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Little help?

Originally posted by milly_gal at Little help?
Originally posted by milly_gal at Being brave, asking if people want commissions. (Revamped post)

My hubby's job is much better paid than the previous and I'm getting some decent hours at my work, but we're still struggling. I thought as I can create, I may as well ask if any of y'all want commissions.

I'm working on a proper gallery of examples for jewellery, my flist have a cornucopia of pieces, lol, but until then as I am super unorganised I thought I'd add a small gallery of examples here. Excuse the quality of the pictures.

Pre-warning, there are some NSFW pictures in the albums.
Jewellery. Photostream Album

Each piece is unique because as a general rule I've sourced maybe one or two different findings for the project, so everything will come out looking slightly different. The best example of this is a piece I've just created for someone, which she requested off of a piece I'd created a ways back for someone else. They're both Castiel Centric pieces but they're only vaguely similar to each other.

Traditional Artwork. Photostream Album 1 & 2

Digital Artwork. Photostream Album 1, 2 & 3


Pricing is fairly simple for the jewellery; £25 for an actual piece depending on having to source charms and time taken etc, and £5 postage, depending on where in the world I'm sending to.

As for the Traditional or Digital Art, that depends on time taken and difficulty in completing the piece. I'd say a rough estimate of £20 for a set of three pieces of Digital and £25 plus P&P for Traditional.

My Email is available on request in PM.
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