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Happy birthday Jensen!

Dear friends we are gathered here to day to celebrate the birthday of one Jensen Ross Ackles, a talented actor, director, singer and all round good guy.  Of course our boy has changed over the years....

jail bait1
Ahh so pretty, so young and boy I'm going straight to special hell for perving over this.

Being young he made a few questionable choices....

jail bait2
You just know he wished he'd never done these, or at least shot his agent for suggesting it.

Time passed and our boy started to wear more clothes (damnit), and there were other roles. The first time I noticed Jensen, he was playing Alec in Dark Angel:

Ok so he's still half naked, can you blame me? look at that bicep!

We move on a little and there was Jason.

Oh would you look at that blonde hair, and the arms are still pretty impressive.

Then at last came Dean and we have been able to watch Jensen go from pretty....

Dean S1
Look at those lips, honestly he needs to set them to stun. sorry where was I? On yes from pretty to can anyone smell burning? I think my ovaries just exploded....

Of course we love the way he portrays Dean...

brave dean
But we also love how goofy he can be
And lets be fair he does have a smile to die for

Many happy returns Jensen i hope you have a wonderful day.

With thanks to the ladies of Pinterest for some of these pictures.
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