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State of the dragon.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, long time no harass! I thought I'd stop by and ramble at you. Where have I been? Well as some of you know we have been sleeping on the settee to stop Kizzy going upstairs, and as a result Im having even less time on ye olde lap top. Usually I either sneak some time when everyone has gone to bed, or I get up early. But with being downstairs that isn't happening, it if it helps Kizzy be settled then it's worth it. I'm sure I'll figure something out soon.

Right now I'm not even at home! we're on our annual holiday, and this is the view out of our caravan window.



Horrible isn't! It's been bloody hot today and we've all been lazing around trying to keep cool including this little old lady...

Kizzy on tour 2017, with a bit of luck we'll be taking her on the beach tomorrow for a paddle. If you're really unlucky there'll be pictures.

You never know I might even get some writing done, well stranger things have happened.
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