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Perhaps this will cheer a few people up.

In this post I shall be ignoring the utter disaster that has been 2016, and instead I hope to bring my fellow British geeks a little good news. A little while back milly_gal and wings128 shared this little gem with us.

I then said to Milly I hoped that it would be shown here in the UK, as it had really caught my eye.... well ok the guy playing the Scarecrow really caught my eye, but that's not important right now.

Picture the scene, it's Christmas day and Steve has wrestled the remote from me. We then sat down to watch The Wizzard of Oz one of his favourtie films, and during the break there was good news from on high. Or should I say there was good news from channel 5, it seems their sister channel 5star is going to show Emerald City. At least we geeks have something to look forward to. Well that and a certain pair of hunters gracing our screens in January.
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