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Friends, Roman, Flisters, I have Another Strange Question.

Dear, dear friends, I'm at it again!  Now before you all run screaming for the hills, I would like to take this moment to promise on my Supernatural DVD collection.   That I will respond to comments and all your kind encouragement for my fic. And no I won't stop writing thank very much *G*

So I'm taking a quick break from torturing Jensen... well unless you count the sleep depravtion fic, the sunburn fic and the one about Jared and Jensen having a fight (which has suddenly turned into a epic angst fest and I don't know what the hell to do with! ) and that's before we get near the fic O' doom....where was I? on yeah a question....

Now just to be sure I haven't gone completely loopy...I'll wait for the laughter to die away can any kind soul tell me if in Looney Tunes there was a hairy monster that used to grab Daffy and squeeze the life out of him saying "I'll hug him an squeeze him an call him George." If so did it have a name?

I'm scribbling away on a comic piece, and it would help if I could use that image knowing it's right.  Also in America it's Linen Closets right? and would it be big enough for Jensen to hide from Jared in?

Finally can someone tell me the correct spelling fo Enoc...Enochi...Eno... look Angel language they used in season 5? I really don't want to be persued by a group of  fan girls for getting that wrong.  Not to mention I'm creating a website for translation of said language so the fan girls can check up on what's said....... Now you'll have to excuse me I just Jared being pinned to the couch by Jensen in a desperate attempt to distract from from their latest script.
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