If not what about a Men of Letter spin off with Gil?  I’d happily watch that.

Sunday saw yet more running around like a headless chicken, and I finally got my Matt and Amy picture after spending two days trying to find out when it was!

  Do you think it was worth the wait?  I do.

Also Milly and Chelle might have a little competiton for Richard, there really is something about that man!

Speaking of Richard, I feel I should paraphrase something he said, Adrianne you are funny and beautiful, but I draw the line at how offensivley tall you are.
Now we have the joint pictures with milly and the Ginger Hobbit!

Three red heads together, run for cover!

Jim our hero! I'm pretty sure if we'd put our minds to it we could've got him out of there before the stewards noticed.

Now that's how you do smug!

Mitch was Mr Smooth and he made me weak at the knees, speaking of weak at the knees...

Hello there Gil,you have to admit the Winchesters really have hot grandfathers.

And the angels are devine as well.
Tahmoh can wear the hell out of a leahter jacket.

All hail the king of Hell!

And last but not least here are the boys!

Hey there Jared, he's looking really good this year, and bless him for crouching down.

Now that's what you call a smoulder!

All too soon Asylum 16 came to a close and there was a parting of the ways, I’ll miss the ladies as it was great to be able to hang out with them however briefly, in between running for queues for photos, autographs and panels.  It was another awesome Convention, and here's to next year's mayhem!
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