August 9th, 2009

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So Ask a Stupid Question!

So, last night whilst being bored watching nothin much on TV,  I thought I would pose a question, to my beloved other half.  I must point out that my mum who we live, with was not in the room. The question went thus..

"Hey Steve, can you tell me what the male orgasm feels like?"  I'm pretty sure we can get the coffee stain off the wall at some point, look it was a valid question. i'm having another attempt at some J2 fic and I thought a bit of, shall we say insider knowledge, may help me a bit!  So being the good little geek I perched on the edge of the settee waiting for him to impart the benefit of his wisdom and experience

"What you asking me for?" look, last time I checked he was definitely male, and I pointed this biological fact out to him.  He looked somewhat dazed, in fact Bambi had nothing on him! and perhaps bringing a note book to the conversation, may have been a mistake.  On realizing I wasn't about to give up without some sort of answer this is what I got

"Well its kind of like a twitch!"

"That's it! a twitch?"

"Errrmmm yeah? if you can stop the twitch then it lasts longer, you know 30 seconds instead of 10!" bless, he has esteem issues!

"So, no building up of  indescribable pleasure rushing through you? or  heat pooling in the groin? or how about choirs of angels singing?"

By now he looked a tad suspicious  "why do you want to know anyhow?"

I looked shifty, then I told the truth-ish "i'm writing a story and there is a sex scene and I just wanted to know what it's like from the male point of view!" Steve relaxed a bit and went back to watching New Tricks that i'd taped for him.

So I forgot to mention the sex was between two extremely hot guys in a shower! well ok not full sex! and don't forget i'm writing for J2 fandom, I don't think -  Jensen felt a twitch as the most intense orgasm of his life ripped through his body, as shaking he clung to Jared's muscular shoulders! I just don't think that's gonna cut it!

I have to admit, my long suffering other half is an angel, yesterday we picked up my pics from Asylum that i've had framed, and now they are hanging in our bedroom! I mean in our bloody bedroom! damn that man is wonderful! he now wakes up to my signed print of all the guests, and on another wall my photo ops with the boys and Misha! and now he is fielding questions that absolutely terrify him!  Yup i really got lucky when Steve agreed to marry me! he says that i'm pretty easy to run, not too expensive and as long as i get my regular fix of the Bow Legged Wonder (Jensen!) i'm happy! and I don't do designer labels, so me being a Fan Girl is a piece of cake!  I do Love that man!
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Title: Bruises
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17 For swearing and boy on boy action in a shower.
Words: 5040. Really, somebody should stop me!
Summary: Jared, takes care of Jensen after a bruising day on set, and Jensen does the same for Jared. So A little H/C, depending on how you define comfort.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, if they were, you really think I’d let Jensen out of my sight? Also this does not reflect their lives in any way no matter how much we wish it were different.
Warnings: Some Spoilers for 4:21 and schmoop!
A/N: Another first, for me! an attempt at a sex scene.  Many thanks goes to realscape , who provided the most wonderful beta work.   Who when faced with someone who interchanges past and present tense, more often than The Doctor on a sugar rush, barely flinched, and has made this a much better story, than you very much!

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