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Some Sad news.

For once this is not one of my joyful ramblings, Steve's mum died at 7:25 this morning. She had been ill since November, and after a stay in hospital we had been given a terminal diagnosis in December. Considering her prognosis she had been doing relatively well, and then last week she was told she had a blockage in the bowel and needed to go into hospital. Audrey refused saying she wanted to die at home, she was taken ill on Sunday and deteriorated on Monday. The doctors said she should not be left on her own and last night Steve's sister Diane and a cousin stayed with her, me and Steve were going to stay tonight. From what I've been told the night was fairly peaceful until early this morning and in Di's words, "It was like a scene out of The Exorcist."  I leave you to fill in the blanks.

At least Audrey is at peace and is no longer suffering,  we've just got to get through the funeral and start sorting out what happens next.

Hopefully I'll see you guys soon.
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