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I blame Josh for this.

Friends, romans, Fl*sters, now I'm pretty sure by now most of you have this article and the glorious fan art that went with it...

Now as we take a moment or two to enjoy the concept of Jared in spandex.  I'd like to offer you a suggestion that my partner in crime Josh made this morning. He brought up the article and said he could only imagine the state our fandom would be in if that ever happened.Then he paused and said.... "Can you just imagine if they cast Jensen as the Red Hood, and had them team up?" He waited and watched as I started to gibber softly.

He nodded and said "I thought so, someone ought to get on to DC and Warner Brothers and make the suggestion."

I say to hell with that, we need a Kick starter fund set up to try and get a high quality scene with the J's in costume perfoming a scene together, and then leak it onto the net like Deadpool. I'm telling you we'd have the movie greenlit in a heart beat.

If that doesn't happen, then I appeal to our talented artists and writers out there, ladies somebody needs to bring this idea to life.
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