July 7th, 2009

Lazarus rising

Another One Bites The dust!

Today as I sat in my pod AKA Teh Shrine rearranging my Pod Porn the latest victim I err mean Karen who borrowed my First Season 1 DVD Box Set came running up to me babbling "Ali do you know how many episodes I have got left to watch?" now despite rumours concerning me and a certain Yellow Eyed Demon I do not possess any special gifts beyond the usual fan girl abilities (drooling, perving and flailing!) she continued "1" bloody hell I was impressed I only loaned them to her last Thursday and she didn't take em home until Friday!  while her husband had been out she had done a little ironing and watched a few episodes, so 10 episodes later, she says she will let me know when she would like to borrow the next set.  Oh and by the way could her mum borrow them as she has only watched season 3 & 4! being the good little liberian I am I said yes, well you have to encourage all the converts you can! In fact my partner in crime Barbara told me that Karen had sat talking to her about them yesterday as I was at the hospital with Mum (blood tests we are still waiting to see if she is a vampire, it would explain a hell of a lot!).

So it seems I have set another on the path to the dark side and I had to ask the age old question  "well Sam or Dean then?" she looked  at me and responded without hesitation "Dean" she said Sam was cute but it had to be Dean! and yea another dean girl was born!
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