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01 June 2017 @ 06:10 pm
And the year just keeps getting better!  
Friends, Romans,Fl*sters, sorry for being around even less than normal, but life on planet Sasha is not all that fun at the moment. First of all we lost Steve's mum and then there was the chair disaster, then we lost Sasha, and on Tuesday we really thought we were about to lose her partner in crime Kizzy.

On Tuesday morning she'd been fine, she'd gone for her walk and she settled down. When I came in mum was worried, "Kizzy's not well she's having trouble getting up and I think she's in pain." Kizzy is getting on and she has been having trouble getting up, the old joints are creaking and you could see she wasn't her usual self. Then when Steve took her out for the last time disaster struck, I went outside to see Steve almost in tears and Kizzy barely able to one paw in front of the other.

We managed to get her back inside and we looked at one another, mum said it looked like the end and it wasn't fair to keep her in this state. Steve was broken hearted and as much as it pained me I agreed as well. We were still trying to come to terms with Sasha's loss, and now this was happening just three weeks later.  That night me and Steve slept downstairs with her, well I say sleep, every time the poor little bugger managed to get up it was soul destroying.

On Wednesday morning we all said our goodbyes to Kizzy and took her to the vet's, I explained the situation to the nurse and she showed me to the nurses room, and then Steve joined me and Kizzy. And lo and behold Kizzy starts wandering round trying to get out! I hadn't seen her move that much in days.

Then the vet (also named Steve) arrives, we tell him all about the slowing down and the legs giving out and he watched her totter round the room. He hummed and ahh and said, "Look we know she is getting on and I'm not sure there is much I can do, but I'm not happy about putting down a dog who still so alert." He examined her and manipulated her legs. And when he ran his hands down her back, bump down she went, he looked up "That's pain, we might be able to do something here. I'm going to prescribe some anti infammatory tablets and we'll see if that helps." He stood up and went on about this could help until the next thing that came along, we both knew what he meant and we were prepared to give it a go.

So instead of coming home with just a collar and lead, we came back with Kizzy! She's had her first day's tablets and the change is unbelievable! She's able to get up without struggling too badly and she's walking around better, we still slept downstairs with her last night, and we'll probably do it again tonight. But we've got everything crossed that if nothing else, theses tablets takes her pain away and she has a decent quality of life.

Hopefully I'll be back soon and things will start to look up, so if I miss anything important like birthdays, I'm sorry I'll try and sort out some birthday wishes as soon as I can.
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Hermine Kurotowaherminekurotowa on June 1st, 2017 05:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, that's lovely! It's nice that you still have some time left with her - though it won't make it any easier when she has to go for good.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on June 3rd, 2017 07:06 pm (UTC)
It was such a relief, but I know we will lose her eventually and I'm dreading it. But if these tablets give her a little comfort then I'm all for it.
milly_galmilly_gal on June 1st, 2017 05:56 pm (UTC)
Oh god hun I am so sorry yet SO FREAKING HAPPY Kizzy came home. There is NOTHING worse than the pain of deciding to say goodbye to a pet. Especially when you've just lost Sash ♥ *hugs you and Steve and Kizzy tightly*

Try and get some rest bb or you'll be in a terrible state, all of you. x♥x
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on June 3rd, 2017 07:13 pm (UTC)
It was pretty traumatic but for now there was a happy ending. We know that we will lose her soon enough, but we couldn't have coped with it if she'd have gone only 3 weeks after losing Sash.

And we're still sleeping on the settees, and we probably will for a while.
milly_galmilly_gal on June 4th, 2017 06:41 pm (UTC)
Just so long as you both try and rest properly hun, you'll be no good to Kiz if you don't ♥
precious: pic#127669526gotaprettymouth on June 1st, 2017 06:15 pm (UTC)

Oh hun, so wonderful that your vet was so thorough! Our little fur babies are so precious to us. *extra hugs for you, Steve, and kizzy*.

sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on June 3rd, 2017 07:15 pm (UTC)
He really does his best for you, and hopefully he has given us some more time with Kizzy.

Dizzojay's Dean Dreamsdizzojay on June 1st, 2017 08:01 pm (UTC)
oh no - I can't believe it. Thank goodness you have a good vet who is prepared to give something a try so that she can get a new lease of life for a while.

I hope things settle down for you all soon.

Take care xxx
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on June 3rd, 2017 07:21 pm (UTC)
Steve is a great guy, and he's always honest with you. So I've got everything crossed that this will give us a little more time with her.

I really hope everything settles down soon.
badbastion: defaultbadbastion on June 2nd, 2017 06:49 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad she's doing better! <3
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on June 3rd, 2017 07:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you, she seems more like her old self for now.