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Asylum 18

Friends, Romans, F*sters, as you well know me and dizzojay attended A18 in Blackpool. Now many things have been said about Blackpool, and I'm sure some of them have been complimentary. But after a weekend in the Norbreck Hote (as the sign said) all I know is Blackpool is not the place I'd choose to spend another weekend.

To be fair the Con was it's usual mix of chaos and hilarity, but the venue really left a lot to be desired...a flame thrower for a start to help start with the hotel improvements. I implore you to read A Room With A View by dizzojay, because it's hilarious and there's no way I can top it. I do have a confession to makeI think I broke the window! The room was a little chilly and after being dazzled by the beauty of the view I decided to close the window.I shut it struggled with the catch, and finally had it snap into place, and then I couldn't budge the bloody thing again. I wonder if they'll fix it, if the KFC bag was anything to go by, then it should be fixed by this time next year *G*

I had a great time meeting other Fan Girls, and on the Friday night my user name was recognized by a fellow FanGirl! Talk about surprised! I never imagined that ever happening but it was fun.

Now onto the main event and as I bounced around from place to place, I didn't get the time to see many panels. However I did go with dizzo to a coffee lounge with David Haydn-Jones, and Mr Ketch may be an asshole but David is uttlerly lovely. Very handsome and a real sweetheart, I feel priviledged to have wittnessed the birth of a Con legend with a wicked sense of humour and a real affection for the Fans.

Before I go I'll leave you with my pictures from the con, the guests look awesome just excuse the red headed Hobbit beside them.
Alania A18
Having a picture with Alaina really is an exercise in masochism, but she really is a lovely lady.

Bria A18
The same can be said with Briana, again a lovely lady.

Finally the last lady on the list, and something of a lady crush of mine. And yes when I stood waiting for the photographer to get his act togeter, I may have babbled a little...

Kim A18
Kim, totally lovely and wasn't at all phased by the slightly panic stricken hobbit with one eye on the clock, because she was about to sprint for her taxi.

Now onto the gentlemen of A18

First of all we have Lucifer.
Damn Mark is looking great, and I forget how bloody tall he is.

From Hell to Heaven! I've waited a long time to update my Misha picture, and although I say it myself it turned out alright.
Misha A18

now onto our two new stars, first of all we have Adam. The lovely dizzo brought me this for my birthday.
Adam A18
Finally we have David, who I'll happily admit to have fallen slighty in love with.
David A18
You have to love this guy, he cos played his own character!

Just before I go there were two more pictures.

Mark s
The King Of Hell and his newest demons in training! Oh come onwe're Fan Girls, a place in Special Hell awaits us.

Last of all is the duo shot of Adam and David, and dizzo said "Surprise us" And this was the result, well the second attempt. I wish I could've seen the first one.
That's twovery happy Fan Girls!

That's all from A18, I'll be back next year with a little ramble from A19, you've been warned.
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